Entering the World of TDG
4 Fatefull Encounter
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Entering the World of TDG
Author :Lost_Writer
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4 Fatefull Encounter

{Pov: Ye Mo}

My name is Ye Mo and I am titled as the Guardian of Glory City my home and place of birth as well as a place of refuge for humanity. Many years ago before my birth, there was a time call the age of darkness which was the time when humanity was on the brink of destruction. We were hunted by beasts and many died in that time leaving only a handful of survivors.

These survivors would later band together and form a settlement where they would make their last stand against the beasts that endangered their lives. This settlement would later be called Glory City and as time passed it would later become home to millions. However, even if the population was in the millions many lives are still lost whenever hordes of beast come and threaten our borders. The only problem in this, however, is that we didn't know when these hordes would come nor did we know their numbers.

It was when I had been named the strongest expert in Glory City as well as City Lord did I ponder this thought. If it was for Glory City I'd be willing to sacrifice everything I had in order to protect it. In the end, after many years of planning and preparing, I gave the position of City Lord to my son Ye Zong and I ventured out of the city and into the St. Ancestral Mountain Range.

Accompanying me was half of my most trusted companions, the other half stayed in Glory City to assist my son. For years I explored the areas bordering the city and in this time I tracked down many beast hordes as well as prevent any possible hordes from forming. The only demerit in this, however, was the fact that I rarely got to see my family. In fact, the last time I remembered visiting my family was four years ago on the birth of my granddaughter Ye Ziyun.


Ye Mo - *sigh*

??? - What's wrong Milord Ye

Ye Mo - It's nothing I was just thinking about the past that's all.

Currently, I'm stationed in a courtyard inside a place called the Nether Realm with my companions. In recent years besides beast hordes, me and my team even discovered this settlement called the Nether Realm that is also home to humans.

With this, I realized that Glory City wasn't the only place for humans and that there would be other settlements scattered throughout the continent all we had to do was search for them. In my joy, I investigated the Nether Realm in hopes to try and get in touch with some people in power but in my investigation, I learned some dire news.

After spending a week in one of the cities in Glory City I discovered the existence of an evil organization called the Dark Guild which was founded by a man calling himself the Demon Lord. The words Demon Lord might seem like a simple title to others but to me it was different. I remembered reading reports of a Demon Lord in Glory City from his time in the Red Jade Family, to his disappearance, his massacre of the Red Jade Family, and how he eventually went missing once again.

This memory leads me to investigate the Dark Guild in further detail and after around a year I learned that not only was the Demon Lord of the Dark Guild from Glory City, but the guild's goal was also the destruction of Glory City.

With this information, I knew I couldn't let this organization due as it pleased so for years I opposed the guild to the best of my abilities. Sadly, however, my team was comprised of only seven men while the Dark Guild was comprised of hundreds. In a direct confrontation, it was certain that we would lose, so the best we could do right now is slowly shave off their numbers as we observe from afar.



Ye Mo - Come in.

??? 2 - Milord Ye I just received word of three members of the Dark Guild entering the downtown suburban part of town. From what I saw one of them was an officer of decent standing in the guild.

Ye Mo - Could you read the cultivation levels?

??? 2 - One, two star Black Gold, a five star Gold, and a two-star Gold.

??? - Seems like a decent group of fighters, but what could they be doing downtown?

??? 2 - From what I could gather the Black Gold cultivator is very sadistic and there have been many rumors of him plundering, and killing to satisfy his sadistic urges.

??? - What should we do Milord Ye?

Ye Mo - Are you sure it isn't a trap?

??? 2 - I'm certain I survey the entire area before returning to make sure that there wasn't an ambush lying in wait.

Ye Mo - ...Make your preparations, you have five minutes

???/??? 2 - Hai!!


After getting ready it didn't take long for us to close in on the Dark Guild members location. When we were only two blocks away me and my two companions hide our auras and meet up with our third companion who was not far.

Once the four of us meet up we processed forward. From what I could see the building was very big but it was only until I got closer did I see the orphanage sign on the wall. Following that, I smell a small hint of iron in the air. This cause great displeasure to appear on my face since I could tell this blood wasn't from Dark Guild members.


Ye Mo - !!!

Right, when I was about to walk inside the residence I heard a loud scream. This scream wasn't from an adult, from the tone of voice it was from a child.

Ye Mo - [There are survivors.]

