Another World's Devil-Queen
1 Chapter 1: The Nobody and The Devil-Queen
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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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1 Chapter 1: The Nobody and The Devil-Queen


"Hey, I'm going home now. Are you sure you don't want any help?"

"Nah, it's alright I got this. Go home and enjoy yourself."

"*sighs* Well, it's not like there's anyone at home waiting for me you know?"

"Yeah. trust me, man. I know what you mean."

"Well alright. Take care then. See you Monday."

"Yeah, see you later."

Today my co-worker Lewis offered to take care of the rest of the work pile so I was given the chance to go home a little early.

It was Friday and it's not like I wanted to stay behind late so I accepted his offer. The company we work for isn't any major company. We manufactured small electronic parts for various electronic devices separately.

Even if the company was small there was still a lot of work and frankly, we don't have enough manpower to handle all of them on time. So each of us has to work overtime to make up for the lack of workers and today Lewis offered himself up.

Even though I asked if he wanted help that was just to be polite. I didn't want to stay here longer than I needed to either so I was glad to have given the chance to get out.

After saying my goodbye I exit the small office building and make my way towards the train station. I didn't live too far from here, about 40 minutes I would say. Most of that was spent on the train and 10 minutes of walking.

Going home is painful in itself. I lived alone in a small apartment.

My father left me and my mom when I was a still a kid then soon after my mom threw me out as well saying she couldn't handle to see the face of the person that abandoned her.

From there I wandered around in the streets, picking up food from the garbage to eat and begging for some change all around to get by. This went on for a while until I was picked up by an orphanage. They were really nice to me and supported me until I finished Highschool. I received a scholarship for college and got a degree in software engineering. I still visit them sometimes.

It has only been about 3 years since I finished college and got this job soon after. They were a new company so they were pretty much-hiring anyone they could get their hands on.

I found a one-room apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom to rent so I have been living like that ever since.

Oh, the light turned green, should be safe now. I always try to prioritize safety before all else when I'm not in a hurry.

'Should be safe' that's what I thought but I didn't expect what was heading right towards me as I started to cross the road.

It was a truck frantically making its way towards me. The driver was driving with full force, it seemed as though he didn't care about running anybody over. I could hear multiple loud police sirens from right behind.

I didn't have time to consider all that. Right now, my legs froze. I couldn't even move.

Goddammit, move!! Why like this? Why n--

Then it hit. I didn't even have enough time to finish the thought.


I was thrown several meters into the air. I didn't know what to think, I didn't know what to do. My whole body went numb. My conscience was barely hanging on but I knew as soon as I hit the ground I would surely die.

I closed my eyes, as my meaningless life flashed before me everything went silent.



"So the Empire's Hero finally came huh? I have been waiting for a while now." A hoarse voice resounded throughout the dimly lit throne room, echoing all over.

"Shut up You Devil-Queen!! Today you will pay for all the lives you took with your own!!" A feminine voice retorts back clearly feeling intimidated.

"You really think you can defeat me just because you possess the Light element? You are going to need a lot more than that!!" The hoarse voice speaks again mockingly.

There were two women facing each other.

One was a Devilish Woman with blood red skin, four glowing purple demonic eyes, and long pointy ears. From her forehead was two twisted ginormous horns. There were two draconic wings on her back and a tail coming out. She was wearing light metallic armor that only covered her breasts from under and her private parts so she was mostly bare skin. She was majestically standing in front of her throne staring down at a human girl holding a decorated sword glowing with a golden color.

She was the Devil-Queen, the most powerful existence in the world. The world shook with her every step. Her words meant absolute authority to everyone beneath her. She was cold and didn't have any mercy for anyone opposing her. She was the primary ruler of this world and no other being had the power to oppose her.

"If you really think you could take me on then come at me with everything you've got!!" The Devil-Queen shouts at the girl, prompting her to attack.

The human girl takes the bait and leaps into the air swinging her glowing sword.

