Entering the World of TDG
5 Next Step Forward
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Entering the World of TDG
Author :Lost_Writer
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5 Next Step Forward

{Pov: Tian Qi}

When I opened my eyes I once again found myself floating in mid-air only this time rather than a white room I was in a golden room covered in strange runes.

Broker - You're awake.

Tian Qi - What happened?

Broker - Due to not being able to withstand the pain of that man's torture your mind was on the verge of collapse. If not for me constantly nourishing your breaking consciousness you might have gone crazy.

Tian Qi - Thank you but what happened to my body.

Broker - Your body is now in the hands of the people who saved you. They are currently healing your wounds.

Tian Qi - How do you know that?

Broker - My creator granted me the ability of parallel thoughts so monitoring your consciousness and your body is not a problem for me.

Tian Qi - Oh...wait why can't I remember being saved.

Broker - That is because while I did strengthen your mind during your torture the whole even caused some major traumatic damage to your mind. Seeing this as a problem I took the liberty of locking this experience away deep inside your conscious.

Tian Qi - What was wrong with that part of me?

Broker - To put it clearly that part of your mind is a part that sees everyone as an enemy, a lonely yet merciless part of you that'll kill even children if they get to close to you. The traumatic damage you received was one where you can no longer trust people whether they are weak or strong. If I had not sealed that part of you away your mentality would have changed and it is certain that you would no longer be who you are now.

Tian Qi - Is there a way to get rid of this trauma?

Broker - There is, it is by accepting your trauma and the experience you lived through. However, it is recommended that you do this once you've strengthened your mind until your able to handle the full impact of your trauma. If not the chances of you walking down a dark path are certain to happen. You already have received a little impact after all right.

Tian Qi - ...Yes.

The Broker was right, during my talk with it I still remembered bits and pieces of what happened to me. However, that was only for the first few moments after that everything was fuzzy until I arrived here. That must have been the trauma the Broker sealed away and soon I could understand what it meant by going down the wrong path if I experienced the whole thing.

Through what I could remember I still felt the powerlessness and fear from then. I was never the kind of guy to let my emotions get the better of me even when I was on my death bed I still kept some sort of composure but when I thought about that night my lust for power was apparent. I realized that I no longer lived in a fair and just society but one where the strong rule and the weak obey.

I had to experience what I did because I was weak and they could do what they wanted because they were strong. This was clear to me and while part of me was prepared to give up everything just so I could gain strength while another part of me tried to calm my emotions. Luckily for me, Broker sealed off most of my trauma or I doubt I'd still be me.

Now all I had to do was find a way to overcome my trauma and move on. Though I didn't know how I'd be able to do that, but I knew that the answer would come to me sooner or later.

Tian Qi - So what now?

Broker - Right now you're going to wake up after all you have been asleep for ten days.

Tian Qi - Oh! Okay, see you around then.

With that my consciousness faded from the room.


Opening my eyes I tried to move my head in order to observe my surrounding but when I did I was welcomed by a sharp pain.

??? - You shouldn't move so much it'll reopen your closed wounds.

Tian Qi - Who are you.

Saying this I moved my eyes instead of my head this time and saw an old man sitting in a chair next to me.

??? - My name is Ye Mo. It was my companions and I who rescued you from the dark guild.

Tian Qi - [So it was those guys. Now I have a reason for hating those guys.]

Tian Qi - So what's going to happen to me now? I can't really repay you since I've lost the only home I have-

Ye Mo - We didn't do what we did for a reward. So you don't need you to repay us. What I more concerned about is what are you going to do now.

Tian Qi - Like I said I got nothing any more but...I want to get stronger. Strong enough to defend myself from people who try to harm me.

Ye Mo - Do you mean that you will seek revenge.

During our conversation Ye Mo's face was calm but when he heard my last line I saw concern in his eyes.

Tian Qi - I don't know but, what I do know is that I don't want to be weak.

Saying this I returned my sights to the ceiling and closed my eyes trying to analyze the damage my body sustained. By circulating the spirit energy in my body I could tell that I was in pretty bad shape since not only was my body pretty beaten up but even breathing took some effort.

Ye Mo - Excuse me?

Tian Qi - Yes.

Opening my eyes I looked at Ye Mo who was looking at me with intrigue.

Ye Mo - I've been meaning to ask but how old are you?

Tian Qi - Four and some months

Ye Mo - Then how long have you been cultivating for?

Tian Qi - Cultivating? You mean the thing that the landlady did. If I remember correctly there were ranks in that...Bronze, Silver, Gold...Legend?

I did know what he was trying to ask me but, even if this was a different world a four-year-old who understood the meaning of cultivation seemed impossible. The best I could do was say I wasn't since I technically wasn't. I didn't have a cultivation method after all.

Ye Mo - No after Gold, there is Black Gold and then Legend rank. Each of them is divided into five stages. Once you pass the five stages your rank increases.

Tian Qi - Why are you telling me this?

Ye Mo - Because I want to make you an offer, young man.

