Daughter of Underground King
2 Blue Striking Flower
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Daughter of Underground King
Author :Cloudland
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2 Blue Striking Flower

Xi Hua sipped her favorite black tea and smiling while reading the online novel she had been waiting for.

"Sis, you look beautiful when you smile. What happened?"

She raised her head and smiled when she saw the person who spoke.

"Ah, Little Xue, do you know Drunk Lotus?"

"Drunk Lotus?"

"Yes, he is my favorite online writer! Look, today he uploaded a new story!"

"Ah, so, you smile because of that?"


Xue Feng nodded in understanding. "Sis, I want Oolong Tea!"

"Okay! Sit down!"

When Xi Hua was making the tea, someone entered Xi Hua's Tea Shop.

Xue Feng nodded politely when he saw the person who came.

"My dear, you look awesome today!" The man who had just arrived immediately approached Xi Hua with his arms wide opened.

Xi Hua took three steps back. "Qiang Shu, what do you want to do?"

Qiang Shu smirked. "Hug!"

"Bloody hell! Keep your distance from me!" Xi Hua pushed Qiang Shu away.

"My dear, it hurts!" said Qiang Shu while touching his heart as if he was dying. "Can you hear that?"


"Listen carefully! That's the sound of my heart falling..."


Qiang Shu's eyes lit up. "My dear, even you look cute when insulting me!"

Xi Hua was out of words.

Qiang Shu grinned from one ear to the other. "Green tea, please."

"Sure." Xi Hua nodded in relief. "Wait a minute."

"No problem! I've been waiting for our meeting for twenty-five years. So, waiting for a few minutes for you is only a small matter," Qing Shu said, blinking his eyes.

Xi Hua turned around without giving Qing Shu a look even though it was only a glance.

Qing Shu looked around and his eyes fell on Xue Feng who was drinking tea while writing.

"My dear, who is he?" Qing Shu whispered to Xi Hua when he took his tea from her.

There were only three people including both of them. So, Xi Hua immediately understood who he meant.

"Don't you have eyes? He's obviously wearing a school uniform."

Qing Shu smiled but his eyes flickered with the desire to kill. Unfortunately, Xi Hua was not affected by the evil aura from her because she was used to dealing with such trivial matters every day.

Xi Hua blinked innocently as Qing Shu continued to stare at him with intense gazes. "Is there any problem?"

"No, nothing."

Xi Hua looked at Qing Shu for a moment then went to Xue Feng who was busy with his work.

"Sis, have you finished with that Incubus?"

"Is that his nickname from you?"

Xue Feng nodded seriously. "He matches that name."

Xi Hua raised his eyebrows in interest. "Why?"

"He always teases you." Xue Feng pouted.

Xi Hua laughed. "Is that so?"

Xue Feng stole a glance at Qing Shu and accidentally met his eyes in investigating Qing Shu's gaze.

He turned his gaze to Xi Hua and his round eyes were staring at her with full attention and anticipation. "Sis, he looks evil. You better not be too close to him."

Xi Hua clicked his tongue. "Even a small child knows that he is a bad person."

Xue Feng smiled sweetly. "Sis, you're smart!"

The two of them began to chat happily. Since two months ago, when Xi Hua opened a coffee shop, Xue Feng had become a regular customer who always came after school. So, Xi Hua knew Xue Feng enough.

"Sis," Xue Feng called carefully.

Xi Hua still burst out laughing because of the meme that Xue Feng had just shown and didn't pay much attention to the anxiety painted on his face.

"Sis!" Xue Feng began to shake Xi Hua's shoulder.

"Ah, what?"

"Look out the window!" He ordered, staring out with a watchful look.

Xi Hua frowned deeply when he saw the scenery outside the Tea Shop. There stood a tall man in a retro outfit with a blue striking flower in his hand.

"Sis, do you know him?" Xue Feng looked at him curiously.

Xi Hua shook her head. "If I knew him, I would never forget him. A handsome man like that ... sigh, really my type."

Xue Feng was speechless when he saw Xi Hua's gaze filled with pink bubbles.

Qing Shu saw Xi Hua's unusual gaze and followed her view. That moment too, he spouted hot tea from his mouth. God damn it! How can that bastard come here?!

Qing Shu hurriedly hid, hoping the man outside would not be able to see it. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with a feeling filled with terror.

"Hey, why is he leaving?" She looked disappointed when she saw the back of the man who was getting away.

Xue Feng hesitated for a moment before deciding to answer, "Sis, you looked at him as if you could eat him right away. Um, maybe he was scared?"

"Is it true?" Xi Hua scratched his neck clumsily.

Xue Feng just chuckled when he saw the cute behavior of the girl in front of him.

"Dear! My dear!" Qing Shu hurried over to Xi Hua with a panicked face. "My dear, I have to go for important business for a few days. Don't miss me!"

"Do you think I care?" Xi Hua looked at Qing Shu impatiently.

"Of course, not! But ... sigh! Wait for me to come back!" said Qing Shu then left hastily.

"What's wrong with him?" Xue Feng blinked innocently.

Xi Hua could barely help pinching the boy's cheek when she saw his round eyes flashing innocently. He's too cute!

And for the following days, Xi Hua had a new habit: watching the handsome man in front of the Tea Shop with Xue Feng.

"Little Xue, what do you think he thinks?" Xi Hua asked without distracting her eyes from the man outside.

"I don't know." Xue Feng couldn't think anything about him.

Xi Hua sighed then turned around, planning to make a cup of tea for herself. Suddenly her hand was pulled by Xue Feng.

"Sis, look! He's coming!"

"What?" Xi Hua was confused.

"He will enter!" Xue Feng held Xi Hua's hand anxiously.

Before Xi Hua could understand Xue Feng's words, a man in an outdated retro-style outfit appeared from behind the door. He gave Xi Hua a glance before sitting in the dark corner.

"Whoa! Whoa! Little Xue, what should I do ?!" Xi Hua panicked instantly.

"Maybe he came to the Tea Shop to drink tea?" Xue Feng stole a glance at the man in the dark corner.

"Ah! Right!" Xi Hua nodded in understanding then approached him.


"Blooming tea, please," He interrupted without looking away from the striking blue flower in his hand.

"Uh, okay. Wait a minute!" She immediately rushed to make tea.

Occasionally she stole a glance at the man sitting in the corner. Somehow she feels that he is pathetic. He just sat in his place while staring at the flower in his hand with a gloomy look.

"Sis," Xue Feng, who had been beside her, called out.


Xue Feng looked at Xi Hua, looking hesitant for a moment before finally shaking his head slowly. "Nothing."

Xi Hua just shrugged, deciding not to force Xue Feng to say things that were bothering him. However, she believed that if he wanted to say it, he would say it someday.

"Sis, I go home first," Xue Feng said.

"Yes, go home!" Xi Hua looked at the sunset.

"Will you be alright?" Xue Feng was still unsure of leaving Xi Hua alone with a foreign man.

Xi Hua laughed. "You're a little kid! I'm older than you. Why do you keep worrying about me?"

Xue Feng pouted. "I'm not a kid!"

Xi Hua gave Xue Feng a pat on his cheek. "Go home and be a good kid."

Xue Feng was still pouting but obeying Xi Hua's orders. "Take care of yourself!"

Xi Hua shook his head slowly when she saw Xue Feng who left unwillingly. Then she turned her eyes to the man in the corner. "Mister, the Tea Shop will be closed soon."

The man ignored her at all.


"I know," he said, handing over the striking blue flowers and then leaving.

Xi Hua was stunned and realized when the man had disappeared. "What is this?"
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    《Daughter of Underground King》