Entering the World of TDG
1 Meeting with God
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Entering the World of TDG
Author :Lost_Writer
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1 Meeting with God

??? - ...Where am I?

I was certain that I died, yet right now all I'm seeing is a pure white surrounding.

??? - !?!? Wait I can talk now! I thought I lost the ability to talk months ago!

??? 2 - I suggest you calm down young one.

??? - Who are you??

??? 2 - I'm am the overseer of your world, but if I was to be specific I'm God.

??? - What the... wait a minute if you're god what do you want with me?

God - Simple I want to give you a second chance at life.

??? - Do you mean that I can return to my family back on earth?

God - I could do that but you would return to your original body and would most likely die again soon after. What I mean is to send you to another world and live a new life there.

??? - ....Why are you doing this? Or more importantly why me? I don't think I've done anything worth wild enough to gather the attention of a god.

God - Correct while also incorrect. You have indeed not done anything worth wild to gather my attention but your story has intrigued me.

??? - My story?

God - Yes, that. What I wish to see is how a little boy like you could continue to stay positive even when you knew you were using limited time. Not only that but you also prioritized the happiness of others rather than seeking your own happiness. It must also be mentioned that your talent at learning anything you put your mind to also piqued my interest.

??? - But I only did those things out of interest or to isolate myself away from the harshness of reality.

God - Listen young one no normal five-year-old child can learn to make basic level medicines in three years let alone the one and a half years it took you. And that isn't accounting for the other skills you were learning at the time.

??? - Well I just happen to be a good listener.

God - Tai Chi and yoga are also practices that take up time to master. In fact, even if a child were to try to take up one of these practices at most they would choose one rather than both. And if there was one who practiced both that individual would not have an injured leg.

??? - ...You got me there.

God - What I want to say young one is that you have piqued my interest and because I can't send you into a new body in your old world due to world laws, I can reincarnate you into a different world. I wish to see how far you can go and what choices you make. Out of the many billions of species I've seen in my long live few have piqued my interest and you young one are one of those few individuals.

I felt sad, I really wanted to go back home, but I knew that my time on earth had come to an end. My only choices were reincarnation or the afterlife. However, while I thinking this I also remembered my wish to continue living. That thought never really appeared in my head until I was right at Death's door.

True now that I think about it my mind was suddenly filled with ideas of things I wanted to do. Above most of them was to go on an adventure. Due to circumstances at home I never really thought of going on an adventure but now that I'm "free" the thought was now is in my head.

??? - Wait, What exactly do you want me to do for you in this new world.

God - Just do what you yourself want. Like I said I find you amusing and I want to see what you'd do when given a new chance at life.

??? - One question what happened to my family after I died?

God - Your death left them heartbroken but they were able to pick themselves up with the help of those around them. Eventually, all the kids in the orphanage will get adopted and settle into new families. Five years after your death your mother opens a sweet shop in the empty lot next to the orphanage, while your grandfather starts to spend more time helping around the orphanage and five years after that both your grandparents pass away in their sleep peacefully. Your father continued to manage the orphanage for 20 years before giving ownership to a new manager. The new manager also happened to be the same boy who was going to be adopted during the feral dog incident on your eighth year of life. Your father then joined your mother in her shop while the boy managed the orphanage. After that, a peaceful life is what I would use to describe your parents' life. They still missed you even as they left the world to meet your grandparents.

??? - How do you know that?

God - This space has no definite time, and while we may have only been talking for a short while many years have passed on earth.

??? - Oh.

God - So what is your answer while I would prefer you reincarnate the choice is still yours to make.

??? - ... I choose reincarnation.

Year had already passed back on earth so even if I wanted to go back it would be useless. Thinking this I began to think starting a new life would be nice. I'm not saying my old life was bad but now that I have this opportunity in front of me I have the sudden urge to take it.

God - That's great but I don't plan to send you off empty handed. Is there anything you want to help you in the new world. Depending on the price needed to create it determines how much you can wish for.

??? - Quick question will I be able to retain all my memories from my past life?

God - Yes

??? - Next do I have a guide or something like that.

God - Most people in the past would ask for system type assistance or so I heard from some colleagues of mine. You can wish for that but that will take up your entire wish. Not many ask for this but even if you don't wish for a system you will be provided with an info broker but it is run by the rules of give and take depending on what you want to know determines the price.

??? - That's convenient is there anything else I can get without wasting my wish.

God - There isn't.

??? - Okay let me think.

Okay judging from what I know already I already have a decent assistance tool but that is support and not my own ability. From what I could tell the world I'm going to be transported to isn't like earth. Most likely it is like a fantasy world.

Reincarnation means starting over from birth so even if I ask for something I can't handle or control the point of the wish becomes useless.

??? - Can you control where I reincarnate?

God - No it will be at random.

??? - What about fictional characters from shows from my previous life.

God - That is possible but they will also start off as a child along with you. They also won't have any prior knowledge of any of their skills or techniques they had in the show since they will be a blank slate.

That's out of the question if I choose that option I'll just have a baby with no life expectancies at all. Rather than help me it might hinder me. Babies can't survive on their own once they are born... but what about animals.

They have natural instincts and grow up faster than humans!

??? - I got it! I wish for some beast companions that can assist me in life. I will leave the amount to you but I want them to have high potential. Also if possible I want to have an ability to survive in the new world. I don't know what's in store for me so I'll leave it up to you. Unless you want to give me a hint on the situation of the world?

God - I will leave that as a surprise.

??? - Tsk damn, But does my wish cover all of what I asked?

God - ...Just barely.

??? - *sigh of relief* that's good.

God - Now then this will be the last time we speak to each other personally but I will wish you luck. As a goodbye gift, I will bestow upon you the name Tiān Qì. Live long and prosperous young man.

Tiān Qì - I'll try my best.

And like that the White surroundings started to fade as my new life began.
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    《Entering the World of TDG》