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Beautiful days with my boss
Author :jhansishrees
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17 lunch??

Sara was discharged from the hospital after a day and she went back to her apartment which was not too extravagant nor too petite. It was well fit for someone who would just earn above average.

Nanny Emma helped her throughout the moving back to home. Sara wanted to send nanny back. But she was forced by Mu Tiang so she reluctantly agreed to get the nanny to stay with her. Nanny Emma's family were living in a village so she din't have to worry about anything back home as her son and daughter-in -law were already taking care of the farms.

Nanny Emma was given a room that was in closer to kitchen. It was not big as guest room but not too small also for someone to live.

Sara finished her bath and was lying on her bed when her phone beeped with a message from caller ID Moon-pie. Sara was baffled to know when did she ever change anybody's name in her contacts to Moon-pie... It was never.

message read [i hope you are taking rest.. No need to come to office tomorrow.. : with love Tiang]

'Is this guy for real?' she thought.

She immediately started typing the reply [Mr. President needs to have classes on respecting ones privacy. You cant call yourself Moonpie and you definitely cannot use my phone without my permission :with head ache Ye Sara ]

Mu Tiang was in his about to step out of his private elevator when he saw the message and started to laugh. He then typed [that being said, can you teach me? :with aspirin Tiang]

Sara saw his reply and rolled her eyes with annoyance and buried herself inside the pillow and slowly drifted to wonder land of her dreams.


Next day Sara was not willing to stay on bed anymore so she got ready for her work. As soon as she reached office she could feel people's gaze upon her. This time it was weird. She however went to Mu Tiang's office to report her login only to find him seriously looking at the laptop with Bluetooth headset in his one ear. He looked like he was on a video call.

Sara just looked at him and their eyes met each others. Mu Tiang just looked at her which indicated to stay quiet. Sara wanted to leave him to finish his call. Just when she was about to turn around Mu Tiang closed the laptop abruptly and called her out. Sara looked back and saw the call was ended now so she walked towards Mu Tiang.

"I told you not to come to office. Does my words not mean anything to you Sara???"Mu Tiang made puppy eyes like a crying husband whose wife was ruthless.

Sara was going crazy with his drama but she just had to endure it, so she gulped and said "am not being paid to take rest President.. if I get salary for not doing anything then the Salary will be a burden to me. " her look was cold and unwavering.

Mu Tiang understood that his tricks doesn't work on her so he sighed and took a long breath. "alright Sara.. catch-up with your pending work and report to me in an hour. Once its done I have to talk to you about some upcoming mergers. " He composed himself and smiled at her with spark in his eye.


After going through her pending work Sara mailed something important to Mu Tiang and went to his office to cover up the rest of his project works.

Mu Tiang was on his chair and had closed his eyes just for a bit. Sara looked at the sleeping playboy and thought 'he is so baby like when his eyes are closed. No wonder he gets away flirting with everyone. hmpf.. '

"might as well sing a lullaby to me.. Wont you?" Sara was thunderstruck when she heard him speak with his eyes closed. Mu Tiang slowly opened his eyes and leaned in front to place his hands on the table.

"am sorry to have disturbed you President. There is something wrong with one of the the team. They are unable to reach representatives on call or emails. The EOB {explanation of benefits which will be sent out by all the insurance regarding their claims} needs to be sent out to them" Sara complained with a frown.

"Don't worry about that.. I have already contacted them and they are creating another way of communication with us" he said with a normal confirming smile. He then remembered something and said "we have lunch with our new clients. Get ready in half an hour. We should head out before we get caught in the traffic"

Sara was confused. because she had no clue about the new clients whatsoever and she checked his schedule and nothing as lunch related to business was mentioned either. From where did this plan come from?? May be because of her being absent, there were somethings that went missing in his schedule. She should have a look at why this mishap occurred once the lunch is over. She reassured herself and nodded with affirmative expression.
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    《Beautiful days with my boss》