Tian Qi - ...

I said nothing to this but obviously, I was intrigued by what he had to offer. Ye Mo must have seen this since he smiled a little and began to propose his offer.

Ye Mo - You see young man in order for one to raise their rank one must first gather spirit energy into their dantain, and from what I could see you are already close to reaching the first stage of Bronze rank. But since you don't really know much about cultivation you must not have a cultivation method.

Tian Qi - You need a cultivation method?

Still playing dumb I continued my conversation with Ye Mo, and to my surprise, he offered to take me on as his disciple as well as take me to a place where I could develop properly. If I accepted I would be allowed access to a multitude of resources that could assist me in the future.

The offer seemed really good, but since I was the only one gaining something I knew that there must have been a catch. When I pointed this out Ye Mo said that in exchange for being his disciple I would have to assist in the protection of Glory City until the Dark Guild was no more.

Hesitation was the first thing that crossed my mind but, when I remembered that it would eventually be destroyed in the future I accepted his offer. Then after exchanging a few words, he told me that he'd be taking me to Glory City tomorrow night and that I should rest until then.

Once he closed the door silence returned to the room and I was planning to go to sleep but then I some something strange.

Sssss~ Ssssss~

Tian Qi - [What the?]

Eventually, the sounds got louder until they were right by my ear and I began to have chills run down my back. However, my worries were all for nothing since when I saw who made does sounds I released a sigh of relief.

Tian Qi - It's just you. Where were you?

The thing before me was, in fact, my purple snake. I don't know when it left my necklace but apparently, it's been having its own little adventure while I was unconscious.

Tian Qi - Hm?

Strange after I got a better look at it I saw that it had something in its mouth. Thinking it was a rat or something I was about to rest but right before I could the purple snake spat out the contents in his mouth on my face.

Tian Qi - Gross!!... Wait what?

What I expected to be a gross gewy feeling turned out to be a hard metallic one. Wanting to see what it was on my face I endured the pain and used my arms to pick up the metal objects.

Tian Qi - Rings?... No, if I'm correct then these runes mean that they are spatial rings. Let's see what's inside.

Examining the in rings my purple snake gave me there was a total of three and each of them had a lot of wealth in them. Gold, pills, weapons, fine silks, and even three cultivation methods. The sheer size of all this wealth could fill up at least one or two swimming pools.

It made me wonder who was to owners of these rings but after looking at some of the more personal parchments within the mix I discovered that these were the rings of dark guild members that Ye Mo captured. The parchments mentioned simple things like random assignments, and one even mentioned how the Demon Lord was going to go into closed-door training for a few years.

With this, I discovered the owner's identity and gladly took all their treasures. If it was someone else I might feel some guilt but when it came to the dark guild I no longer cared about them.

Tian Qi - [Broker can I exchange this wealth for any cultivation methods that match my Soul Attribute?]

Broker - [Do you want one that matches with the first attribute or all four of them?]

Tian Qi - [Can you tell me what the other four are first?]

Broker - [That is the only information I can't give you yet. The answer will eventually reveal itself in the future.]

Tian Qi - [*sigh* then can you find me one that matches with all four of my soul fours.]

Broker - [...I have found one cultivation method but the price is more than what you have. At most you can receive the first part which is perfect for your void soul attribute.]

Tian Qi - [Is there any demerit to having only one part instead of the whole thing?]

Broker - [Negative this cultivation method was originally the combination of four cultivation methods that just so happen to match with your soul attributes. The first part [Void Filling Scripture] is enough to bring you up to peak legend rank but after that, you must obtain the second part to reach Heavenly Fate to Heavenly Axis rank. The third to reach the Dao of Dragon to Martial Ancestor rank, and the fourth to reach from Deity to Supreme rank.]

Tian Qi - [Looks like I got a glimpse of the cultivation ranks of the Draconic Ruins Realm. Okay is there anything else I get from using this method.]

Broker - [Besides that it does come with a small variety of martial arts techniques but that's about it.]

Tian Qi - [Okay take what you need but leave me with the rest.]

Broker - [Acknowledged.]

Once Broker finished his sentence foreign information started getting ingrained into my mind as the amount of wealth in the rings disappeared. After eight minutes the transaction was finished and the only things left in the rings were two rolls of silk, and about several bronze and silver coins.

Moving all the contents into one ring I hid the ring inside my clothes and then faced the purple snake that was loosely wrapped around my right arm.

Tian Qi - Thanks buddy you saved me a lot of trouble.


Hearing my words of gratitude the purple snake nodded it's head before it returned to my necklace.


[Name - Tian Qi

Age - 4 years old

Spiritual Energy - 99/99

Soul Realm - Indigo

Soul Form - None

Soul Attribute - Void, ????, ?????, ????

Demon Spirits - None

Cultivation Method - [Void Filling Scripture]

Martial Arts - [Pulse], [Whirl-palm], [Hide], [Breath]

Status - Badly Injured]
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    《Entering the World of TDG》