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Accelerator Junior Getting Thrown Around In Gensokyo
Author :Ligoya
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64 Scarlet Bond part 2

Altered East 05: Scarlet Bond part 2

Editor: the guy (Questionable Questing)

-Evening, Scarlet Devil Mansion-

-Remilia POV-

The door to the room opened and inside its pitch black, but both of us went inside anyway.

I reach for the breaker for the light, I switched it on and the room finally filled with light.

It took seconds for me to adjust to the lighting, and I could finaly see the inside of the room clearly.

Patched up plushies.

Dull wall color and marble floor.

Broken but still useable furniture

And in the middle of the room, a big black coffin.

After confirming that there's nothing different since the last time we were here, we march forward toward the coffin.

With each step, we're feeling a familiar chilling sensation in our body. This feeling keeps getting stronger as we're moving closer to the coffin.

We finally arrived next to it and Sakuya moves to open the coffin up.

Once it opened up, my nose immediately assaulted with strong smell of metal, but since I already prepared myself for it, I didn't flinch from it. Ignoring the smell, the opened up coffin reveal a sleeping figure curling up inside it.

A girl looking my age, with an unkempt long blond hair, pale skin, wearing frilly pajamas with red stains on it, and she has a pair of bat wings on her back.

The girl's name is Flandre Scarlet, and she's my little sister.

"Mistress." Sakuya call me.

I wordlessly gave her my left arm.

She took it and then proceeds to wipe my forearm with a wet tissue.

Breathe in, breathe out.

"…Do it."

Sakuya nod and she starts moving her hand to hold my sister body, slowly she pulled her up by supporting her back to make sure she doesn't fall. She cupped her chin and opened it up, revealing sharp and long fangs inside.

I stick my forearm against my little sister mouth. At first nothing happened, but a second later, a stinging pain can be felt from my forearm area that was inside my little sister mouth.

Flandre's eyelid move, and then she opened it slightly.

"…Hng…Sis?" Flandre asked while half asleep.

"Don't…worry, you're…thirsty…right? Just…drink it." I said while withstanding the pain.

"…Hnm…" Flandre hums.

And Sakuya starts preparing the sleeping drug.

At the age of 6, a bat wings suddenly sprouting from her back. The house suddenly turned hectic that

day. My parents saw her and then they tried to cut her wings off with a knife, emphasis on the word "tried", they failed to do it because of Flandre sudden increase in strength.

I watched in horror as the event unfolded, I just frozen in fear watching my own parent trying to hold their daughter down while also pointing a knife to her, it was…a traumatizing event, to say the least. And because of that event, I finally realized what kind of person those two really are and I stopped thinking of them as my family and turn them into "someone who just birthed me". I have no remorse in doing so because I believe they already think the same to us from the moment we were born, we were just a tool for them in their "Noble Community".

From the moment when "their daughter can't even follow the tournament simple rules" and the moment when "their other daughter turned into an abomination", they stopped seeing us as their daughters. So, it is up to me to keep us together, I won't become like them, I'll not give up on my sibling.

Years went by, and I finally got accepted to the infamous Touhou Academy, naturally my parents heard it, they said "this is your chance to redeem yourself", …feh.

I bring Flandre with me because I'm afraid that they'll do something to her when I'm gone, but I can't do it with normal mean, I don't want people to know about her being a vampire, so I let Sakuya smuggle Flandre into the island. Surprisingly, Sakuya arrived with a black coffin, which contained a sleeping Flandre inside. Sakuya explained to me that it was Flandre's own choice to stay inside it, she said that this way, it'll decrease my living expense, it's already proven that she could survive by drinking blood alone, so she'll help me by not doing anything.

I understood her reason, I understood that this is the best choice available, but I hate it.

I know that Sakuya is the one who planted the idea for Flandre to do this, I won't blame her for doing it, but I still hate it.

I hate all of it, but I still keep moving forward.

