Another World's Devil-Queen
2 Chapter 2: One Entity
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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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2 Chapter 2: One Entity


What's going on?

I was just struck by a truck so I should be dead right?

But for some reason, I still had my consciousness. No...not just my consciousness, there was something else as well.

No, it's like there's another conscience inside me. I could see someone else's memories in my head. Something about being the Devil-Queen?

Sounds kinda scary honestly. The memories are foggy but this one scene keeps on playing in my head. I as the Devil-Queen fighting and being betrayed somehow after that being sealed?

This just sounds like a Light novel or something. None of this makes any sense. I could clearly visualize the memories of this Devil-Queen as if I'm her but I also remember Who I am. My name is Leon Carter. A normal guy with a normal job living by himself.

"ge..get out head..."

What the hell? Whose voice was that?

"Aaaggghhh" Goddammit!! My head hurts!!

Oh shit! I'm losing consciousness again. Everything's shutting down again.....


"Who...who am I?"


"I...I remember...I'm...I'm Leon Carter! A normal person! Wait-no no no, I'm Lilith Greer Aldain! The Devil-Queen?"'m neither. Wait, rather I'm both?

Yes, I am both Leon Carter and Lilith Greer Aldain. It seems the two personas merged together into one....but my Leon Carter persona seems to be in dominance.

Me as Lilith Greer Aldain, the Devil-Queen was sealed into a sword. It seems that thousands of years have passed since then. Lilith Greer Aldain's mind became so weak to the point it was barely even conscience.

After I died as Leon I somehow ended up in this body and Lilith sensed it. In a last ditch effort to save her consciousness from disappearing completely she merged the two personas together into one. And in doing created me as this new persona.

I was hanging with my hands and legs tied to the four corners of a white room. There was still some kind of spiritual sword stabbing me from behind. This was the seal I was in for thousands of years.

As an Ancient Devil whose lifespan was almost neverending this shouldn't have been any problem but being here without being able to move or have anyone to talk to can drive anyone to lose themselves.

The people that betrayed me as Lilith are probably already dead since they were normal Devils. They only have a few hundred years worth of lifespan at best.

So there was no way to get revenge as well. The fact that I was sealed in this prison for thousands of years but the bastards that betrayed me probably got to live their full life made me lose all hope.

But I really didn't want to disappear forever. In the end I was scared.

Well, let's not think about that for now.

My personal tastes seem to be leaning more towards Leon's compared to Lilith's. But being in Lilith's body that might change as well.

So I'm in a girl's body huh? As Leon, I might have wanted to spend a day in a girl's body but I would have probably preferred to change back as well.

*sighs* nothing I can do about that now.

Hmmm...I am still into girls that's good...that's good. It seems even as Lilith, I was into girls instead of guys. That's a relief.

I have to think of a way I could get out of here. It seems Lilith didn't notice as her consciousness was already fading but the seal was getting weaker as well. I guess being active for thousands of years can wear anything out, even if that thing happens to be a magical seal.

If I can maybe somehow create a large enough magical blast?

But that could destroy me as well...I would have to detonate every single magical particle I have left in my body and there is only a 50/50 chance of surviving.

I mean, yes the seal barely has half its strength left but if I wait for the seal to deteriorate it might take another couple thousand years in the least. And by that time the rest of the Magical powers I have left would also disappear and I may perish along with the seal. Truly those bastards really did put in the effort.

All right...there's no other option for me. I slowly start charging up all the magical particles left within my body one by one. I charge up every single one of them which takes me hours to do so, I mean it's not like I could be doing something else right now.

After who knows how many hours I finally finish charging up each and every one of the Magical particles.

Alright, it's now or never. 3...2...1...*Boom*

It seemed as though a nuclear blast had occurred inside the seal.

*crack**crack* the room inside the seal began cracking like glass all over. The chains that were holding me for thousands of years finally started to disappear like they never existed in the first place. The sword that was stabbing me also vanishes. I slowly begin to get pushed out of the seal as everything around me turns dark.


*Huff**huff**huff* worked!! @#%@@%@%@ YES!! It worked!!!

I got out...I finally got out!! Two streams of tears flow down from the corner of my eyes. This was the emotion from Lilith, I was finally out!!

I started wiping the tears away with my hand but then it finally hit me...two eyes...not four. I looked at my hands and they were peach, not my usual red skin but fair light skin. No pointy ears either. All my bodily hair had grown way too much as expected for these thousands of years but my hair color seemed red now instead of the usual silver.

I was very confused at the moment but there was one way to confirm all this.

[ Status Open ]

Name: Lilith Greer Aldain

Race: Ancient Devil

Gender: Female

Class: Devil-Queen

Level: 1 (-???)

Hp: 10 (-???)

Mp: 100 (-???)

Strength: 10 (-???)

Agility: 10 (-???)

Defense: 10 (-???)

Vitality: 10 (-???)

Intelligence: 10 (-???)

Sense: 10 (-???)


Devil Queen's Authority

Devil Queen's Eyes

Devil Queen's Body

Nature's Beloved

Weapon Mastery

Martial Arts Mastery

Potion Brewer

Accessory Enchantments

Physical Enhancement


Presence Detection

Presence Concealment

Magic Control

Magic Absorption

Magic Dispel

Abnormal Status Nullification


Mental Map

Language Comprehension

Status Alternation/Concealment


Flame magic

Water/Ice magic

Wind magic

Earth magic

Lightning magic

Spatial magic

Dark magic

Lifestyle magic


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