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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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Name: Leon Aldain (Lilith Greer Aldain)

Race: Human (Ancient Devil)

Gender: Female

Class: Magic Swordsman (Devil-Queen)

Level: 15

Hp: 200

Mp: 510

Strength: 190

Agility: 198

Defense: 195

Vitality: 190

Intelligence: 199

Sense: 197



Physical Enhancement

Magic Control


Flame magic

Lifestyle magic


Full-body Slime suit

[ Enchanment: Body temperature control ]

Enchanted Mantle

Enchantments: Defence [ 3% increase ], Sense [ 5% increase ]

Enchanted Chest plate

Enchantments: Hp [ 3% increase ], Defence [ 5 % increase ]

Enchanted Arm Guards

Enchantments: Defence [ 3% increase ], Strength [ 5% increase ]

Enchanted Boots

Enchantments: Agility [ 7% increase ]

Hidden skills and magic


Devil Queen's Authority: Allows the user to control any object with their mind. It can also be used on people if the user's level is high enough.

Devil Queen's Eyes: Allows the user to analyze everything regardless of their level, even if someone is concealing their status. This includes one's status, any type of items, any magical spells and etc. Also allows the user to see clearly in any environment.

Devil Queen's Body: Resistance to most blunt attacks and has high resistance to magical attacks.

Nature's Beloved: Allows the user to identify any type of plants or herbs and control them.

Weapon Mastery: The user is efficient with all types of weapons.

Martial Arts Mastery: The user is efficient with all types of martial arts

Potion Brewer: The user can brew any type of potion she wants as long as she has the right ingredients. The higher the user's level the higher the level of potion.

Accessory Enchantments: The use can enchant any item. The higher the user's level the higher the level of enchantments.

Physical Enhancement: Allows the user to increase their physical status by 25 percent upon activation. Wears off after 5 minutes.

Flash-Step: Allows the user the user to move at accelerated speed for brief amount of time.

Presence Detection: Allows the user to detect the presence of other living beings.

Presence Concealment: Alllows the user to conceal their presence by hiding their aura and magical energy.

Magic Control: Allows the user to control magic efficiently.

Magic Absorbtion: Allows the user to absorb magical energy from around her to replenish her own. Continuously using it could increase the user's base Mp stats. User can also absorb magical energy from magical attacks that has lower level than hers.

Abnormal Status Nullification: Nullifies any abnormality from the user's body.

Auto-Recovery: The user's body starts healing itself using magical energy when the user's Hp drops below 80 percent.

Mental Map

Language Comprehension

Status Alternation/Concealment: Allows the user to hide their status or alter them.


Flame magic

Water magic

Wind magic

Earth magic

Lightning magic

Spatial magic

Dark magic

Illusion magic

Lifestyle magic

You level up from hunting monsters but you can also train each state separately.

All skills and magic are directly connected to the person's Level.
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    《Another World's Devil-Queen》