Another World's Devil-Queen
5 Chapter 5: The Cursed Magician
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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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5 Chapter 5: The Cursed Magician


"What the hell? The Magician girl just disappeared!!"

After hunting 2 more rabbits I decided to locate the humans that entered the forest. I had been following them for a few hours now. Where did she go? This group didn't look like they had any high-levels with them. I was planning to take all their belongings for myself when they don't survive.

I mean don't judge me for that but I'm no saint and I certainly value my own life interests more than others.

They were all a bunch of newbies as well but I didn't even know whether or not they were going to survive. The fact that they didn't just happen to benefit me and if they did then good for them.

These idiots even fell asleep in a dangerous place like this and then met their demise. But that Magician girl...did she knows that her party was being attacked but still decided not to do anything?

I can't even sense her, it's like she completely vanished. If she was that skilled then why didn't she do anything to save them?

"Oh? It's not nice to just observe when people are getting killed you know?"


My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my body from the sudden voice.

What the fuck!! The Magician girl!! Where did she come from? All of a sudden I felt a large amount of magic power gathering behind me. It felt very dense, this level of magical power definitely cannot be from a beginner. This person is obviously very skilled. They are skilled enough to hide their power so well that I didn't even suspect anything. I didn't even bother using the [ Devil-Queen's eyes ] on the Adventurers. Just by looking at them I could tell that they were extremely inexperienced.

And the elements I'm feeling...Fire and...Curse? She is able to use Curse element?

As Lilith, I couldn't get the opportunity to study the Curse element but it's a powerful type of magic in its own right. Not everyone can use this magic and the people who can are very few in numbers. This Curse element is used by implementing it with other elements the user possesses, like creating Cursed fire or Cursed water.

The effects can be different based on the user but still, they are all deadly. Curses can be applied to objects or someone's body to alter their physical appearance. When applied to other magic most people can't even sense the use of Curse magic.

I don't have the power to survive a Cursed magician on my own. There's only one thing I can do now and that's to try and convince her not to kill me.

"I mean no harm..."

I slowly raise my arms into the air to show that I didn't have any weapons on me.

"You know? I noticed you have been tailing us for hours now. You could've just told us about the goblins."

"Yes...I have been following you for hours and I didn't do anything to warn you but I still had my reasons for that. However, you also could have saved them but you didn't."

"Well, anyway~ It's not like I'm dead and I didn't really care for them anyway. I was just tagging along."

I felt the dense magical energy disperse into the air. I let out a sigh and slowly turn around. Goddammit, this suit is embarrassing. What the...she seems a lot older now. She was in her teens when she was with those newbies but now she looks to be in her early 30s. Must be because of her Curse Magic. I still had my face covered so she couldn't see my face.

"Thank you."

"What are you thanking me for? I still didn't say you could leave though, right?"

"What...what do you want from me?"

"You's really feels really sinister but I don't think your level is high at all right? Who are you?"

"I'm sorry. I don't know what you mean."

"Ara ~ You should stop feigning ignorance. Not only your aura but also the fact that you are in this forest is suspicious in itself. This forest is extremely dangerous for a low-level like you."

She had a kind of an evil smile as she was speaking. She doesn't seem like she is angry but it kind of feels scary.

"If you are talking about being suspicious then what about you? You just left your party members to die. So why don't you tell me who you are then?"


As soon as I ask about her identity, she glares at me with killing intent. This brat is actually trying to scare me with the threat of death, heh that's funny. I have killed hundreds of millions during my time as the Devil-Queen and even more tried to kill me. This cunt actually thinks she could scare the likes of me. Well, she could kill me right now though. Noticing that I didn't even flinch she calms down and takes a breath.

"Really? Most low-levels would cower in fear but you barely flinched."

"Oh? Is that so?"

"Yeah~ Alright enough of that. I'm Emma, An Adventurer."

"I'm Leon. Cavewoman."


I used my name from the previous world so it should be alright. It's a boy's name but it's still one of my names. Of course, I don't think she is using her real name so I activate [ Devil Queen's Eyes ]

Name: Emma Green ( Emmelia Silvergreen )

Race: Human ( High-Elf )

Gender: Female

Job: Fire Mage ( Cursed Magician )

Level: 20 ( 60 )

Hp: 90 ( 1300 )

Mp: 150 ( 1900 )

Strength: 25 ( 610 )

Agility: 30 ( 690 )

Defence: 30 ( 620 )

Vitality: 45 ( 680 )

Intelligence: 100 ( 990 )

Sense: 35 ( 3000 )


Elven Eyes: Elves has a special ability that lets them see the flow of magical energy and spirits.

Elven Herb Specialist: As an elf, the user has the natural ability to identify any type of herbs.

Archery Skills

Dagger Skills

Physical Enhancement

Magic Control

Magic Recovery

Presence Detection

Presence Concealment

Complete Invisibility: The ability to completely turn one's self invisible but people with higher 'Sense' than the user can detect them easily.

Status Alternation


Fire Magic

Wind Magic

Earth Magic

Curse Magic

Woah!! She could have demolished me at any time. An Elf huh? She is using status alteration to hide her real stats while using Curse magic to change her appearance but with my eyes I could see her true appearance and status.

Instead of the black hair and brown eyes she was disguising herself with she had silver hair and green eyes. She looked to be in her late 20s by human standards. Honestly she looks wildly captivating. I would fall for her if I was a normal person.

