Another World's Devil-Queen
6 Chapter 6: Goblin Hun
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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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6 Chapter 6: Goblin Hun


The time right now is almost at midnight.

It's been a few days since I encountered the Magician girl and those Adventurers. I have been monitoring that goblin hideout to figure out their routines and how they behave.

I noticed that around midnight almost all the goblins go back into the cave with two of them standing guard at the entrance. I haven't seen any Hobgoblin leader come outside the cave but I am 100 percent sure that it's inside the cave.

I was planning on killing all the goblins in that cave to get a quick level boost. I remained at level 1 and continued to observe the goblins just for this reason. When my level at least gets to 15, I'm gonna try and get out of this forest. It's not pleasant living here at all.

I was wearing the dark red mantle, a steel chest plate, a pair of steel arm guards and the leather boots from the Merchant's supplies. If I could get the Magic Crystals from goblins I would be able to apply some low-level Enchantments on these pieces of equipment.

Various groups of goblins started coming out of the forest and entered the cave. Soon there were only two goblin guards left at the entrance.

Name: Goblin Guard

Level: 6

Hp: 58 Mp: 0 Strength: 55 Agility: 48 Defense: 19 Vitality: 30 Intelligence: 4 Sense: 9

Skills: Swing, Throw Magic: None

Name: Goblin Guard

Level: 5

Hp: 47 Mp: 0 Strength: 46 Agility: 35. Defense: 15 Vitality: 20 Intelligence: 4 Sense: 8

Skills: Swing, Stab Magic: None

Their physical stats are much higher than mine but with my advanced skills, magic, and this abnormally sharp sword they shouldn't be a problem.

I have been increasing my Mp stat as well so now it went from Mp 120 to Mp 200. I am able to launch a few continuous attack spells at once now.

I take out my sword and held it in one hand while placing my other hand on the ground. Right now I was close enough to the goblins to affect them with my magic.

[ Frost Domain ] I cast my spell and it immediately freezes the ground along with the goblins' feet holding them in their place. This magic's full potential could freeze an entire continent at once but right now it only enough holds goblins in place.

I grip my sword tightly and I use [ Flash-Step ]. In the blink of an eye, my body accelerates to its maximum speed as I slash towards the goblins. By the time I stop one of their head rolls on the ground while the other had a gaping wound on its chest.

[ Level Up! ]

"Ahhh" It started rolling around on the ground and started screaming from the pain. I barely missed the second one and now it's scream will alert the other ones. "Shit!"

I instantly use [ Earth Wall ] and block the entrance. I continuously use the same spell to create more walls from the inside.

*sigh* Now they won't be able to get out.

I walk over to the goblin that was still alive and slice it's head off.

[ Level Up! ]

[ Level Up! ]

I heard a womanly voice ring in my head. That was the voice of the World. Every living being could hear this voice as they leveled up or gained a new skill. I leveled up three times from killing those two goblins. That's kind of it because of the sword's ability? That's fucking awesome!!

[ Status Open ]

Name: Lilith Greer Aldain

Race: Ancient Devil

Gender: Female

Class: Devil-Queen

Level: 1 -> 4

Hp: 10 -> 40

Mp: 200 -> 280

Strength: 10 -> 45

Agility: 10 -> 40

Defense: 10 -> 40

Vitality: 10 -> 40

Intelligence: 10 -> 35

Sense: 10 -> 35

Woah! It increased more than I predicted. This sword is truly broken. With the status boost from my class and this sword leveling up may be more fun and faster than I predicted.

It's a pity that I'm not gonna be able to kill all the other goblins with this sword. Fighting all those goblins one on one is suicide so I thought of another way.

I got six barrels of oil from that merchant but I didn't have any use for it before so I figured out something I could do. I figured that with the help of this oil and magic I could burn all these goblins to ashes.

I take out a small dagger and cut out the Magic Crystals from the goblins. They were green in color and small in size just like the goblins. I wash the blood from the crystals then put them in my storage.

I take out 4 barrels of oil from my storage then open up a little hole at the bottom of the [ Earth Wall ]s using magic.

I will use Water magic to guide and carry the oil since oil and water don't mix. Then use Earth magic to suck out the water from the oil. I will also use Earth Magic to make sure the oil reaches as far as it could.

Alright, time to get started. I open up a barrel then start pouring the oil through the small hole while using Earth and Water magic to guide it through.

I didn't know how deep the cave went but I wanted to cover as much area as possible with these four barrels. I slowly went through all four of the barrels as I guided the oil deeper and deeper into the cave. I didn't know how the goblins reacted to the oil but it didn't really matter.