I feel lightheaded and my strength slowly leaving my body. Sensing this, Sakuya immediately move to insert the sleeping drug to Flandre with an injection. She got the drug by raiding a drug store before coming to this island. We still have a lot so we don't have to worry about keeping her asleep.

A moment later, Flandre's mouth loosen up, I pulled my arm away from her, and slowly sit on the floor.

I examine my arm, her fangs left behind a puncture wound on my forearm.

Sakuya finished putting Flandre inside her coffin while I was still in a daze from the blood lost, and then she picked me up. I don't know when I went back to my room, but I woke up in my pajamas on my sleeping bed.

I reexamine my arm wound, but there's already bandage covering it, so I took down the bandage. The puncture wound is smaller than I remembered. A wound normally doesn't close by itself in a short amount of time, so that means there's another factor working on here, a factor that I've been aware of in the past couple of years.

"…Am I a monster too?" I wondered to myself.

I feel thirsty in the middle of the night and I'm about to go out of my room to grab a glass of water but then, an explosion happened.

-Midnight, Scarlet Devil Mansion-

-??? POV-

It's dark.

"…Still thirsty…but sis…hungry…but sis…out…but sis…sis…sis…sis…"

It's lonely.

But I need to do this to help my sister.

And then everything shakes for a moment.

-My POV-

Guarding your properties.

People usually employ guards to prevent any kind of trespassing or even thievery, and in other cases, they keep dogs to scare away any potential thieves, but of course, the Scarlet Devil Mansion residents aren't common in any kind of words.

I said that because they choose to have a claymore for their defense.

A god damn claymore.

Not the sword one, but the explosive one.

I stared at the night sky as I've been blasted by the claymore.

"…deja vu, if I remember right, didn't I got blown up like this when I first visited my version of SDM?" I said with a nostalgic feeling.

The reason as to why I'm doing all of this was because I knew talking normally to Remilia won't do it, so I decided to go with the forceful route, albeit without seriously hurting anyone.

I got up straight away just like some kind of Jiangshi, and examining my surroundings.

Everything in the ground zero of the explosion was wrecked. The front gate is bent forward, there's a crater under the front gates previous position, and dust, a lot of dust kicking into the air.

I look at my own clothes, welp, so many holes, good thing I'm already greatly resistant to physical attack, the clothes will patch the hole itself soon, so that's already taken care of.

After seeing the aftermath of the explosion, I turn toward my surrounding area. The explosion was really loud, so it's a given that the neighbor will wake up and investigate the noise.


Welp, that's a lot. I just magic them all back to sleep. Yes, yes, it was all a dream, go back to sleep, you all have school and work tomorrow right?

Also, I saw several guys in black stalking around the block surrounding the building. I recognized some of them to be Yukari's men. Is she gonna come in when everything's over? Not that I mind.

"All right, that's one, now onto the damage…Hm?" As I'm about to repair the explosion damage, I noticed something.

Something is moving inside the Mansion's windows.


I catch the fast approaching thing with my Telekinesis.

I bring it closer for me to see.

"…A bullet? Sniper bullet?"


I catch another sniper bullet that's coming toward me and then start identifying who's the one that's shooting me for a while. I saw her, and she immediately ran away from her sniping position.

"…A maid with gun, huh, that's also nostalgic, nowadays they used futuristic weapons and lethal magic on me, maybe I should bully them again once I go back." I idly thought.

I used Clairvoyance again to look for another claymore. Turns out there are 3 more on the way to the mansion door, they're remote detonate, so I deactivated them by cutting their wire underground.

After I fixed the gate and filling up the crater, I start walking toward the front door, but before I'm halfway there, the front door slowly opened, and a figure walks from it.

It's Meiling.

"Turn back intruder, or you'll be in a world of pain." threatens Meiling.

I smile.

"I'm sorry, there's someone who I must help in there." I said.