Emmelia Silvergreen huh? Her 'sense' is really high compared to her level. [ Presence Concealment ] and [ Complete Invisibility ] that's how she was able to disappear without a trace. Damn, That's cheating!! It would be so easy to hunt with those skills active at the same time.

"Alright, Emma. Do you mind if I take the supplies from that carriage?"

"Oh? I don't mind. There are a few barrels of alcohol in there so just leave one for me."

"Alright. Thanks."

"You don't have to thank me. I'm quite interested in you ~ You are all mysterious and stuff! I wanna see your face! And that suit makes your body looks so erotic!!"

Fuck!! I don't say anything and move towards the carriage. The goblins just left the two male bodies right there and took the females. They don't understand the true value of the things in the carriage. I took everything from the carriage. There were six barrels of oil, 3 barrels of Alcohol, some clothing, blankets and some light armors.

It's a shame they weren't cooking oil. From all the clothing and armors the only things that could be useful to me was a dark red mantle, a pair of leather boots and some light armors. Everything else couldn't even fit me. I place everything except for a barrel of the alcohol in my inventory.

'Emma' was surprised to see me use Spatial magic. Did this magic die out or something? During my time as the Devil-Queen, even if it wasn't a common occurrence a lot of people were able to use it though.

After finishing up with the carriage, I went over to the head smashed corpses to search their body. The goblins took the weapons but their money should still be left. I searched for the young boy's body and I found a small bag making some metallic noise. It seems that he didn't have much on him so I moved on to the next one. This one didn't disappoint me at all as the bag was kinda heavy. I don't know about the currency of this time but money is still money. After I got all the money, I put all of it in my storage.

"You are a bit greedy. Aren't you?"

"Hmm...I don't have a lot of things to support myself with at the moment so of course, I would be a little greedy when taking from others."

"I guess you are right but...why would a cave woman need money?"


I don't say anything to reply. Well, now that they have helped me out so much the least I can do for them is bury their bodies. It didn't look like the elf was going to anyway.

I move their bodies parallel to each other than use Earth Magic to bury them 6 feet under. Alright, this should be alright. I am gonna head back to my cave, I'm really hungry right now.

"That was really nice of you. You are going to leave now right?"


"I see. Well, see you then."

She lifts up the barrel of Alcohol with her arms then just disappeared again. That girl is dangerous. It's wise to just not get in contact with people like that. I open up my map then start making my way towards my cave.


Damn, I didn't realize I was that far. It took a while for me to get back but I was finally here. I gathered some firewood on my way back to help me cook the rabbits.

I open up the entrance to the cave and sit down. Using Earth magic I make a makeshift stove, a clay pan, a spoon, a plate, and a clay mug then wash them thoroughly with Water and Lifestyle magic.

I set the stove with the firewoods and the pan then took out a barrel of alcohol and 2 of the rabbits. Things stored in storage were in a state of suspended animation so they would be okay no matter how long they were in there for.

The first thing was to skin the rabbits. I did it before say a few thousand years ago I could do it I again, probably. I take out a small knife I had from my Storage then slowly start skinning the rabbit, making sure not to mess up. It took way more time than I expected it to but I was able to somehow finish.

Then I removed the feet and took out the guts. Doing this felt a lot easier than skinning it. After that, I cut the meat into several pieces then cleaned them with Water magic.

(A/N: Just wanna say it's not like I ever did or know anything like this so I only searched up some things so I could write a bit about the process. So for all you rabbit hunters out there don't take it seriously.)

I lit the firewoods under the stove with Fire Magic then poured some alcohol out from the barrel into the mug. I was going to try and fry the meat with alcohol since I didn't have anything else with me. With my [ Abnormal Status Nullification ] I didn't have to worry about getting drunk.

I poured a little bit of Alcohol into the pan and waited for it to heat up a bit. Then after a while, I placed some of the meat onto the pan and let them heat up so the fat from the meat could separate. I made sure not to burn them and after a while, the fat gathered under the meat. After that, I poured in some more alcohol and let it fry slowly while making sure it was done well. When it was all done I used the spoon to place them on the plate.

(A/N: Again don't know how to cook, just wanted to write it.)

I repeated the process for the rest of the meat until I was done with frying all of them. After I finished I cleaned up everything and put the clay material in my storage. I put out the fire as well and used Wind magic to disperse the smoke and smell.

It's been a while since I have eaten anything so it didn't matter what the food tasted like as long as I could get something in my stomach. I finally settled down and took the first bite from a piece. It tasted awful, bland. But it didn't matter, my hunger was outweighed my sense of taste at that time.

After I was done eating I washed everything and put them in my storage. I couldn't eat all of the meat so I also put the leftovers in my storage for later consumption.

I entered the cave then sealed the entrance again. I took off the full body suit and once again used Lifestyle magic to clean the cave and myself. I wouldn't be able to sleep well if I didn't at least clean myself after this long day. As Lilith, I always preferred sleeping without any clothes on and that seemed to have stuck.

Then I took out 4 the blankets from my storage and cleaned them as well before laying two down on the floor. I used one as a pillow and the other one for myself.

It was my first day out after a few thousand years and it was kinda hectic. I hope that girl doesn't cause any trouble for me in the future.
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    《Another World's Devil-Queen》