Next was to use Fire magic to burn oil while using Wind magic to spread the fire into the deepest parts of the cave. I am planning on burning everything in that cave into cinders goblins or humans alike.

I shoot a [ Flame Arrow ] into the cave entrance which immediately lights up the oil inside. In seconds I could hear goblins screaming from the inside.

I take down the [ Earth Wall ] then use the spell [ Flame Tornado ] to generate a few small flame tornado inside the cave. This magic is the result of combining both Gire and Wind magic together. As long as I provide these tornadoes with magic, they will continue to absorb the fire from the oil and intensify the flames.

I continue supplying the tornadoes with Fire and Wind magic as the screams from the goblins echoes out from the cave. Some goblin starts running towards the entrance but the fire prevents them from running outside.

Along with the screams from the goblins, there was another noise ringing in my head.

[ Level Up! ] [ Level Up! ] [ Level Up! ]

[ Level Up! ]...

There are at least 50 goblins inside this cave so killing all these shits is definitely giving me the experience I need. I continued supplying the tornadoes with magic until my Mp was nearly drained. I used the last but of my, Mp to seal up the entrance again. I'm sure there are a few still alive inside along with the Hobgoblin leader so I will have to deal with them when I go inside the cave.

Level 4 -> Level 12

As the leveling up stops my body starts glowing red.

"Aaaghhh" My whole body starts experiencing agonizing pain but I could also feel my body getting stronger, muscles getting firmer and sturdier.

As you level up your body also changes to fit your level's status. Obviously, you aren't going to turn into bodybuilders when you hit a high level but your body will definitely be sturdier.

With my [ Devil-Queen's Body ] I am naturally resistant to most blunt or magic attacks from opponents of the same or a few levels higher but with enough force, I could get seriously injured or even die so leveling up increases my body's natural resistance.

Within a few minutes, the pain subsided and my body no longer glowed red. My Mp right now was very low even though I leveled up so much but it's already recovering with [ Mp Absorption ].

My status went up quite a lot as well.

Level: 4 -> 12

Hp: 40 -> 180

Mp: 9/280 -> 9/390

Strength: 45 -> 135

Agility: 40 -> 145

Defense: 40 -> 140

Vitality: 40 -> 150

Intelligence: 35 -> 125

Sense: 35 -> 140

When leveling up my class causes my stats to increase way more than it would for normal people so my stats are significantly better than the average people at my level.

Status for people with physical type classes obviously increases their strength or agility more than their Mp or Intelligence and vice versa for Magicians.

But in my case, it's an overall increase where none of my stats outdoes the others and increases about the same amount when leveling up. My Mp is way higher than all my other stats because of the circumstances with the seal and I have been increasing my Mp separately as well. Normally that wouldn't be the case.


It's almost time for sunrise. I started around midnight.

When I was Leon I would have to pull all-nighters from time to time because of work but that's basically nothing compared to Lilith fighting for multiple days without rest. Having lost all my powers I lost all my endurance.

My Mp didn't take long to recover with the help of my skill. As I level up my skills also improve so the recovery time was, of course, faster than before.

Now it's time. I will go into the cave and exterminate the rest of the goblins and collect the Magic Crystals from the goblins. I'm sure this would take a long time to finish but it's not like I have any other options.

As soon as I open up the entrance to the cave a burst of smoke flies out. Fuck too much!!


It's possible that the goblins died from the smoke and I didn't get any experience from that. Hope not though.

From the outside, the cave looked very dark but with my [ Devil-Queen's eyes ] and [ Presence Detection ] it's really no problem for me. With the small dagger in my hand, I walk into the cave.

The whole cave smelled disgusting. I had covered my mouth with the slime mask but the smell was still really strong. Not even within 5 steps, I was piles of goblin corpses on the ground. It seems that all the goblins started dying around this area as the pile of corpses only continued on from there.

I start with the closest one and cut out it's Magic Crystal.

1...this was only the first one. I had dozens more to go. I continued cutting out the Magic Crystals while going deeper and deeper into the cave. The cave had several smaller sections that one could get lost in easily but with my [ Mental Map ] I didn't have to worry about that.

I continued exploring the cave while collecting all the Magic Crystals from the goblin corpses laying all around.

39...40. It was my fortieth Magic Crystals and I couldn't see any more goblin corpses. It's way less than the number of goblins I predicted there to be. I still haven't explored all the parts of the cave so the rest are probably hiding somewhere with the Hobgoblin.