"You've been warned." she said as she prepares to fight

"Yes, and since I'm the challenger, let me introduce myself." I release a little bit of pressure on the surroundings. "My name is Arah, an Omni-Magician." The surrounding plant and air shakes as I introduced myself.

Sweat starts appearing on Meiling's face.

"…An Omni-Magician?" she asked.

"Yes, that's probably an apt description as to what I am. " I explained.

She frowned.

"Haha, seems you think I'm joking, not that I blame you, it's the modern time after all." I just laugh at her expression.

"Truthfully, yes, I did, but none of that matters, currently you're trespassing to our Mansion, and I'll stop you no matter what." she reaffirm her fighting pose. "Tai-chi Martial Artist, Hong Meiling, prepare yourself!"

"I see, then we probably should start soon." I point my index finger to her head.

Finger Beam: Low Power.

A thin beam shoots out from my index finger to Meiling direction, when the beam almost hit her forehead, she quickly moved her head for it scrapped her head.

Her eyes widened at me as she wiped her forehead with her thumb.

"Nice, let us pick up the pace, shall we?" I pointed both of my index fingers to Meiling.

I fired using one of them, she dodged it, I fired the next one, she rolls forward, I fired again, she dashed forward just in time to make my shot scrape her shoulder instead, I fired again, she tilted her head that it brushes her cheek instead.

…I think she's picking up that I keep aiming for her forehead, oh well, melee times.

She starts with a straight left punch, I moved my hand to grab her punch, unexpectedly she stop her left arm and she switch to right kick, I used my other hand to grab it, but then she stop it midway and then took a step back.

…It's her instincts. She somehow knew that when I grab her, it'll be over right away, which is true.

"What happened? You don't want to attack? If you don't, then I'll continue instead." I'm coming toward Meiling with my palm open.

I tried to grab her shoulder, but she fended them off and then countered attack with a punch to my gut. And it's over.

"Gotcha!" I quickly grabbed her hand before she pulled it away.

Stamina Drain.

Her other hand moves in for a punch, but I quickly grab it, her right leg rising up to kick my head, but I stopped it in mid air with Telekinesis before it hit my face. With nothing working, she starts struggling in my grasp.

…Well, this is an interesting position to be stuck in, and sadly, every good thing needs an end eventually.

Her struggling keeps getting weaker and weaker, so when I think it's enough, I released everything and put both of my open palms on her stomach.

Energy Blast: Low Power.

A blast came out from my palms, hitting Meiling directly and sending her skidding across the garden grounds, seems like she's still conscious despite being tired after I drained her.

"Not bad, usually people already down from that combo alone."

She gritted her teeth as she glared at me, but then she's doing something unusual, she closed her eyes and then raised one of her arms, a moment later, that hand starts glowing.

[Lv.20 Crimson Dragon, Hong Meiling]

[Increased from 19 to 20]

"Ah, you made a breakthrough. I know it sounded mocking from my standpoint, but congratulations." I clapped for her. "If we were in different circumstances, I'd definitely throw a party for you." I said with a smile.

"..Haha…well…that's a shame then… been stuck for a while…got it when you I feltl yours…and I'll hit you with it!" and she ran forward, preparing to hit me with a very telegraphic glowing punch.

Of course, the result is obvious. I caught it just like any other attack.

"Sorry, I'm a little scared now that your fist is glowing...Hm? Meiling-san?"

Her body swayed strangely, and I caught her when she's about to fall. Apparently she immediately passed out as soon as she throws her punch.

"That's one down, I guess?"

I lay her body down away from the inactive claymores, just in case.

I reached for the door, it's locked.

Random knowledge about a door, the reason as to why a door can't be opened is because they were wedged into the wall by the lock mechanism, so that means, if the lock mechanism is gone, it'll open as if there's no lock in the first place.

I cut a piece of the building next to the lock mechanism of the door with magic, and there you go, the door is easily opened with a piece of a building sticking at its side.

"Excuse me for the intrusion, although it's too late for that." I said as I went inside the building.

