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Daughter of Underground King
Author :Cloudland
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1 Run Away

"Father, what are you saying ?!"

Her father smiled brilliantly while eating pudding. "I've arranged an engagement for you."

"Are you crazy?!" Xi Hua flew in anger.

"What is wrong?"

"Don't say that the man is a person from the underground world!? Who is he? A killer? A weapons dealer? A drug dealer?"

"Baby, calm down! He doesn't do dirty work."

"Is it true?" Xi Hua looked at his father suspiciously.

"Sure! He's just father's trusted person who takes care of the organization's finances."

"..." As I thought, he wasn't a good person!

Xi Hua sighed then sat in front of his father. "Father, listen to me! I don't want to live with you here anymore. How about we go and start running a small business like a coffee or tea shop while enjoying our lives calmly? I'll find a better son-in-law for you!"

Xi's father frowned. "What's wrong with staying here?"

"We live on the black market and you still ask what's wrong?"

Xi's father laughed out loud. "Baby, you don't need to worry! This is the safest place to live for you, no one will dare to hurt you because I am the ruler here!"

"..." I know that! This man won't listen to me.

"Baby, he is a good man! He is handsome, rich, tall, and ... of course, he is my favorite person!" Father Xi was still trying to persuade his daughter.

"Then, why don't you marry with him?"


"You say that he is your favorite person."

Xi Hua turned and left after giving his father a glare. Well, you don't want to leave. Then, I will go alone!

She opened the door and her face turned black when she saw a beautiful man who put his ear to the door.

"Xi Cheng! Are you eavesdropping?!"

"Are you sure? Do you want to go?" Xi Cheng asked regardless of Xi Hua's murderous gaze.

"Sure!" Xi Hua answered while walking fast.

"Really sure?"

"Really sure!"

"Really really sure?"

"Why are you so fussy?! Are you an aunt?!" Xi Hua is upset.

The beautiful man, Xi Cheng, pursed his lips spoiled.

Yes, beautiful. With a slim body, pale white skin, seductive red lips, and a face that could make girls embarrassed to be born as a girl made Xi Hua feel that she would not be surprised to hear the news that a man fell in love with him.

"Will you miss me?" Xi Cheng asked with sparkling eyes.

Xi Hua narrowed his eyes as Xi Cheng's dazzling smile attacked him. "Of course, not."


"Whatever!" muttered Xi Hua impatiently.

"Your father will cry if you leave." Xi Cheng tried to hold back his cousin's plan to run away.

"Do you think I believe in your bullshit?"

"Of course, not." Xi Cheng smiled mischievously.

"But, come on, if you really don't like your engagement, you can say it!" Xi Cheng smiled convincingly.

Xi Hua did not answer and only handed her hand to Xi Cheng.

"What?" Xi Cheng did not understand what Xi Hua wanted.


"How shameless! You not only want to run away without me but also want to rob me openly?!

Xi Hua rolled her eyes, bored with this Drama Queen's behavior. "I know you will burn money with your friends tonight. I only ask for a little money but you keep saying so much nonsense."

Xi Cheng snorted in annoyance but he kept making calls and moments later a burly man came in with a black suitcase in his hand.

Xi Hua opened the suitcase and saw that it was filled with money so she couldn't help to smiling. "Good boy."

"By the way, this is the first time you've called me 'boy', I'm flattered." Xi Cheng grinned.

Unfortunately, the girl he talked to didn't care about it and started packing her belongings.

"Why don't you bring your clothes?"


"Why did you bring Xiao Xiao?"


"What is that? Why are you carrying that useless thing?"


"Is that a charm? It looks beautiful!"


"Hey, don't forget to bring underwear!"

"Why can't you shut up and sit quietly, huh?!" Xi Hua was almost crazy because of this man's chatter.

Xi Cheng pouted. "That's because you keep ignoring me."

"Okay, what do you want?"

"Send me your location later!"




Suddenly an old butler, Old Zhang, entered in a hurry.

"Young master, someone is making a mess at the casino!"

"So what? I don't care." Xi Cheng played with his pretty fingers.

"They are SKY."

"Bloody hell! What are they looking for?!"

"They're... looking for trouble."

"Of course, as always, shameless bastards!"

"Little Hua, I'm leaving." Xi Cheng said goodbye and immediately walked after Old Zhang.

"Go! Go away!" Xi Hua waved cheerfully. Finally, the biggest problem here is gone!

Xi Cheng noticed Xi Hua's carefree smile and he was speechless. Is he so annoying?!

Xi Hua turned his gaze to the suitcase on the bed and began to strengthen her determination. It's time to look for my own serenity!
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    《Daughter of Underground King》