This sudden discovery caused minor difficulty on my part, but I would let it bother me much. Knowing that there were survivors inside I couldn't just leave them be.

Expanding my senses to the fullest I sensed four presences, three had strong spirit energy waves, while the fourth had only a small amount of spiritual energy. The fourth signature was probably from the person who screams since the energy waves weren't even at one-star bronze. The only thing that saddened me was that besides the four signatures there were no other life signs coming from the build.

Thus in order to at least save the remaining survivor, I motioned my companions to get in positions for battle. It didn't take long for us to get ready merely five seconds, where each of us took opposite sides of the building. Two of my companions took the eastern wall while my companions and I took the western wall closest to the members.

When the time was right both my companions on the east wall released their spirit energy and destroyed the eastern wall. From the sound of things, I could hear complaints and curses from the Dark Guild members as well as their bustling footstep.

However, before they could even leave the room rather than break a wall my companion and I jumped through a nearby window that was covered by a blind.

Our intrusion was so sudden that only the black gold cultivator was able to respond but I took care of him with ease. My closest companion took the two-star gold cultivator, and my two other companions took down the final confused Dark Guild member.

The whole exchange took seconds and in the end, the three dark guild members were captured by us and neither I nor my companions were injured.

??? - Milord Ye look at this!

Ye Mo - !!...My god

Since I was too preoccupied with capturing the Dark Guild I had my companion check on the child but not even a minute passed before I heard him requesting me to his side. When I got there I saw my companion and in his arms was a badly injured 4-year-old boy.

Even I who had seen many things in my life couldn't help my mind from faltering when I saw the child. Their we cut marks all over his chest, arms, and legs, some were deep while others were shallow. Some were sealed by burning them shut, while others turned green and purple probably due to some type of drug. As for his hand and feet, they each had their finger and toenails ripped out and blood was seeping out from the wounds.

The only thing that wasn't too damaged was his face that was swollen on the left cheek and a cut lip. While I was looking at the child's condition my companion was already circulation spirit energy into the child's body to try and heal the wounds but even I could tell that there would still be some long-lasting damaged.

Besides the surface wounds, the child also had some broken ribs. Taking from my spirit ring some pills that could help with the healing I tried to feed him but before I could feed him my arm was grabbed by a smaller one. It was from the child although his grip was weak, when I turned my sights to look at his eyes I saw extreme caution, pain, and a little anger.

??? - W-who..... are.... you.....?

Although it was weak and barely audible, I was able to hear the boy's voice.

Ye Mo - Calm down young man. We mean you know harm.

Saying this I tried to move his hand but to my surprise, the boy's grip only got stronger. This wasn't through physical strength but through the assistance of spirit energy. When I tried to sense the boy's spirit energy I saw that he was circulating most of his energy into his arm while the remaining part was moving throughout his body trying to heal his own wounds.

Ye Mo - [Such spirit control!]

To have this level at such a young age, it left me shocked. Adding onto the fact that he was not far from reaching bronze star one shocked me even more.

Ye Mo - [A genius!]

If this boy wasn't a genius then I didn't know who was, but I couldn't let my shock stall me anymore. While he was trying to heal his own wounds along with my companion's assistance this, however, wouldn't completely heal him. He not only needed rest but also proper medical treatment something we couldn't do here.

Thus putting a little more strength into my arm I released my hand and feed him one of my emergency healing pills. After a few short moments his wounds stopped bleeding and by squinting my eyes I saw that some of the more minor wounds started to close. During this, the boy's eyelids started to fall and before long he entered a deep sleep.

??? - Milord Ye what are we going to do with this boy.

Ye Mo - We will take him without for now and let him decide on what he wants to do later.

In all fairness, I had thoughts of bringing this boy to Glory City to be trained, but as I thought of this my sights drifted across the room. There I saw a pile of corpses young and old, each of them having similar injuries to the boy.

Ye Mo - [Oh what this boy must have seen.]

It would be surprising if the boy was scared by what happened today, but when I looked into the boy's eye I saw someone with a strong heart. He would probably use today as a foundation for how he moves on in life. Whether he chooses to come with me to Glory city or if he chooses some other path the choice will be his own. My only hope is that he doesn't follow the path of evil, but human life can be unpredictable.

However, it never occurred to me that at this moment I had just met the man who would not only bring Glory City into future prosperity but also the man who I would call my grandson-in-law.
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    《Entering the World of TDG》