Another World's Devil-Queen
9 Chapter 8: Adventurers“ Guild
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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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9 Chapter 8: Adventurers“ Guild


Emma and I woke up early to get out of the forest. I was honestly kind of excited to go to a town. Part of me wanted to see how civilization turned out after a few millennia and there was a part of me that just wanted to see a city in another world.

I packed up the blankets and everything else I had left inside the cave then placed them inside my storage. It's kind of sad that getting out of this forest would be the best thing to happen to me in a few thousand years.

"You ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go."

We started walking out of the forest early in the morning. It was a decently long walk but not that tiring. On our way, Emma kept on talking about food. She mentioned some of her favorite foods were from the capital and she would be going there after she was done with her business. I still didn't know what her business was about but it's not my place to care. Her constant talk about food made me really hungry as I didn't even have anything to eat for breakfast.

It was noon by the time we arrived at the front gate. It looked somewhat decorated but nothing over the top. There were two guards standing in front of the gate. As we approached the gate the guards noticed us. I noticed upon getting closer that one of the guards was a girl. She walked towards us saying,

"Welcome to Transmere. Please show me your ID and pay 5 silvers for entering."

"Hello, my name is Emma. Here are my ID and the fee. My friend here is Leon. She lost her ID during our travel but she can still pay the fee." Emma comes forward to greet the guards and explain the situation while I stayed behind her. Though I need to change my name to something else. 'Leon' is a bit weird considering my current situation.

"That's okay. You can get a new one made at the Adventurers' Guild. I recommend heading their first." The guard was polite and gave us permission to enter freely.

"Thank you for understanding." I give her the money and she smiles opening the gate. I had my face covered so I nod before entering.

Hm. Lively town honestly. People of various races were walking about in the streets. That's odd...back then humans and the other demi-human races were always separated. All humans, Demi-humans, and Devils lived in separate continents. Humans and Demi-humans banded together to take on my Devil army but they had always hated each other. Did they dissolve their differences? Well, whatever the case I suppose it is kinda nice seeing Humans and Demi-humans living together. As expected, I don't see any Devils. I'm sure a devil like me wouldn't really fit in anywhere if they knew the real me.

Hmm...there's a nice smell in the air. It's the smell of food from the restaurants around.

"Feeling kinda hungry right now."

Emma notices my offhanded remark and suggests,

"Why don't we go to the Adventurers' Guild to register you first? Then we could find a good Inn that serves good food."

"Sounds good."

Saying so we made our way to the Adventurers' Guild. It's a church-like building that looks very old. They should repaint or something. The entrance was like that of swinging tavern-like doors.

I could hear loud cheering and laughing coming from inside. They honestly just sound like a bunch of thugs.

Emma pushes her way in through the doors and I walk in behind. Everyone immediately turned their heads to look at us, they were mostly men but I could see a lot of women around as well. They were different kinds of people all around us, a lot of the men were staring it, Emma. Unlike me who was wearing a mantle to cover my body, Emma was wearing a Magician's robe which still exposed her upper chest area. Emma ignored everything around her and went straight to the counter.

"Hello. Welcome to the guild. How may I help you?"

Behind the counter, there was a beautiful lady sitting down. She had silver hair, blue eyes and a mature charm to her face. She wore a suit like clothing making her look like an office lady. Her tone was very professional, she is definitely used to dealing with all types of people on a daily basis.

"Hey, my friend here wants to register so can you please help?" Emma says pointing at me.

"Sure, is this your first time registering?" The receptionist lady turns to me and asks.

"Yes, it's my first time." That kinda sounds wrong.

"Alright, that's no problem. All you need to do is fill up this form and we will do a quick criminal check to make sure you are eligible." The lady smiles hands me a clipboard with a pen and paper attached to it.

"Yes, thank you."

The pen seems to be some kind of magical tool, there was a small Magical Crystal at the bottom. Never seen anything like this before.

