1 Sypnosis
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Author :mptuazon
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1 Sypnosis

Loud music…. Dim lights…. Couples flirting with each other… and a bunch of people dancing. They are enjoying not until the lights and music shut off…. Some shouted because of shock. Not that long the lights are back.

All attention are now focused at a lady wearing an all black outfit. Black glasses …. black dress…. black gloves….. black pumps and black pouch. Everyone fell silent. The only noise they can hear are coming from the walking woman's shoes. The woman remained silent and walk to her destination, the VIP room.

She was stopped by the two bodyguards. She scanned the surrounding before killing them both just by punching them at their nape. After that she entered the room.

Darkness fills the whole room.

Only the light of thee moon peeks through from the window. The mysterious woman smirked at what greeted her.

A cheating man, having sex with his wife's sister.

"Ooohh…. Faster! Armando! Faster!", the slut shouted.

"Shut up bitch!", the man growled while moving harder and faster.

The room is filled with the sinners moans and growls.

The mysterious woman rolled her eyes because of how noisy the slut is. She sat in a couch, waiting for them to finish.

"Are you done?", she asked as they both became pale.

"Seems like you both are enjoying.", she continued.

"How did you get in here?", the man asked but the mysterious woman just remained silent and gave them a smirk. The two were filled with fright as the woman pulled something out from her black pouch.

A silencer gun.

"What are you going to do?!", the two hugged each other as the woman stood up.

"Next question please.", she answered laughing.

"Who are you?", the slut asked. The mysterious woman stopped laughing and face the two coldly.



Two gunshots are fired at the cheating couple.

Silence enveloped the three. The woman removed her glasses, revealing her two golden eyes. She flashed a sinister smile.

"My name is A."


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