Another World's Devil-Queen
12 Chapter 11: I need to earn money
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Another World's Devil-Queen
Author :Uforia
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12 Chapter 11: I need to earn money


I underestimated how much I was mentally fatigued due to being in that forest for so long. Finding such a comfortable bed at the inn I slept for almost an entire day.

That whole day I only relaxed without worrying about anything else. Emma came to ask if I was going to go to the Adventurers' Guild to take up some quests but I said no.

My fatigue was washed away with the rest and today I went to the Guild so I could pick up some quests. Emma apparently left early in the morning to go somewhere. I think it's better this way. Working alone is the best way to hide my identity.

I was wearing the clothes for quests I bought with Emma and let the cheap sword hang from my waist for show. I still wore the mantle because I feel more comfortable that way. Plus it also hides my face.

I need to start earning money as fast as I can. The low-level F-rank quests barely give any money and it's not really any better for E rank quests. I need to raise my ranks as soon as possible.

Most of the E and F-rank quests are picking up herbs for Alchemists, helping out in various shops or assisting other people in many ways. It doesn't take too long to finish most of these quests but they could get a little irritating. I mean herb collecting quests should be very easy with my skill [ Nature's Beloved ]. I can just grow as much as I want as long as I have a piece.

Though I have been thinking, can I sell materials from monsters? I mean I can hunt these monsters or animals even if they aren't for quests and sell the materials to the Guild or different shops. I'm sure that would get me more money than actual F and E rank quests. I mean there are probably higher-ranked quests to hunt monsters and such which I can't accept right now but who says I need to accept quests to hunt monsters?

*sighs* I guess I should get to work. I wanna go to the town library at some point so I could do some research.

I looked at all the E and F-rank quests on the board and as I expected most of them didn't really pay much. The ones that do pay a somewhat of a satisfactory amount takes longer to finish. I also looked at some of the higher-ranked quests. There was one for a Goblin Extermination in the Demon's Nest Forest and it was a party quest.

Oops....well, I can't say anything about that right now, hopefully, this won't bring me any trouble later. There were other quests for hunting monsters and animals for various butcher shops, restaurants, weapon Smiths, and Alchemists. Most of these monsters are found all around the town and I'm sure I can take them on pretty easily. I mean if I somehow get 'attacked' by these monsters I wouldn't have any choice other than to defend myself.

I shouldn't do anything like that on the first day so let's do the normal quests for a few days first. I picked up an F-ranked quest for herb collecting and went to the receptionist to check out. This time the receptionist wasn't Mary but a little girl?

The girl was wearing the same kind of clothing but she looked like a 13-year-old girl. She had a tomboyish face with short black hair. She was looking all around somewhat irritated. I didn't think much of it and went straight to the Receptionist counter. The small receptionist doesn't notice me and keeps on looking everywhere as if trying to find something or someone.

\"Excuse me....\" I say but get no answer as if she didn't hear me at all.

\"*cough**cough* Excuse me?\" This time I say it a bit louder trying to catch her attention.

\"WHAT!!?\" Hearing my voice the midget snaps back loudly. This one is very rude.

\"I just want to get this quest checked out if you don't mind.\" I don't get mad and calmly put the quest paper on the table.

\"Uh! Right...I'm sorry bout that. These sons of bitches got me pissed off early in the morning. Aight, how can I help you?\" The rude receptionist composes herself somewhat and asks in a more tolerable tone.

\"I just want to get this quest checked out if you don't mind.\" I point at the quest on the table making her look down. She picks it up and swiftly reads through the content.

\"Oh. Just a herb collecting quest. Nothing major. You can exit through the east side and walk for about an hour and there should be a place is covered in trees. It's not really a forest, err.....I don't know what it is. It's kinda weird like it's a small area covered in trees and you find a lot of herbs and shit. Also you an F-rank right?\"

\"Yeah. Why?\"

\"Be careful there, Wood Wolves always roam around that area. If you see one it's better to run but if you think you can fight it, no one's gonna stop you. Their Magic Crystals are actually pretty useful, Alchemists all around wants them so you can probably sell them for a good price.\"

\"Alright. Thanks for the advice.\" It seems they don't mind adventurers selling monster materials outside of quests.

\"Oh! Make sure the herbs and plants are in good condition. They are worth more that way. Depending on the amount and quality you can get paid a lot. If you wanna know more information about them you can buy a book from here.\"

\"Thanks but I'm good. Is that all?\"

\"Yeah. That's about it. You can show the quest paper and your guild card to the guards and they won't charge you the entrance fee. Also, for herb collecting quests like this, you don't even need to come to the receptionists to get it checked out. You can just take the quest paper and go straight outside.\" I completely forgot to ask Emma about the entry fee before. It's a good thing that I don't have to pay every time I enter. I would go broke in days.

\"Thanks for telling me.\"

\"Oh right! I'm Daria. Sorry again for being rude earlier. If you need anything just say so aight?\" She apologizes again showing some level of professionalism contrary to my first impression of her.

\"It's alright. Thanks for your help.\" I don't say anything else and exit the Guild.


With everything prepared I left for my quest destination. Like Daria said it took about an hour to get to the place she was talking about. On my way there, I had been constantly training my mana. My Mp went from 510 to 525. It's not a big change but it still helps.

When I arrived in front of the \"small area covered in trees\" it definitely felt peculiar. Daria said this place was weird and I have to agree with her. There's a familiar sense of magic surrounding this place. Like I mentioned before I met a druid in my younger days. That time the druid was somehow injured and her magic was leaking everywhere. For some odd reason, I took pity on her and helped her control her magic. As a result, I had been gifted the skill [ Nature's Beloved ].

This whole area is covered with a similar kind of magic. I think there may even be a druid nearby. Honestly, a druid can be very helpful to me at the moment. They can move through earth and has the most advanced plant magic. It can help me get rare herbs to make expensive potions for myself or to sell for money. I can even use it to gather information as they can blend in with almost any type of plant. Just thinking about how helpful it can be, makes me feel excited.

Alright, I should get started on collecting herbs already. If I want to investigate it will definitely take some time.

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    《Another World's Devil-Queen》