Another World's Devil-Queen
3 Chapter 3: Level/Class/Skill/Magic
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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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3 Chapter 3: Level/Class/Skill/Magic


[ Status Open ]

Name: Lilith Greer Aldain

Race: Ancient Devil

Gender: Female

Class: Devil-Queen

Level: 1 (-???)

Hp: 10 (-???)

Mp: 100 (-???)

Strength: 10 (-???)

Agility: 10 (-???)

Defense: 10 (-???)

Vitality: 10 (-???)

Intelligence: 10 (-???)

Sense: 10 (-???)


Devil Queen's Authority

Devil Queen's Eyes

Devil Queen's Body

Nature's Beloved

Weapon Mastery

Martial Arts Mastery

Potion Brewer

Accessory Enchantments

Physical Enhancement


Presence Detection

Presence Concealment

Magic Control

Magic Dispel

Magic Absorption

Abnormal Status Nullification


Mental Map

Language Comprehension

Status Alternation/Concealment


Flame magic

Water/Ice magic

Wind magic

Earth magic

Lightning magic

Spatial magic

Dark magic

Illusion magic

Lifestyle magic

In this world, there was such a thing as one's 'Status'. It's like that of a mmorpg...oh my God this is starting to sound more and more like a Light Novel.

I carefully viewed my Status. Just as I reason for looking like a human instead of a Devil-Queen. No, I did look like this a very long time ago.

As an Ancient Devil, I evolved as I leveled up so before I leveled up and evolved I did once look like this. Normal Devils are born with horns and tails but Ancient Devils are a different case.

And now I'm back to where I started all those thousands of years ago...back to Level 1...

Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!!

Alright!! Alright!! Calm down...calm down...this is most likely due to that Magical Seal. Damn it, my Hp is worse than that of a slime.

Goddammit!!! Those bastards!!!...Right! I still have my skills!! I still have my skills and magic!!

Your skill and magic efficiency level goes up as you level up but with the right kind of skills and magic you can level up very fast. You can level up from killing various types of monsters and as you level up your stats would increase as well but you can also increase your stats individually. For example, You can train yourself physically to improve your Strength or Agility. However, this method takes way longer than just killing monsters.

It seems that my Mp is ten times more than my other it because of the stunt I pulled? Still, this is also pretty good, it means my Mp is my strong point right now. my peak I could destroy continents with my magic but now...


Alright...what's done is done. Nothing I can do about that now. No amount of sulking is going to bring my powers back.

I was inside a cave at the moment and I didn't know what kind of environment it was outside the cave. Is it some kind of special cave? It would be for the best to first get myself prepared inside the cave then venture outside.

Alright, first let's seal up the cave entrance. [ Earth Wall ] This was elementary grade magic, nothing too fancy, didn't require much mp. A normal Level 1 wouldn't be able to use this magic but my Mp being 10 times higher came in real handy.

Though this was Magic. Real magic. As Leon, I wouldn't believe such a thing existed but for Lilith, this wasn't even worth looking at.

The Entrance to the cave was blocked off nicely. I didn't need any light to see as one of my skills allowed me to see clearly even in the dark. Then I used another Earth element magic [ Clay Coating ] to cover the entirety of cave in smooth Clay.

After that, I used Life-Style magic to swiftly clean up the area. It was a small cave so I didn't take much effort.

Alright next is me. This time I used the combination of Water and Lifestyle magic to lightly wash off the dust from my body. I needed a way to get rid of all the excess hair all over me. So I used Fire magic to burn most of it off then Wind magic to cut the ends. By substituting Water Magic for a mirror I managed to give myself a fashionable haircut, my hair was only down to my shoulder now.

With the Water mirror, I looked at my body for the first time as this me. I must say I looked amazing but...there were some ugly scars on my body. One was between my breasts which almost reached up to my throat and the other was on my stomach, where I was pierced by the Light Magic from the Hero. They were on my back as well.

