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Entering the World of TDG
Author :Lost_Writer
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2 Rebirth

The first thing I saw in my second life was a dark foggy sky. The air was cold, and I couldn't move a single part of my body. When I tried to move my gaze from the sky to my body I saw that I was wrapped in cloth.

The cloth was wrapped tightly around my body and was rough and uncomfortable. Wiggling my body around I tried to escape but in the end, I failed. I continued this for around three minutes but doing this caused my stamina to drain rapidly. This development caused me to complain but all that came out of my mouth was baby like sounds.


Tian Qi - [Huh who's that?]

In the distance, I heard the sound of footsteps but due to me wasting most of my stamina trying to escape the cloth wrapping I suddenly felt tired.


The close the footstep came the sleepier I became until eventually I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

??? - Oh what do we have here.


From what I could tell around four months have passed since that gloomy night. Apparently, I'm currently in an orphanage, and I was abandoned at the orphanage's doorstep.

Tian Qi - [Another orphanage do I have some spiritual connection towards these types of establishments.]

Anyway in these four months the only things I've done were eating, and sleeping. The cause of this was my low stamina, for some reason every time I use up all my stamina I immediately feel tired and eventually fall asleep. Because of this, I haven't been able to get much information about my surroundings.

All I was able to find was that besides the building everyone lived in, there was a field in the backyard that was used to feed everyone in the orphanage. Any extra stock that couldn't be stored would be sold in the market nearby.

Besides that, I found out that there are twenty orphans besides me in this orphanage with five workers. Two workers managed the fields, while another two looked after the kids. As for the last worker, she was the owner of the orphanage and didn't have a specific job.

Sometimes she'd work on the field, sometimes she would look after the kids. Besides that, I had nothing else to show for my efforts, but for some reason, I felt like today would be different.


My days started off pretty normal I woke up, the caretakers feed me and I was eventually left to play in the living room with the other kids. Some were babies like me but others were older around four years old. Determined to find some useful information on this world I scanned the room and saw an open door at the back of the living room.

For as long as I could remember that door would always be closed so I made this my main objective to explore. After about five minutes of slow crawling and maneuvering around the other kids I made it towards the doorway.

Inside was a plain room with a window on each side of the room, on the ground of the room was a thin floor mate. Besides that, there was nothing else and this disappointed me.


??? - Hmm~ what are you doing Tian Qi?

Turning around I saw the owner of the orphanage her name was Grace. She was a plain woman, none of her facial features stuck out but she emitted a motherly aura that made me feel comfortable. The reason she knew my name was Tian Qi was that wrapped around my neck the day they found me was a necklace with the name Tian Qi on it.

Now to answer her question I slowly lifted my arm to point towards the empty room. Grace looked at the door then back at me before understanding what I wanted.

Grace - Do you want to know the purpose of this room.

Tian Qi - *nod**nod*

Seeing this she picked me up and gave me a quick tour of the room which wasn't much. I had already seen everything from the doorway but she still showed me around before eventually sitting on the floor mate.

Grace - You see Tian Qi this is my cultivation room that I use to cultivate.

Tian Qi - [Cultivation? You mean the same thing I read from web novels?]

Grace - Cultivation is the activity that always humans to do many things a normal person couldn't do. Within the world of cultivation, there are ranks at the bottom is the bronze rank and at the top is the legendary rank. But these aren't the only ranks there are, it starts from bronze, then silver, then gold, then black gold, and finally legendary.

Tian Qi - [Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold, and Legendary. Didn't I read a novel that had these ranks a long time ago... Ah! Now I remember it was Tales of Demons and Gods but I stopped reading it due to the loss of my arms. The last thing I can remember was Nie Li going to the Draconian Ruin Realm.]

As I thought to myself Grace continued to talk about the world but it wasn't until she told me that I was in a place called the Nether Realm did I finally understand where I was. My memory of TDG wasn't the best but I was able to remember some parts, now all I had to do was try and find a way to survive in this harsh world.


Now that I had a decent understanding of this world I tried to do the same thing anyone in this world does to get stronger. Sadly because I didn't have a cultivation method I couldn't cultivate properly and at most spent most of my time meditating. From what I could understand from reading some web novels in the past in order to cultivation most characters meditated while regulating their breathing, they used cultivation resources, or they followed a cultivation method.

The last two options weren't available to me and as for the first one, I could only give it a try since I had nothing else to do. So for the next three months after that, I spent a lot of time meditating while trying out different breathing methods, and finally, on my third month, I felt something.

It was faint but while I had lost myself into my surrounding while meditation I felt something pop up into my sea of conscious. I don't know what it was exactly but whatever it was I couldn't let it distract me right now. I repeatedly used the same breathing technique I used that night for a week straight until in the middle of the night as I was meditating I got a clear picture of what I had in my sea of conscious.