I turned more serious this time, after all, there's no space for error, and with that said, after I took a step inside the building, without any signature, without any word, I released a shockwave to the ceiling.

I turn my head to look at the ceiling, and I saw someone got embedded in the ceiling wall.

It's Sakuya.

Soon her figure swayed, and she starts falling. I catch her in my arms, and start Stamina Draining her as I start searching for the underground stairs.

Sakuya's hand suddenly moved, and I saw a gun barrel pointed at my face.


6 bullets are floating in mid air because I stopped it.

"I think you should give up shooting me, I heard bullets aren't cheap." I nonchalantly comment.

She throws her gun away to switch to a knife.

I look into her crazed eye as she trying to stab my face to death.

"…Ho boy, it's been a while since I feel this much killing intent from another person, oh wait, it's the same person."

The timing between Sakuya's slowing knife attack and the moment I found the stairs is perfect.

Seeing that I found the stairs, Sakuya switches again, from her knife to her hands, she starts trying to strangle me.

"…You know, at times like this, I actually feel scared with people like you." I said.

Without any other choice, I forcefully put her to sleep with my abilities.

"…Mis…tress…" and she goes to sleep, with her hands still strangling me.

I pried her hands off me with a "do not want" expression.

Putting her body beside the stairs, I continue going down to the underground room.

After going down, there's only a hallway that's leading to a room, all I need to do is just walk to that room, and I'll meet with my objective. But of course, there's someone that's already guarding this area.

"Why hello there, Remilia-san." I greet her.

At the end of the hallway, stood a girl in pajamas with a rapier in her hand, she guards the room behind her.

"…You, what did you do to my servants?" she inquired.

"Don't worry about them, they're just asleep upstairs, now if you just step aside, you'll not be joining them. …I sound like a villain didn't I?" I'm worried.

"Over my dead body, your targeting Flandre, aren't you?" she said as she renewed her grip on her rapier.

"Essentially, yes, I noticed how bad her condition is, and I came here to heal her." I give my reasoning.

"'Heal her'? Don't you mean 'experimenting with her'?! In the first place, how did you even know about her?! We never show her to anyone or even talk about her!" she inquired.

"It's simple." I point at my eyes. "I saw her image."


"I saw her images, her bad condition, and what else do I need to do besides helping her."

"S-shut up! You don't have anything to do with us!"

"Of course it has anything to do with me! If she's going to end tragically, of course I'll interfere immediately!"

"End tragic-Don't you dare say that to my face! I saved her from our atrocious parent! I helped her survived! I choose to be her blood bag! I already got it under control!"

I frown a little about her revelation but I keep going. "Then is she happy now? Is she happy that she always sleeping in a coffin? Is she happy to know that she drinks the blood of her own sister?"

"I…S…SHUT UP! SHUT UP-SHUT UP-SHUT UP!!! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! SAKUYA, GET RID OF HIM!" Remilia shouted with an angry expression.

I sigh with how things turned out and let Sakuya seizing me from behind.

I kinda sensed her slowly sneaking up behind as both Remilia and me talked with each other. I inspect Sakuya's condition, searching as to how she woke up, and I found it, her finger, she broke her own finger to wake up.

"…By your command…" she said as took out something from her clothes.

It's a hand grenade.

She pulled the pin with her teeth and pushed it to my back, sandwiching between me and her body so that it won't affect Remilia that much.

"What a mad woman." I said.

I create a Telekinesis Bubble that surrounded the grenade, ripping it out from Sakuya's hand, I send it upward near the ceiling.

The explosion happened, but there's no sound because I make it as tight as possible.

I put the trash(grenade remnant)on the floor gently on the floor, and then examine the girls expression.

Sakuya still looks ferocious, probably because of the pain and vengeance to me.

Meanwhile for Remilia, she looks vexed, she probably saw or heard that everything doesn't work on me.

