Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1636 Turning Hostile
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1636 Turning Hostile

Chapter 1636: Turning Hostile

“Ling Han, you’ve gone too far!” the Primordial Saint King immediately rebuked.

“Gone too far your sister!” With an angry exclamation, the large black dog appeared. It stood on its hind legs, twisting its behind, its iron underwear polished to an incredibly smooth extent. It was reflecting light in an incredibly showy manner.

Yet it did not feel any shame at all. It walked over airily, and pointed at the Saint Kings. “Did you hear the words of Grandpa Dog’s little brother? Hand over some benefits, or don’t even one of you think of entering into the Celestial Realm! Are you all Grandpa Dog’s sons or grandsons? Just calling me Grandpa Dog, and you think I will take you all into the Celestial Realm? No way!”

The Saints were all enraged, and the Primordial Saint King’s personality was the most ruthless; he immediately moved to aim a palm strike at the large black dog.

“Save me!” The large black dog broke into a run, and arrived behind Ling Han. Stretching out a paw, it pointed at the Primordial Saint King. “If you have the guts, have a one-on-one duel with Grandpa Dog’s little brother for 300 rounds; if there is even one round less, you are Grandpa Dog’s grandson!”

The Primordial Saint King was so furious his hair was fluttering wildly. He again grabbed out at the large black dog. His target was very clear. He was not targeting Ling Han at all.


Yet Ling Han shot out a punch, which struck this large hand, and countered this strike.

“Junior, what is the meaning of this?” The Primordial Saint King’s eyes were cold. In the first place, he was already very displeased with having to treat a junior as his equal, yet this junior was actually creating difficulties now, which made him even more furious.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, “Out of those 16[1] old dogs who had ambushed me, you were one of them, weren’t you!”

“Woof, don’t insult your Grandpa Dog!” The large black dog immediately turned hostile, and with a snap, it aimed a bite at Ling Han’s bottom.

The Empress made her move. Pa, the large black dog was instantly sent flying, and was smacked dizzy.

The Primordial Saint King’s expression changed, but he said, “Junior, what nonsense are you blabbering?”

Ling Han swept an eye over the gathered Saints, and said, “I am actually a very amicable person, and since all of us are peers of the Ancient Realm, I do not mind bringing you all with me into the Celestial Realm, but you all… hoho, there are some people that are really despicable, and wish to snatch the good fortune that belongs to me.

“I am not that dumb to still be giving benefits to those that have betrayed me!

“Those Saint Kings that have made a move on me must give me an explanation. Otherwise… do not blame me for starting a massacre, and slaughtering the Forbidden Lands!”

This was an undisguised threat!

All the Saint Kings exchanged looks. Some of them had expressions of dawning realization. No wonder Ling Han had not appeared in these many years. Some of them bore ugly expressions. They had not killed Ling Han with a single strike all those years ago, which had left behind such a massive threat to them.

But no one made a sound. A great many Saint Kings that had attacked all those years ago were still hopeful. At the time, they had changed their appearances, so Ling Han might not be able to recognize them.

The Primordial Saint King meanwhile smirked coldly. “Junior, you no longer have the trump card to kill Saint Kings, and you still dare be arrogant?” He could not hold himself back from making a move. He naturally knew that Ling Han had identified his aura, and thus simply did not choose to conceal himself any longer.

“Brat Han, kill him, you don’t have to give me any face!” The large black dog immediately jumped out.

“Despicable dog, I am definitely going to fill you today!” The Primordial Saint King aimed a glare at the large black dog, his killing intent blazing.

Ling Han humphed, and mocked, “What awe-inspiring authority!”

The Primordial Saint King smirked coldly. “Then I will first kill this despicable dog, and then force out all your secrets!”

“Stop!” The Blue Feather Saint King immediately stepped out to stop him. “Ling Han indeed has no duty to bring us into the Celestial Realm. That is a path towards immortality. This kind of kindness can be considered as heavy as a mountain, and no matter what price we have to pay, it will be worth it.”

“Brother Blue Feather, what need is there for such anger? Come, it has been a long time since our last spar, why don’t we come and exchange a few blows!” another Saint King spoke up, standing in the path of the Blue Feather Saint King, and not giving him any chance of lending a helping hand.