Damn those fuckers!! Giving a godly body like this some nasty scars!!

I look a bit skinny right now but with proper nutrition that shouldn't be a problem. When I was sealed in that sword I was in my fully evolved form so food and such didn't matter but now that's not the case anymore. I have properly take care of my health.

As Leon, I never liked dirty things so I would always clean up my apartment and keep the area I am in comfortable.

I wasn't wearing anything at the moment since I really didn't have anything proper to wear. I was able to use Spatial Magic to store things and the only I had in there was a Full-Body Slime suit and some low-grade weapons that couldn't even be Enchanted. As the Devil-Queen there wasn't really anything I needed so I didn't even put in the effort to prepare for emergency situations.

*sigh* Looks like right now the Full-Body Slime suit is the only option for me. I open up my [ Spatial Storage ] and take out a small black box.

This was the entire suit condensed into a tiny box. The suit was actually made by me a very long time ago, it was made from different types of high-level slimes which made it very sturdy, it was equipped with a body temperature control function and as long as I run my magic power through the suit it can repair itself, like a slime multiplying its cells.

I can control parts of the suit with my mind and create additional parts like a face mask or a hood but that's as far as it goes. As I evolved I eventually outgrew the suit and just left it in my Storage.

I run some of my magic through the black box and it immediately envelops my whole hand in black goo. The black goo slowly starts crawling up my arm and continues upward to my shoulder. Then onto my chest and back, my other arm, my lower body, and everything. It was like I was covered in some thick black rubber up to my neck. It acted as gloves and boots at the same time as well. There was some sort of pattern running throughout the suit which actually made the suit look a lot less bland.

The suit itself felt really comfortable, it was skin tight but it added a thick layer rubber-like material above my skin. Though I still wouldn't want to be seen like this out in the public. I would die from embarrassment if I did.

I will have to find some normal clothes to wear before meeting actual people. Maybe I will upgrade the suit when I get my hands on some Magic Crystals I don't know...

I looked down and saw the sword I was stabbed with laying on the ground right beside me.

It had a unique design to it. The handle looked like a Red Dragon. The end was a dragon's head with the grip being its body then the tail wrapping around the bottom parts of the blade. It was probably made with Dragon scales based on the design and the fact that it didn't get rusty in thousands of years.

The sword itself was a slender, double-edged sword which didn't match the size of the scar on my chest and back. I'm guessing the Sealing magic used on it somehow gave it a wider blade and the blue color. The Sealing Magic disappeared already but the sword felt incredibly sharp.

I use [ Devil Queen's Eyes ] on the sword.

Name: Devil - Sealing Sword

Creator: Unknown

Materials: Unknown


- Seals anyone being stabbed by this sword in an eternal prison (invalid)

- When used normally it can absorb the life essence from monsters and add to the user. This can increase the amount of exp gained from killing monsters and increase the user's status growth with each level up.

Holy shit!! Those bastards did something useful!! Oh, wait...I wouldn't be here if not for them.

The creator hid their name and the material they used. I was guessing Dragon scales though but there was no way for me to know who made this sword. I put the sword in my storage then sit down.

My Mp was low from all the continuous use of magic so I wanted to at least refill before getting out of the cave.


As I am waiting for my Mp to refill let me give you a rundown of all my skills. Well most of them feel like I'm in a game or something.


Devil Queen's Authority, this skill allows me to control any object with my mind. The weight will be dependent on the amount of Mp exerted. It's similar to telekinesis honestly.

Devil Queen's Eyes, this allows me to analyze everything regardless of their level, even if someone is concealing their status. This includes one's status, analyzing any type of items, any magical spells and etc. It also allows me to see clearly in any environment.

Devil Queen's Body, this makes me resistance to most blunt attacks and gives me high resistance to most magical attacks.

Nature's Beloved, this allows me to identify any type of plants or herbs and control them. I got this skill from a druid in my younger days.

