Another World's Devil-Queen
11 Chapter 10: The Holy Maiden Remiel
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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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11 Chapter 10: The Holy Maiden Remiel


Right now it's around midnight. After lunch, I went out with Emma to purchase some normal clothing.

Emma showed me what to buy such as normal female Adventurers' clothing like blouses and pants. She showed me what underwear to get as well. Surprisingly enough the underwear here is almost exactly like the ones from Earth. They have bras, panties and even lingerie. There was also a special type of underwear for Adventurers, which were basically sport's underwear. I'm guessing the Hero had something to do with these types of clothing being popular here.

Other than that I also bought some casual wears for when I'm not on a quest or just relaxing somewhere. I had Emma pick them out for me as I have no clue regarding these types of things. Something that was fascinating to me was that all the clothes were enchanted with some kind of size-adjustment magic which made it so everyone of all sizes could wear any clothing they wanted.

After spending several hours shopping for clothes, we visited a weapon's shop where I was surprised once again. There were Dwarves running the shop. During my time the dwarves had their own country in the Demi-human continent and they never left their country. Even though they didn't have much talent in Magic, they were much more technologically advanced then all the other races and this alone made them one of the strongest world power besides the Humans and Devils. During the war, they signed a peace treaty with both the Humans and Devils, agreeing to sell weapons to both parties as long as we paid enough.

I don't know what the situation is like right now but I wouldn't be too surprised if the Humans attacked them after my defeat. There were 2 dwarves in the shop, one of them was named Harry, and the other was his son, Oscar. They both seemed like nice people but it's too bad I can't say the same thing about the prices in their shop. Even a standard sword was super expensive. These dwarves have no empathy at all when it comes to their craftsmanship.

I only bought a cheap sword since I didn't want to attract attention swinging the Devil-sealing sword everywhere. That sword looks like an art piece more than a weapon. I didn't buy any armor either since I already had the armor from before. For now, the cheap sword and armor will suffice. I will upgrade to better equipment when I have more money. 

It was night time by the time we finished shopping. Emma and I came back to the inn and had dinner. I have to say the food here is really delicious even though I haven't tried food from other places yet. After the long day we've had today we agreed to go to our rooms and have a long rest.

The room I am staying in looks very clean. There was one single person bed with a table and a chair in the corner. Other than that there was only a closet. There's also a toilet room within the room. The toilet here was another surprise for me here. It was like a modern toilet instead of the horrendous ancient squatting toilet I was expecting. This makes my life a lot easier.

But now… here I am. I have been waiting all day for this. Since it's midnight everyone should be asleep now. Now… I can finally enjoy the bathing house!! 

I asked Alma if it was okay to use it at night and she was nice enough to leave the bathhouse open for me. I was already prepared now I just have to get to the bathhouse. I activate my [ Presence Concealment ] and quietly make my way to the bathhouse.

I made sure, no one was awake and in the bathhouse before entering. It was an indoor bathhouse with male and female sections separated. I guess female it is huh…

There was a locker room right outside the actual bathing and showering area for people to place their belongings in. I already had all my stuff in my storage so I didn't really need to put anything in here. I took off the cloak and the slime suit I was wearing and put them in my storage. 

There wasn't anyone here at all so I didn't bother covering myself but damn these scars look awful. Maybe I can find some way to get rid of them. I don't think any normal Recovery magic would work but Restoration magic? I will have to do some research on that.

\"Alright, it's time to enter!\" I slide the door open slightly to enter then close it behind me. The bathing area was covered in steam from the hot water there. This bath operates with different modified Magic Crystals that cleans the water, dispenses hot and cold water and drains out the water. Magic makes life easier.

Because of the Magic Crystals and such, the bath was kept very clean. This atmosphere is very relaxing. I go and take a shower first to clean myself up with actual water unlike cleaning myself with magic directly. It honestly feels better to do this without me using magic.

\"Time for the bath.\" I check the temperature of the water to make sure it's warm enough then enter.

\"Man, this feels so relaxing....\" I lean against the wall being submerged up till my chest, just letting everything go. This somehow makes me very sleepy. I wish I could do this every day. Once I get my own house, I will make a comfortable bathing area just for me. I'm looking forward to those days very much!


The Kingdom of Vestaurus, The Royal Capital Osreles. 

The capital is a lively place all year round but it has been especially lively for the past few days. This is due to the summoning of Heroes that took place in the Celestial Church of the Goddess Amis. 

To be precise, it was the main branch of the Celestial Church of the Goddess Amis. The Celestial Church has many branches scattered throughout the continent. They have great influence over almost all the human territories that existed within this continent and have a considerable amount of power at their disposal. No one dares to oppose them as they fear they would be excommunicated. If that happened, it didn't matter where they went or who helped them, they would be hunted down like dogs and killed by the Celestial Church's Enforcers. No one knows how many enforcers there actually are but no one who ever dared to oppose the Church remained alive. Be it a peasant or even a king, all were killed without mercy for opposing the Church.

Right now, It's around midnight, with the exception of the guards on patrol, everyone else had turned in for the night. Well almost everyone. A lady clothed in white and gold was kneeling in front of the majestic statue of the Goddess with praying hands. With one glance, anyone would be entranced by her looks. She was wearing a troubled look yet it didn't make her face any less beautiful. Even though she was covering every part of her body, her clothing only made her curves more apparent. Any normal man would fall for her in a heartbeat.

This goddess of a woman was the Holy maiden of the Celestial Church, Remiel Ail Yinnan. The Holy Maiden is someone chosen by the Goddess Amis to relay her words to the world. She holds the highest position in the Church but never interferes with the external affairs of the church and leaves it to the Church elders.

The matter of the Hero summoning was relayed to the Holy Maiden by the Goddess Amis first then only after the Holy Maiden made the necessary preparations were the Heroes summoned.

Ever since the Goddess warned her about the awakening of the Ancient Devil-Queen, her mind has been a mess. The Goddess herself sounded impatient, even summoned 20 Heroes from another world at once. The Goddess said that she wanted this threat to be eliminated as fast as possible. She demanded that the Heroes be put to training immediately to get used to their abilities and face this threat head-on.

If that was all, it would've been just fine for the Holy Maiden but that wasn't all. The Goddess had also said somethings that sounded pretty absurd. She was telling the Holy Maiden something about their world now being connected and occupying the same plane as another. Of course, the Holy Maiden didn't have any clue about what was being said but one thing the Goddess said she understood very clearly. One thing she even told the Holy Maiden to not tell the Heroes about.

From now on, other than the Heroes, more and more otherworldly people will be transported to this world.

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    《Another World's Devil-Queen》