Another World's Devil-Queen
7 Chapter 7: Enchantments
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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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7 Chapter 7: Enchantments


It was around noon by the time I got out. I spent more than 12 hours of hunting.

After collecting all the Magic Crystals from goblins and Hobgoblins, I took the corpses of the two human girls with me. I buried them in the same place as I did for the boy and the merchant. After everything's said and done I am extremely happy from the outcome but there's still something bothering me. Ever since I leveled up and my 'Sense' status increased I could vaguely feel someone watching me. I could only get a dubious feeling but I know someone's there.

"Who's there!? Show yourself!!" I suddenly yelled at the tree behind me very loudly. I wait for a while but get no reply. I stood at the same place without moving until a female voice calls out to me,

"Ara~ I didn't think you'd notice but you didn't even move after you did."

It was 'Emma' the elf, huh? Why is she stalking me? Well it's a good thing she showed up but it's troublesome for someone to be tailing me.

"So it was you huh? Why are you following me?"

"So cold~ I'm just a bit interested, you know?"

"A 'bit' interested? How long have you been following me for?"

"Since we last met ~ But you couldn't sense me at all back then. How did you suddenly know? For normal people to know that I'm following them their status has to be at least a few levels higher than mine but I didn't expect you to notice at all."

What the fuck? From when we last met? Why is she this persistent? I don't like this kind of people.

"I didn't. It was a gut feeling."

"Hoh! So it was on a whim? I can't believe you got me to reveal myself just on a whim. I feel like a rookie now ~"

Her personality is a bit puzzling. When those Adventurers died she didn't even spare them a glance because she didn't care about them but when she encountered someone she found "interesting" she went out of her way to stalk that person. I don't know what would happen if I keep getting involved with her but I need her help at the moment.

"Emma, I need your help with something."

"Oh? What do you need help with?"

She seems really eager for some reason. Why? Stop being like that!! It's weird as fuck!

"Do you know where the nearest town is?"

"You want to go to the nearest town? If you want I could show you the way." She offers very politely. It's very suspicious that she is even willing to help at all so I have to be wary of her.

"That would be very helpful but are you sure?"

"Yeah! I was getting tired of staying in this forest anyway and I ran out of supplies as well. So how about tomorrow morning? we could probably make it before the afternoon."

"Sure. Tomorrow sounds good."

It's still weird but I'm glad she decided to help otherwise I would have just wandered around until I found a random town. Finally, I will be able to get some good food and a comfortable place to live in. Ahh...a comfortable bed...

"Alright. We can meet here tomorrow."

"Why? I already know you live in that cave. I will just stay with you!"

Fuck! I tried to leave but didn't expect her to say that she'd stay. I wanted to Enchant my armors today with the Magic Crystals I got. If I refuse she will probably get mad and refuse to lead me to the town. Dammit! I have no choice but to agree. This troublesome idiot...

"You don't want me to? I mean I have already seen your face when you were eating outside that cave so you don't have to worry about hiding it. By the way, you look really beautiful, like a cold beauty~"

This fucking Elf! I swear to God!! She still didn't tell me that she is an elf so I will continue to pretend that I don't know.

"Fine! fine! You can stay!"*sigh*


Before I get back to the cave I hunted two rabbits for dinner. There are lots of rabbits in this forest. I did the same routine and cooked both of the rabbits. Emma was staring at me eating so I offered her some.

"Do you want some?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I don't mind but I have to warn you it doesn't really taste good."

"That's alright! Everything's tasty when you are hungry!!" She says making a fist.

I handed a plate with half the rabbit meat. She didn't hesitate for even a moment before gulping down all of it at once. I stared at her with a wide mouth. Just how exactly does one eat so fast?

"Yummy ~ It's really good you know?"

"Well if you think so."

I finished up my portion and cleaned up everything with magic. Emma was just sitting and reading a book. I have really no knowledge about the current world right now.

"Emma, can you tell me a bit about the town we are going to?"

"Oh, the town? It's called Transmere. It's a pretty average town but it's a bit famous for this forest here."

"Huh? What's so special about this forest?"

"This forest is called the Demon's Nest, because of the high-level monsters you could find deeper into the forest."


"So far you've probably only seen goblins but there are very high-level monsters as you go deeper into the forest. It's believed that all those monsters are strengthened by a Devil-Queen who's sealed in the middle of this forest."

"Huh? Devil-Queen!?"

For real? So they do know about me? Or just some rumors?

"Yes. The Devil-Queen was supposedly the most powerful being to ever exist besides the Hero who defeated her and sealed her. It's known that she was evil and merciless. She almost conquered the whole world at that time."

No!! This is wrong!! I wasn't defeated, I was betrayed by my own subordinates! What kind of fuckery is this?! I was way stronger than that fucking Hero! My heart was racing and my face became distorted. Fuck! I can't calm down!

"Leon? Are you okay? You don't look so good."

"I'm...I'm alright. So how did the seal end up here?"

"It's only a myth you know? We don't even know if it's truly here. No one was able to confirm it because of the high-level monsters found deeper into the forest."

So it was like that. I'm still curious how even got here. The fight took place in the Devil Continent and I don't think those bastards would just give my seal away and the high-level monsters? where did they come from? It's really puzzling.

"I see. What about the country we are in?"

"Seriously? Why are you asking that? How do you not know the country you are in? I can understand the town but to not know the country you are in?"

"Um...I actually don't know how I got here or where exactly I came from. The only things I remember are my name and my abilities."