Weapon Mastery, allows me to efficiently use all types of weapons. I got this skill when I was able to master every weapon available to me.

Martial Arts Mastery, allows me to efficiently use all types of martial arts. Same as the Weapon Mastery, I got this one when I learned all types of martial arts available to me.

Potion Brewer, I can brew any type of potion I want as long as I have the right ingredients. The higher my level the higher the level of the potion.

Accessory Enchantments, allows me to enchant any items. The higher my level the higher the level of enchantments.

Physical Enhancement, Allows me to increase my physical status by 25 percent upon activation but it wears off after 5 minutes.

Flash-Step, allows me to move at accelerated speed for a brief amount of time but there's a 30-second timeout.

Presence Detection, Allows me to detect the presence of other living beings but this depends on my level. If they are able to conceal their presence and have a higher level than me then I won't be able to detect them fully.

Presence Concealment, Allows me to conceal my presence by hiding my aura and magical energy. This skill also depends on my level. With a higher level, it wouldn't be a problem but if my level is lower then I would be detected when I'm too close.

Magic Control, my understanding of magic is multiplied with this skill which allows me to control magic very efficiently. This lets me skip chanting a spell to use magic directly or use element-less magic.

Magic Dispel, Allows me to cancel out any spell that requires less Mp than what I have. The amount of Mp the spell was cast with will be the same amount of Mp drained from me when dispelling it.

Magic Absorption, allows me to absorb magical energy from around me to replenish my own. Continuously using it could increase my base Mp stats. It also allows me to absorb Magical energy from magical objects like Magic crystals and magical attacks that have a lower level than me. I am actually using this right now to recover quickly.

Abnormal Status Nullification, it nullifies any abnormality from my body, like poison, curse, debuffs and other things of that nature.

Auto-Recovery allows my body to start healing itself by using magical energy when my Hp drops below 80 percent.

Mental Map, this skill automatically records the places I have seen and allows me to take a look at it whenever I want. Kinda like a game map but a bit more detailed I guess.

Language Comprehension, pretty basic. Allows me to understand almost all types of language.

Status Alternation/Concealment, it allows me to hide my status or alter them.

Then for the Magic, you can use it by chanting spells or if you are skilled enough you could directly shape any element. Chanting spells can be really slow when compared to directly shaping magic but in my case, I can skip the chants so it becomes faster than shaping magic myself.

I could use element-less magic like creating barriers, creating pure magical constructs and etc. This actually requires a lot of Mp.

The magic elements I can use are Fire, Water/Ice, Wind, Earth, and Lightning, the basic elements.

Anyone can have a natural aptitude for these elements but not all of them at once. I am an exception to this rule as I am the Devil-Queen.

The Dark element was a special element only available to my class. It consumes a lot of Mp but the payoff is equally satisfying. I can combine other elements with the Dark elements to increase the other element's potency.

The Spatial element was taught to me when I was young. Right now the only type of Spatial magic I could use was the Storage and the amount of space in the storage was also directly related to the amount of Mp I have so there wasn't much I could store in there. As my Mp increases I can create my own personal spaces, hmm...around level 50 I should have enough Mp to create a personal room then as the Mp amount increases so will the size and properties of my space.

With enough Mp it's possible to even teleport long distances to the places I have been to and of course the farther the place is the more Mp it would take to get there.

Lifestyle magic is mostly for cleaning up really. Except for Light magic, I would be able to learn almost every other types of magic.

Light magic is something exclusive to the Hero as Dark magic is for me. So no one except for the Hero could use that as I am the only one capable of using the Dark element.

Light magic is extremely effective against Devils and Dark magic. However, with powerful enough Dark magic it's possible to completely nullify Light Magic. I can't dispel Light magic but I could use Dark magic to negate it.

If I were able to deploy my Dark magic at that time with the Hero I wouldn't have a scar on my stomach and back.