"As you can see, nothing that you do could stop me, but I'll give credit where it's due, it's impressive that you still haven't given up yet." I said imposingly. "But, there's a limit as to how much you drag the time, by the end of this, I'll…" I trailed off in the middle of my sentence because I saw it starts to open.

The door behind Remilia, it slowly opened, revealing red eyes peering out from the opening gaps.

"Ah, how is your sleep, little girl? I guess the noise woke you up didn't it?" I said with a little smile.

Remilia finally noticed what's going on, and then she slowly turned around.

"…Flandre…" I didn't see Remilia expression, but I'm pretty sure she's surprised.

"Sis, what's going on?" Flandre asked as she opened the door wider, revealing her image to us and status to me.

[Lv.48 Vampirling, Flandre Scarlet]

'48? That's the highest one I saw in this island so far. Now that she's up, I guess I gotta be more direct if I want to end this quickly.' I thought.

"Little girl, come, I'll help you right away." I said as I give my hand to her direction. Sakuya still trying to prevent me from moving but I kinda ignored her.

"…W-who are you, mister?" Flandre asked in suspicion.

"Don't listen to him, Flandre, come back inside!" order Remilia.

"S-sis…" Flandre said with a worried look.

"Go back where? To her room? Or her coffin to be more specific? She'll go mad in there eventually." I rebuked.

"I said shut up!" shouted Remilia as she readied her Rapier.

Remilia dashes forward to me, and she thrust her Rapier to my body. Of course, with such slow attack, I easily her attack between my fingertips, I'm already pass Gensokyo standard after all.

Now that her weapon stuck between my fingertips, she tried to pull it away.

"I'm trying to make this as easy as possible, JUST LET ME HELP YOUR SISTER!" I shouted.

"OVER MY DEAD BODY!!" Remilia shouted.

"MISTRESS!!" Sakuya joining in.

Seeing this situation, Flandre looks confused.

"Ah, um, is-is he a bad guy?" asked

"YES!" answered Remilia.

"Uun, t-then I'll help." said Flandre resolutely.

"W-wait, Young Mistress! Don't!" Sakuya tried to stop her but it's too late.

Flandre leaps at me, she leaps high and far, but with this, my task(bullying) is finally over.

I grab her in mid air with Telekinesis.

"Kyaaah!" cried Flandre.

"Flandre!" shouted Remilia.

I bring Flandre closer to me.

"This place is not suitable to what I'm about to do, let us go upstairs." I said.

"Oh no you don't!" and Remilia stuck to my leg. "Give her back!"

And there's still Sakuya latching up behind me.

…This is annoying.

"…You know what, I should have done this from the start."

I pick them both with Telekinesis, just like Flandre. The reason as to why I didn't do it until now, was probably because of stingy attitude to use a greater ability to subdue weaker opponents, I mean, if you're fighting a weak level monster, of course you won't use your nuke-equivalent of ability, right? It's the same with this case. I think using a low power ability and a little bit of talking could finish what I'm about to do.

"This'll do." I said as we arrived at the Mansion's family room, its wide enough to fit 10 people in here.

"You two just be quiet and watch the magic happen." I cast Silence to Remilia and Sakuya and make them sit on a chair, I also heal Sakuya's broken finger.

Remilia start saying something but none of it can't be heard because of my magic, both of them shocked that they can't hear her self and her mistress said.

"Good, now, let's start." I put my hand in front of Flandre.

"…Sis…" Flandre whine.

"…I swear I'm not a bad guy, dammit."

Body Analysis.

A pulse of magic run through Flandre's whole body before coming back to me, reporting back to me as to what's wrong with her body.

"…Thank goodness for nothing serious, only some muscle stiffness from staying inside the coffin for too long, some healing should do the trick." I used a healing spell on her. "Now, for your malnutrition problem," I took out a small bottle with rainbow liquid inside from my Dimensional Storage.