The form asked for basic information like name, age, race, gender, class and etc. It didn't seem like I needed to fill up everything, there was a star next to ones I must. It was full name, age, gender and class.

First, the name. I don't wanna use Leon since it sounds too much like a boy so I will go with Lilith. It doesn't look like anyone knows me anymore at this time anyway for my last name I will just use Adele, it sounds like an abbreviation of Aldain. So it's Lilith Adele.

For the age...25, let's move on.

For my class the best option would be Magic Swordsman, it would explain both my physical and magical attributes.

I filled up the rest of the minor details and handed the clipboard back the receptionist lady. She looked over it quickly before going to the back to get something. She came back after a few minutes with some kind of orb, looks like another magical device I have never seen.

"Please place your hand on this. It will scan you for any criminal activity in the past year."

Past year right...I placed my hand on the orb and a few seconds later it lighted up green.

"Looks like there's no problem. Please wait for a little bit while I get your ID card ready." She took the orb and went to the back again.

It's fortunate that the orb only scanned the past year and didn't look into my whole life. This place is like a half tavern/restaurant. Everyone is either eating or drinking something. A lot of the people are still staring at us, I hope these idiots don't cause any trouble later.

"I'm sorry for making you wait." The receptionist comes back and takes her seat.

"It's no problem."

"Alright, before I give you the card I need to go over a few rules with you. First, you have to fulfill a request every 30 days for your guild ID to remain valid. You would also have to re-issue your card every year."

"Excuse me, what if you are trapped somewhere or in a place where it's impossible to get back within a month?"

"If you have your own circumstances and have proof then it's okay, we will look into it."

I nod at her answer and she continues her explanation.

"Then second, you can only accept a request that's equivalent to your rank. The ranks go up from F to S for both the requests and Adventurers. You can increase your rank by doing a certain number of the same request and when you are first starting you can do both rank E and rank F quests. To rank up from D to C there is a practical rank-up exam. Ranking up to S and A is based on recommendations or merits. The Guildhall is open from sunrise to midnight so be sure to hand in your quests before then or wait for the next day. Oh, and the quest board is right over there."

She points towards a huge wooden board at the side of the guild hall.

"Finally, don't cause any trouble within the Guildhall, if you have any issues with anyone please take care of it outside or apply for an official duel." Her tone got a bit serious as she was saying so. I only nodded and said,

"Thank you for your help."

"No problem, I'm only doing my job. With all that out of the way, this is your Guild card. It's been updated with your information and for security measures, only you and anyone you directly hand it to can see it's contents. Any questions?"

"No, I understand."

"Good, here's your card. Please make sure not to lose it. It will cost 10 silvers to reissue for another card."

"Yes, thank you." I receive the card from and look at it. It was a silver card with my name, age, class and some kind of number on it.

"Excuse me, what is this number for?"

"That is your I.D. number. Hundreds of Adventurers registers everywhere on a daily basis so we have to keep track of them so that's what the number is for."

"Ah. I see thank you." My I.D. number was F-6172019.

"Don't mention it. My name is Mary. If you have any other questions or need anything please feel free to ask."

"Excuse me, do you know any good Inns? It's our first time in this town." Emma quickly butts in after the registration was done with.

"Uh yes. There is an inn called Lion's Den. It's a straight then right from the Guildhall. There is a big sign outside so you would notice it right away. Just say the receptionist Mary sent you and they will give you a discount."

"Thank you very much again. It's really helpful."

"As I said, it's really nothing. By the way, are you going to be accepting any requests today?"

"No, I will hold off for today. I will come again tomorrow. What about you Emma?"

She nodded her head towards Mary saying no.

"Oh, I see. Then I will look forward to it tomorrow."

"Alright then, see you tomorrow."

Mary had a smile on her face throughout our entire exchange. I guess that's what a pro is huh? She was really nice though so no complaints from me. After finishing our business we headed straight for the inn.


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