Weng, a silvery river appeared. In a single moment, the Primordial Saint King had entered his strongest battle condition. His great dao took the form of a long river that surged on him, as if he himself was the heaven and earth.

He struck out with a palm strike, attacking both Ling Han and the large black dog at the same time.

This strike was seemingly attacking the large black dog primarily, and Ling Han was only a secondary target, but the truth was that the destructive power aimed at the both of them was more or less equal. He did not mind striking Ling Han dead along with the large black dog. Then, he would immediately pluck out and search his soul to obtain all the secrets the latter possessed.

Ling Han’s figure moved swiftly, and suddenly became a flash of lightning. In a moment when the Saint Kings were all completely unguarded and did not anticipate it, he had already appeared in front of the Primordial Saint King. He shot out a punch, the Nine Heavens Flame burning on his fist.


It was as if the Primordial Saint King’s defense was completely useless. Ling Han’s fist directly sank into his face. The immortal flame blazed, instantly burning his spirit into nothing.

A grand Saint King, who had cultivated for who knew how many years to have obtained the fruits of cultivation that he had had today, had died in such a tragic way, his head blown apart with a single punch. There was no dignity in his death at all.

Ling Han withdrew his fist, and under the burning of the immortal flame, there was not a single smear of blood on his fist.




A Saint King had actually been killed instantly with a single punch in a head-on confrontation!

All the Saint Kings were indescribably stunned, and a feeling of coldness rose up in their bodies. Ling Han’s power and aura were clearly normal, but why was he able to kill a Saint King with a single punch?

“What is most frightening is his speed, which surpasses the level of Saint King. It is as if a heavenly tribulation has descended. It was this kind of extreme speed which caught the Primordial Saint King completely off guard, and he was struck directly by his fist.”

“Additionally, the flame that is burning on his fist is also incredibly frightening. It actually tore a hole directly in the Primordial Saint King’s defenses, and killed him a single strike.”

“Extreme speed added with this kind of frightening attack power. So what if his cultivation level is not high? Who would be able to stop him?”

“Fighting with him means that one has to constantly stay fully on defensive, and only then would he be able to stop his attack.”

“That’s right.”

The Saint Kings whispered among themselves. Aside from a limited few peak stage Saint Kings, the others were all uneasy. Faced with Ling Han’s extreme speed, anyone would be struck if they were the slightest bit careless. The Primordial Saint King’s mistake was a lesson for them. He did not even have the chance to show his full strength, and he had already been killed.

Ling Han proficiently removed the Primordial Saint King’s Spatial Spirit Tool and God Tools, casually stuffing them into his pockets. Spatial God Tools could not be stored into Spatial Spirit Tools or another Spatial God Tool, so it could not be placed in the Black Tower; hence, he simply stuffed them all into his pockets.

All the Saint Kings were gritting their teeth at this scene. ‘You f******** haven’t just done this a few times, have you? You look too accustomed to it.’

Ling Han looked towards the other Saint Kings. “This is the last chance. All those who made a move on me previously, step out. One should be responsible for one’s actions. Otherwise, I do not mind killing you all first, and then charging off to attack your home bases.”

“What arrogant words!” Another few Saint Kings stepped out. Though Ling Han’s extreme speed was astonishing, and that flame’s destructive ability was frightening, he was only a Small Saint, after all. F***, he was already a Medium Saint!

Only now did they realize that Ling Han had actually advanced into the Medium Saint Tier!

This was too inconceivable. 10 years ago, he had just broken through to the Small Saint Tier, yet had already become a Medium Saint by now. This speed of advancing through the cultivation levels was too frightening, and was something that no one could believe at all.

Even if you had consumed Celestial medicine, it could not have possibly been so fast.

“And the rest?” Ling Han asked calmly. “There were 16 in total, and now that one is dead, there should still be 15 shameless old dogs.”

“Woof!” The large black dog barked at Ling Han in displeasure.

When these words were out, another 10 Saint Kings walked out, and added with those Saint Kings that had previously stepped out, they totalled exactly 15.

[1] Pretty sure it was 18 before, but the author says 16 twice in this chapter.

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    《Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao》