Campus Love: President’s Rebellious Cute Wife
10 This was the woman he choose of all women....
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Campus Love: President’s Rebellious Cute Wife
Author :Nadii_
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10 This was the woman he choose of all women....

"Where is your second daughter? I see all your children except her. How come she isn't here? Wasn't she personally raised by Grandmother Stone?"

Ivory Castle asked Lilian Stone.

It was a well-known fact Ivory Stone never liked Lilian, She has seen Lilian as a mistress who claimed her way to become a madam of the Stone household after the death of her close friend.

Ivory Castle was a well-respected figure in Metropolitan City, she was the eldest daughter in law of the Castle household, married to Jacob Castle.

To her filial piety was a most, strict parental rules over her children as well as her students. She bought up five children two of whom were her brother in law's children.

She has three children, Amelia, Aiden and Aladdin. She was a kind mother but a strict teacher.

Despite coming from a high-class family with everything she was a professor in one of the prestigious university in country A, Metropolitan City University.

She teaches moral philosophy, major in ethics.

Hence her morality and filial piety were first, most important was family.

She taught her children to choose family over the business, you can start a business second time but you can never gain a family second time. When a human is gone they are gone for forever.

As a result of her moral believe she could not tolerate Lilian's presence.

To her, Lilian was someone who wrecked a perfectly happy family.

Not everyone knew why Jasmin's mother suddenly died that doesn't mean Ivory Castle didn't.

Also, Jasmin absence and her family's negligible behaviour made her scorn on their action, even if there was a reasonable reason behind Jasmin's actions.

How can Jasmin just disappear without saying a word or informing her so-called parents; hence, she asked the question that was in everybody's mind; putting Lilian Stone on a tight spot.

It's been two days since the old matriarch Stone past away yet her favourite granddaughter is nowhere to be seen? Are they hiding something?

Jasmin's step-mother Lilian felt embarrassed as hatred seeping out of her soul when she thought about the hateful devil incarnate.

She felt everyone's burning gaze at her as if they would dig a hole inside her.

Everyone knew Jasmin hated her stepmother and her step-siblings.

She wants nothing to do with them.

Hence she kept her distance from her father.

A man who was well respected in society yet unloved by his first wife's children.

Many wondered why his eldest daughter and twin children would keep their distance from him yet they couldn't fathom what was truly behind the curtain.

Some blamed the second daughter, influencing her hatred on her siblings towards her parents yet her grandparents love the first wife's children dearly and it was evident no matter how rebellious and reckless they were, their grandparents always would look out for them.

But fate played a horrible game with them took away their biggest pillar of support.

They knew the one who would be most affected was Jasmin, however, her heartless response let many questions if she really was that cruel as portrayed?

Jasmin's stepmother Lilian forced a smile

"Jasmin is mother's beloved granddaughter, yes indeed she was personally raised by her, and perhaps she couldn't bear mother's sudden death so she did not come. Jade dear, did you call your sister? Is she coming to the funeral? How can she be so unfilial?"

She responded politely to Ivory Castle, even though she is boiling with anger she could not offend this dignified lady, even her husband Lloyd Stone has to speak to Ivory Castle respectably.

When Ivory heard her response she couldn't help raise her brow, this was the woman Lloyd Stone choose from of all the women in the Metropolitan city.


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