[Master Vitamax]

[A mixed juice that contains all kinds of vitamins to make your body extremely healthy. it mixed with all kinds of stuff, of course this'll be super bitter, what do you expect.}

{Effect: 12 hours of Max Satiety, Max Thirst, Regeneration Up, Body Performance Up, Sickness Resistance Up, and Fruit & Vegetable Effect Up]

"Drink it." I bring it near Flandre's mouth.

She shakes her head.

"Drink it or your sister will be the one drinking it." I threatened.

She glared at me before giving in.

I let her took a sip first.

"…It's bitter." Flandre whine.

"It's a medicine after all. Of course it'll be bitter."

I pour the liquid into Flandre's mouth.

"…Hng…Hng…Hng…Hgk! Haaaahaaaaahaaaaa!" eventually she choked on it, spilling every liquid that's still in her mouth while gasping for air.

"There's still more to it, don't spill it now." I hold onto Flandre's mouth and angle it upward, making it easier for her to drink it without tasting its flavor.

Meanwhile, the spectator at the side starts going wild.

"Relax, with this she won't be hungry for a while and her body will start getting better."

I bought a big ice box and filled it with all types of blood bag from the System, I put it next to the kitchen room.

"There, if she get hungry again, just pick one of the blood bags inside, take note which blood type she likes, I'll refill it again if its empty."

I bought a normal necklace with a bat image on it and start enchanting them, after I finish, I put it on Flandre's neck.

"There, this'll make her immune to sunlight and immune to water damage, take note so always remind her to never took it off outside, but if she did, cover for her."

By now, the spectator looking at me strangely and mixed with distrusts, I undid all of their restrain, and present Flandre to them.

"Flandre!" Remilia hug her sister and Sakuya moving to cover her from me.

"See, it's not that bad when I start doing it, and now for my parting give."

I enchant Self-Repair to the whole mansion and Healing to the whole Mansion's parameter.

"Done, that should fix any damage I done to the Mansion, I'll come back to inspect her condition tomorrow. Goodbye."

And I'm gone.


Touhou Short - King Game (Ou-sama Play)

The straws has been pulled, and the King, the one that draw the marked straw, gave an order to the other player..

"All right, as a king, number 3 have to asked to give her favorite something while acting with maximum cuteness." said Reimu.

But the only way the King could gave their order was to say specific number which were based on the straws number that the other player drew.

"Hello! My name is Remilia-chan! I'm a vampire and I reaaaaaaaly like blood~! And If you don't give me yours, then I'll have to pu-nish-you! ❤ " said Remilia as she end it with a cute pose.

""""Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!"""" everyone's laugh while her maid is the only one that's clapping for her Mistress performance.

Remilia starts sitting on the tatami while the laughter steadily quiet down.

"Feh, and here I thought I could order the Hakurei Maiden whatever I want, but look what happened now." said Remilia grumpily. "Next." motion Remilia with her hand for her servant to prepare the next set of straw.

"Hah~, that was a good laugh, this outside world's party game is really interesting-ze. I wonder what you'll say next-ze." said Marisa satisfiedly.

"I'M NOT GONNA BE THE NEXT ONE!!" shout Remilia.

Sakuya offered the next set of straw to Remilia, Remilia took one randomly without looking.

"If you're so eager with humiliating me, how about the next number 3 received the same order that I got previously?" she dared before taking a glance at her straws number.


She did a double-take.


"Remilia-chan here! Give me your blood and you will get a reward for it! ❤" and she ended it with a double V.


Author Note:

I just browsing my youtube sub, and then starts unsubing to uninteresting stuff and inactive one, then I saw this.

Real Author Note:

I'm gonna save the aftermath for the next Alternate East chapter, turned out the action part is not exactly what I thought it would turn out to be, and there's also about my self-imposed deadline, I feels sorry for not posting anything for 2 weeks.

As for what I'll write next, probably continuing my ECO SI, there's people that want to see it continue, so why not. I don't know if I'm just burned out from writing Touhou or my procrastinating just doing its work this whole time that prevent me from writing this chapter.
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