"Oh? You're just getting more and more intriguing. Alright, we are in the Kingdom of Vestaurus, ruled by Queen Victoria Zellis Vestaurus. Have you heard of it?"

"No. I haven't heard about it before."

"I see. Well, that's okay ~ If you need to know about anything just tell me. Oh wait, you probably don't even have any identification card from this country. You will need one when entering the city but don't worry I will make up an excuse for you."

"Thank you for your help." She is being super helpful, I don't even know what to think of it.

"You're Welcome. You would probably just need to pay the entrance fee."

"Oh, how much is the entrance fee?"

"It varies from town to town but it should be around 4 or 5 silvers. The money you got from the Adventurers should cover it."

"Oh, that reminds me. Could you tell me about the currency as well?"

"The currency? Well, it's pretty simple. There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum coins. 100 bronze is 1 silver, 100 silver is 1 gold and 1000 gold is 1 platinum. This currency is applied in all the other human countries as well. Usually, with one platinum coin, it's enough to support a small common family for a few years so you could probably be able to guess the value of the other coins."

"I see. Thank you again."

"Alright, I'm going to sleep now. Open up your cave."

She wants to sleep in my cave? No, is what I want to say but I know I can't right now. I also have something else to ask her first.

"One more thing Emma. You don't have to answer this...but why did you travel with those Adventurers?"

"Hmm...Well, there were two reasons. One was to fake my death for personal reasons and the other was because they were cursed."

"Cursed? Did you curse them? I sensed Curse magic from you last time."

"Oh? So you can sense Curse magic? That's cool! But I wasn't the one that cursed them. I could only sense the curse because I am a Curse Magician."

"I see...A Curse Magician. So who cursed them?"

"Ah...Please keep that to yourself but I don't know who cursed them. I noticed that they were cursed with [ Death Curse: Luck Deprivation ]. It's a curse that affects the victim's luck and leads them to a gruesome death, a horrible curse but only high-level Curse Magician can cast it. There was no way for them or me to dispel it, only high-level Magicians could so I figured I could travel with them for my own goal and fake my death."

"Oh, that's pretty smart."

"I know right?! Now open your cave."

"*tsk* Fine."

I open up the cave entrance for her. She took one of the blankets I placed there and fell asleep. How is she so carefree? She isn't threatened by me at all. Wait, never mind I'm only level 15 anyway. I guess I was a bit wrong about her. Since she knew they were gonna die anyway she just used them to her benefit. Kinda like me to be honest.

Now that she's asleep, I can enchant my armors now. I took off the Dark red mantle, the chest plate, the arm guards and the leather boots then took out all the Magic Crystals from my storage.

There were 53 goblin Crystals and 4 Hobgoblin Crystals. The Hobgoblin ones were a bit bigger in size and slightly different color. I can divide them among all my equipment with each getting one Hobgoblin Crystal and 13 goblin Crystals. Even if I use this many Crystals the effect will still rely on the quality of the items and Crystals.

First was the Dark Red Mantle. I infused it with a layer of magic then placed the Magic Crystals on it. I activated my skill [ Accessory Enchantments ] and a blue magic circle appeared on it then the Crystals melted into the Mantle without a trace. I repeated the process on the other pieces of equipment. after all the enchantments were complete I used [Devil-Queen's Eyes] to check their status.

Name: Enchanted Mantle

Creator: Unknown

Material: Red Demon Silk

Ability: None

Enchantments: Defence [ 3% increase ], Sense [ 5% increase ]

Name: Enchanted Chest plate

Creator: Unknown

Material: Iron ore

Ability: None

Enchantments: Defence [ 8 % increase ]

Name: Enchanted Arm Guards

Creator: Unknown

Material: Red Demon Silk

Ability: None

Enchantments: Defence [ 3% increase ], Strength [ 5% increase ]

Name: Enchanted Boots

Creator: Unknown

Material: Minotaur Leather

Ability: None

Enchantments: Agility [ 7% increase ]

Name: Enchanted Mantle

Creator: Unknown

Material: Red Demon Silk

Ability: None

Enchantments: Defence [ 3% increase ], Sense [ 5% increase ]

Name: Enchanted Chest plate

Creator: Unknown

Material: Iron ore

Ability: None

Enchantments: Hp [ 3% increase ], Defence [ 5 % increase ]

Name: Enchanted Arm Guards

Creator: Unknown

Material: Iron ore

Ability: None

Enchantments: Defence [ 3% increase ], Strength [ 5% increase ]

Name: Enchanted Boots

Creator: Unknown

Material: Minotaur Leather

Ability: None

Enchantments: Agility [ 7% increase ]

(Status Without Enchantments)

Name: Lilith Greer Aldain

Race: Ancient Devil

Gender: Female

Class: Devil-Queen

Level: 15

Hp: 200

Mp: 510

Strength: 190

Agility: 198

Defense: 195

Vitality: 190

Intelligence: 199

Sense: 197


Devil Queen's Authority

Devil Queen's Eyes

Devil Queen's Body

Nature's Beloved

Weapon Mastery

Martial Arts Mastery

Potion Brewer

Accessory Enchantments

Physical Enhancement


Presence Detection

Presence Concealment

Magic Control

Magic Dispel

Magic Absorption

Abnormal Status Nullification


Mental Map

Language Comprehension

Status Alternation/Concealment


Flame magic

Water/Ice magic

Wind magic

Earth magic

Lightning magic

Spatial magic

Dark magic

Illusion magic

Lifestyle magic


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