This girl was known as the Hero throughout the world. She was summoned to this world by the Goddess to get rid of the Devil army.

She has been fighting the Devil-Queen's army everywhere with her party and thus far has been successful in taking back almost all of the human territories.

After seeing her efforts the Devil-Queen decided not to push back and instead let the Hero come to her so she could take care of the hero and her party by herself. This would cause the rest of the world to lose any sort of foolish ideas that they might have had related to opposing the Devils. It was essentially killing two birds with one stone.

The Devil-Queen puts up a magical barrier moments before they connect, blocking all the sword's might.

"Really? With just this much power you actually think you can oppose me by yourself?" The Devil-Queen sneers at the idea of this puny power trying to kill her.

"*Tsk* Don't underestimate me!!" The Hero gets enraged by this and swings again.

Right now, the rest of the Hero's party was fighting against the four Devil Generals of the Devil-Queen's army so the Hero was left to herself to deal with the Devil-Queen.

After continuously attacking the Devil-Queen over and over with her sword it was clear that it was having no effect so the Hero backs away. She raises her hand quickly gathering golden colored magical energy into one spot, making them denser and denser. The magic she was gathering was Light Magic, the only type of magic that can supposedly oppose the Devil-Queen.

The quickly gathered Light magic condensed itself into a small glowing ball that could fit into the Hero's palm. She gripped the Light magic ball and it suddenly transformed itself into a spear. The spear was made of pure Light Magic.

[ Star-Light's Might! ] The Hero exerted all her physical strength and threw the spear directly towards the Devil Queen with all her might.

The Devil-Queen smirks then slowly raises her hand as the Light magic spear approaches her.

[ Miniature Black Hole ] As soon as these words were muttered from the Devil Queen's mouth, Dark magical energy started gathering on her palm.

"If you really think this could stop me then you may be even more foolish than I thou-" The Devil-Queen stops mid-sentence.

Something had suddenly pierced the Devil-Queen as she was preparing to block the Light magic spear.

The Dark magic she was gathering immediately disperses and without anything to defend against the magic spear it directly pierces her stomach.

"*hack*cough*" The Devil Queen spits out a mouthful of black blood before looking down. There was a glowing blue sword sticking out from between her breasts and golden spear from her stomach. The Devil-Queen slowly turns her head to look at the person behind her, the person holding the sword.

"You...why? Why did you betray me?!!"

The person holding the sword was called Moreus, one of the four Devil generals. He specialized in Speed and Stealth. Not even the Devil-Queen could detect him without trying.

"It's not just me." Moreus points in front of the Devil-Queen making her turn her head.

The Devil-Queen looks in front of her and several people appear one after the other. It was the rest of the Devil Generals and the Hero party members.

"Why!!! Why did you all betray me ?!! I made you what you are today!! Without me, you would be nothing but corpses beneath my Devil army's feet!!!" The Devil-Queen yelled out furiously as she coughed up more blood.

"And we appreciate that but.....Your time has to come to an end." Moreus grins but so does the rest of the generals.

"This sword is a special sealing device made from the efforts of us four generals. It will put a seal on all your magic and skills then slowly degrade your power over time until eventually, you cease to exist. We spent years developing this sword just for you." Moreus says arrogantly knowing that there was nothing the Devil-Queen could do now.

"No!! I will end you!! You will pay for this with your lives!! I swear to you even if it's the last thing I do, I will make you pay!!!"

As the Devil-Queen expresses her full on rage, the blue sword piercing her begins to glow even brighter. Magical chains with spikes materialize from the sword and wrap her all around piercing her everywhere.

"Aaaaggghhhh" She screams in agony as the sword begins to suck her in. Realizing she couldn't do anything at the moment she bites her lip down and closes her eyes. Within moments she disappears into the blue sword without a trace as it falls to the ground.


"Huh? Whose memories are those?"
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    《Another World's Devil-Queen》