It was a golden orb with glowing lines on its surface. If I had to describe it in detail I would call it the Apple of Eden from the Assassin's Creed Franchise. Honestly, I wanted to look at it closer but through my sea of conscious, I could only get a distant view of it.

??? - [What is it that you would like to know?]

Tian Qi - [Huh!?]

??? - [What is it that you would like to know?]

Tian Qi - [Um... What are you?]

??? - [Answer: I am the info broker god mentioned, I wield the knowledge of much of this world and other worlds stored inside my memory banks. Currently, I am contracted too individual [Tian Qi] by order of God my creator. I will be here to provide information to [Tian Qi] until my assistance is no longer needed. As of right now I run by the rules of give and take. If Tian Qi wishes to receive my information [Tian Qi] must provide adequate compensation.]

Tian Qi - [Okay then can you tell me any knowledge relating to myself?]

??? - [Processing...processing...cost for information:spirit energy

[Name - Tian Qi

Age - 9 months old

Spiritual Energy - 0/1

Soul Realm - Indigo

Soul Form - Void, ????, ?????, ????

Demon Spirits - None

History - A boy who used to go by the name ______, a talented child with a loving family, and a kind heart. However, due to facing multiple live changing problems lost his life on his eighteenth birthday. Currently has been reborn as an orphan in the Nether realm of the Divine Continent. Has been bestowed the name Tian Qi by god.

Items in Possession - Spirit Beast Incubating Necklace

Status - About to pass out]

Tian Qi - [What the-]

After I heard everything from the info broker I did exactly as the last line said and passed out.


Three more months have passed since I obtained access to use the info brokers knowledge I find myself using up all my spirit energy on one questions. As for cultivation methods, the price to obtain one is out of my reach is what the info broker told me, because of this I could only obtain one point of spiritual energy a month.

If I keep going at this pace I'd breakthrough Bronze 1st star by my ninth birthday but this didn't satisfy me at all. Right now I was very weak but I didn't want to stay like this, so I continued to ask for information from the info broker and all I got was

1 - Create techniques that can make up for my lack of strength

2 - Practice Martial Arts

3 - Find a master that will gift me a cultivation method

4 - Sneak a peek at Grace's Cultivation method

5 - Find enough capital that can be exchanged for a cultivation method

So for the past three months I been trying to complete one of these five goals but thinking about doing something and actually doing something were two different things. No matter how hard I tried to get a look at Grace's cultivation method I could even touch her storage ring let alone look at her cultivation method. As for look for a master I can't even leave the orphanage how could I find a master.

Lamenting about my circumstances I practiced Tai Chi and Yoga for as long as my baby body could handle and tried to gain better control of my body. Despite my actions to try and hide it through some of the caretakers from the orphanage saw me and started to look at me funny. Enduring this slight humiliation I acted like I was goofing off and promised myself to be more careful so as not to look like a kid with a mental problem.

Eventually, I started to give up hope and simply wait for myself to get older but to my surprise fate had other things in store for me. One the day I turned two years old a rich couple came to the orphanage and requested to adopt a child. How did I know they were rich, well the woman had a fancy dress with heavy makeup, and the guy golden thread sown into his robe.

Also instead of storing his money in his storage ring, he had a pouch full of coins hanging off his belt. Strangely enough, though these two weren't cultivators from what I could tell they seemed to be normal people. I overheard their conversation with Grace saying how they tried to cultivate but ended up giving up since they couldn't gather any spiritual energy.

Whether their story was true I didn't know but I felt through intuition that what they were saying was true. Apparently, they had stopped by and donated some money to the orphanage frequently and were very fond of one particular girl and only now choose to adopt her. Hearing this I knew they were rich so I didn't think they'd mind me taking a few coins from them.

So when Grace went to get the girl the couple stood in the hallway awaiting their arrival. It would at most take Grace three minutes to get the girl and come back so I knew I had to act quick. Playing it off like I had just woken up from a nap, I walked past the couple seemingly tired while rubbing the back of my head.

These natural actions didn't raise any suspicion from the couple and they eventually ignored me. This was what I wanted so when I was directly beside the man I rose my hand and lightly touched the man's pouch before I immediately put my hand in front of my mouth and yawned.

To normal people, they would see nothing wrong with this scene but those with good eyesight they would notice that the man's pouch deflated as if all its contents disappeared. What I did was use the exchange function of the info broker and had it absorb anything valuable that touched my hand. Thus when my hand slightly touched the pouch the coins held inside the pouch were absorbed by the info broker.

Sadly I don't know how much I got but I didn't have much time to think about this before I casually walked out of the hallway. Once I was out of the couples sight I made a run for it into the orphanages wheat field.
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    《Entering the World of TDG》