Everyone has their own understanding of Magic so as long as you understand the basics you can come up with your own spells and ways to use magic. There are obviously many other types of magic but I don't know how to use them so no point going over them right now. You can acquire skills and magic from clearing Dungeons as well. I will talk about Dungeons when we get to Dungeons, this chapter is already too long.

From Leon's perspective, this is broken as fuck but as Lilith I spent years collecting all these skills and learning all these magic, getting stronger and stronger until I finally became the all-powerful being known as the Devil-Queen.

The Hero class is the pinnacle of all humans chosen by the Goddess but the Devil-Queen class or a more gender broad term the Devil-Monarch class was the pinnacle of all beings. It is believed that the strongest devil unlocks this class but I definitely wasn't the strongest Devil when I got this class so it's a mystery even to me as to how one unlocks this class.

There could only be one Hero or one Devil-Monarch at a time. This is why instead of killing me they sealed me, they didn't want another Devil-Monarch any time soon. Devil-Monarch's are rarely born but their growth speed may be the same as others and their status increases more than it does for anyone else's when leveling up. The Devil-Monarch before me almost destroyed the world out of his madness.

Since I was alive all this time it also means that there hasn't been any Devil-Queen or Devil-Kings for thousands of years now.

I still wonder how they were able to come up with such a sealing method/sword. Even the Goddess had to choose a Hero to deal with me but my own kin...It's been so long since then I can't even ask them.

Even though I'm level 1 right now I can still level up more efficiently than last. Usually one would need to hit level 10 first to acquire a class then it will evolve by itself as they get stronger.

My class is already at its peak evolved form so this alone gives me a massive boost. As I level up my body would also change accordingly and turn back to my previous form. Though I will have the ability to change back and forth.

I don't want to continue on my previous path and take over the world again, I actually don't even remember why I wanted to do so either. The world has surely changed a lot since I was gone and I'm not that same person anymore. I want to explore and travel around the world. Both Leon and Lilith grew up without a family so maybe I can find a girl to love and settle down who knows. same-sex marriage even allowed? I mean I'm more of a dude in the inside so...Uh fuck.

Alright. My Mp is back to full...Let me just take a look outside. I use Earth magic to make a small hole in the [ Earth Wall ] to see through.

Oh, it was night time already...maybe I should stay inside for the night and explore tomorrow...

Yeah, that's better than going out at this time. I can spend the time to increase my Mp amount, I mean that's really the only thing I could do at the moment.

I lean against the smooth clay wall of the cave. I wonder if I could make Marble tiles to coat the cave instead of just clay? It may be possible but I don't have the means to do so at the moment.

I stay still in my leaning position and exert my magical energy until I'm almost completely depleted. Then with the [ Magic Absorption ] my Mp slowly starts to rise again. I used to use this sort of training method when I was young to increase overall Mp, I learned it from some dude calling himself The Great Sage but I didn't really know anything about him.

I kept repeating the same routine over and over until I unknowingly fell asleep.


Mp: 100 -> Mp: 120

I repeated the cycle so many times that I passed out without even noticing. It seems my Mp increased by 20 points. That's actually extremely impressive considering the fact that I haven't even hunted anything. Was there something up with this area? I senses became really dull so I couldn't even tell.

It was morning already. From the looks of it, the sun came out not too long ago.

Alright, it's time to get out and explore. I use Earth Magic to open the entrance and walk out. Of course, as I predicted I was in a dense forest area.

How did I even end up here? Why was the sword just lying inside a cave? Did those bastards just throw me out thinking that it wouldn't even matter anymore?

What the fuck? Ok whatever, this is good as well. I can most likely hunt some monsters to level up here. I can also use this cave as my base for now and there are definitely some animals around for me to eat as well.

Alright, let's get started!! But first, let me cover up the cave...I use Earth Magic and cover the cave entrance and camouflage the surrounding to blend in with the trees. I can use the skill [ Mental Map ] to make sure I don't get lost.

Ok then, [ Presence Detection ]


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