These monsters are really troublesome but still fun to kill. Who wouldn't kill monsters for the sake of a good fight? As Lilith, I enjoyed hunting monsters and leveling up. The rush of a battle, fighting with your life in the line, living every day on the edge, these are things I experienced a long time ago but had forgotten in time. Being back to level 1 reminded me of my younger days. I must say I am enjoying working like this even now.

The Leon part of me would've been a bit hesitant but deep down he would have also enjoyed this to some extent. As I going deeper and deeper into the cave I saw something really gruesome.

Two corpses strapped to a wooden board covering an entrance but they weren't goblin corpses...They were humans. These girls are probably the ones these goblins kidnapped from that Adventurers' group. They were severely burned, probably from the Fire magic I used. I'm guessing the goblins used them as a shield to prevent the fire from going inside that entrance.

I removed the wooden board with the corpses from the entrance and proceeded to walk inside. I immediately detected several presences all over. Most were goblins but...there are more than just one Hobgoblin.

This is unexpected. I didn't think there would be more than one Hobgoblin. They typically didn't like to be with other Hobgoblins so each chose to lead their own goblins. I guess even monster change in a few thousand years huh?

There were 4 Hobgoblins and 13 more goblins all around the cave. All of them looked ready to fight. This space was like a giant room so I could swing my sword freely here. This means I will be able to get the bonus stats and experience from the sword. Also now that I've leveled up, I will able to use a few Swordsmanship skills.

Name: Hobgoblin Leader

Level: 7

Hp: 120 Mp: 40 Strength: 130 Agility: 105 Defense: 115 Vitality: 119 Intelligence: 25 Sense: 122

Skills: Goblin leadership, Heavy-Swordskills Magic: None

Name: Hobgoblin Mage

Level: 6

Hp: 110 Mp: 80 Strength: 55 Agility: 48 Defense: 70 Vitality: 90 Intelligence: 30 Sense: 125

Skills: Magic Sense Magic: Fire

Name: Hobgoblin Swordsman

Level: 6

Hp: 118 Mp: 32 Strength: 121 Agility: 105 Defense: 108 Vitality: 111 Intelligence: 24 Sense: 102

Skills: Swordskills Magic: None

Name: Hobgoblin Swordsman

Level: 6

Hp: 115 Mp: 39 Strength: 124 Agility: 95 Defense: 109 Vitality: 117 Intelligence: 23 Sense: 102

Skills: Swordskills Magic: None

"Attack!!" The Hobgoblin leader commands the goblins to attack while the Hobgoblin mage starts chanting a spell

I take my stance with my sword and activate [ Physical Enhancement ]. My body glows green from the effects as the skill activates.

A goblin came swinging his shortsword from the front while two others came to attack from behind. The rest of the goblins stayed right behind them as if waiting to see the result.

I swing my sword at the goblin in front of who was still running towards me,

[ Slash! ]

The shockwave from the sword cleanly cuts through the goblin's head. I jump up with a flip while shooting a [ Flame Arrow ] at the Hobgoblin chanting the spell. The arrow pierces his shoulder causing him to stop chanting.


"All attack now!!"

I land on the ground and cut the two goblins that were attacking from behind. The rest of the goblins don't hold back seeing their own getting killed so easily and attacks all at once.

I let all of the surround me then swing my sword in a circle using [ Tornado Slash ] creating a circular shockwave to cut all their bodies in half.

[ Level Up! ]

All the Hobgoblins gets shocked by their underlings getting killed so easily.

The Hobgoblin Leader pulls out a giant sword then jumps and swings at me. Without holding back I collide with the massive sword head on.

I expected some force to push me back but it felt as though I had cut through butter as my sword cleanly goes through the broad and directly slices through the Hobgoblin's neck. With this sword I could ignore anyone's defense status, it's even cutting through metal like nothing.

[ Level up!! ]

I leveled up once but I didn't have any time to focus on that as two of the three remaining Hobgoblins run towards me at full-speed with their swords.

[ Frost Domain ] I cast this Ice spell again to freeze my enemies in place then use [ Slash! ] to cut off heads.

[ Level Up!! ]

[ Level Up!! ]

I leveled up twice from killing these 2 that means I was at the brink of leveling up from killing the last one.

Now that Hobgoblin mage was the only one left. He was cowering in fear at the sight of his comrades falling by my hand. If I was Leon I would have felt some pity for this thing but with my current mindset, it's utterly disgusting.

I use [ Slash! ] once again cutting the Hobgoblin in two. With this, it was done. The goblin hunt was complete.

Level 12 - > Level 15


*All Sword or Weapon related skill mostly uses physical techniques but some amount of Mp is always consumed when executing the attack.
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    《Another World's Devil-Queen》