Entering the World of TDG
6 Arrival and Meeting
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Entering the World of TDG
Author :Lost_Writer
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6 Arrival and Meeting

{Pov: Tian Qi}

Just as he said the next day when we left the nether realm the first thing I saw was a starry night sky. The skies in the nether realm we usually covered in fog so seeing stars was a really nice sight to see. Using spirit energy Ye Mo carried me next to him as we flew through the air, at first I was frightened but after a few minutes, I got used to the feeling and started looking at the ground below.

The entire journey from the Nether Realm to Glory City would take around eight hours is what I'm told so during that time I either made small talk with Ye Mo, gazed at the stars, or slept.

The conversations I had with Ye Mo were mostly about Glory City and what I'd experience there, but most of the stuff I heard I could vaguely remember from reading the book but getting a refresher on the subject was good in its own way. Our talks went on for hours until eventually, I saw a city wall on the horizon.

Ye Mo - We're here. Let's pick up the pace, shall we?

He said that with a hint of eagerness so I came to the conclusion that he was a little homesick. Thinking that I should just let him do what he wants since he is the one flying I nodded. Within minutes we found ourselves over the city, and since it was only around seven in the morning I could see many citizens roaming the streets.

Eventually someone on the ground saw us, pointed and eventually, we caught everyone's attention. From what I could hear it was something like 'Lord Ye has returned' or something like that, but we both ignored them and continued towards the City Lord's Mansion.


{Pov: Ye Ziyun}


Ye Ziyun - [What's going on?]

Right now I was spending time with my father, mother, and best friend Xiao Ning'er but right as we were in the middle of breakfast a guard came running through the door.

Ye Zong - Quiet down can't you see I'm with my family right now!!

Guard - But sir it's Lord Ye he's returned.

Ye Zong - !!

When father heard the name 'Lord Ye' he froze like a statue and wouldn't move even when I tugged at his sleeve. Looking at my mother I tried to understand what was going on but when I saw her she was looking at my father trying to hold in her laughter. For a few moments the room was silent as neither I nor Xiao Ning'er knew what to do, and both my parents weren't moving.


After an unknown amount of time, my father regained his clarity and immediately shouted informing everyone in the area. Once he made his order he started eating his food like it was the first thing he had in years before running out the door telling us to meet him in the Great Hall.

Ye An - Isn't that nice Yun'er your grandfather has returned.

Ye Ziyun - Grandfather?

Ye An - You might not remember him since you were only just a baby. Now come on let's finish our breakfast so we can see your grandfather.

To this, I looked at Xiao Ning'er and she looked at me. We were both curious about what kind of person my grandfather was so we just like my father eat very quickly even if it was unladylike. Once we were done we made our way towards the Great Hall with haste only to stop midway.

The reason was that we found my father talking to an old man. Though we couldn't hear what they were talking about I could tell that my father had great respect for the man. As we approached them the man turned his sights toward us.

Ye Mo - Ah~ Ye An it's good to see you again and can I assume that this is my granddaughter and her friend.

Ye An - Greetings father-in-law yes this is Ye Ziyun, and her friend daughter of the Winged Dragon Family Xiao Ning'er.

Ye Ziyun - Greetings grandfather.

Xiao Ning'er - Greetings Lord Ye.

Ye Mo - It's nice to meet you both.

Ye Zong - Father you said you had something you wanted to tell me what was it?

Ye Mo - Yes while I was on one of my excursions outside the walls I found a boy I decided to name my disciple.

Ye Zong - What! Where is he?

A disciple you man what Ye Han is to father. From what I heard from mother, that grandfather is a really strong man, so if he got a disciple then that means his disciple is also strong.

Ye Mo - He should be over...where did he go?

??? - Up here.

Ye Mo - There you are, come down here.

When grandfather tried to introduce us to his disciple we saw that he wasn't anywhere to be seen. It was only until he revealed himself that we found him sitting on a tree above our heads. However, since Xiao Ning'er and I were pretty short we couldn't see him, but father and mother could and they had expressions full of shock.

??? - Look out, coming down.


At the end of his sentence, I saw a black figure cover my view of the sky until it started coming our way.

Ye Ziyun/Xiao Ning'er - AHH~!

Out of fright both Xiao Ning'er and I tried to move away only to bump into each other and fall down, but before we could touch the ground our hands were grabbed by someone. As for the person who held our hand it was a boy with short black hair and light grey almost silver colored eyes. Before we could even say anything he pulled us to our feet and let us go.

??? - You should be more careful next time.

He told us this with a small smile before turning expressionless while facing my grandfather.

??? - You called Master Ye Mo?

Ye Mo - Ye Zong, Ye An this is my disciple Tian Qi.

Ye Zong - ...Father are you sure? Don't you think he's too young he can't even cultivate yet?

Ye Mo - Ye Zong first look at his spirit energy before you jump to conclusions, and this was without a cultivation method.

To my father's question, my grandfather brushed it off and instead made a request to my father. Although reluctant my father put his focus on Tian Qi only to show an expression of seriousness on his face while pulling a soul crystal out of his spatial ring.

Ye Zong - Can you inject your spirit energy into this soul crystal?

Tian Qi - Ah...sure?

He inspected the crystal for a moment before placing it between his palms. After that, the crystal took an indigo color before white, grey, and black dots started to fill the crystal. I wanted to ask what was the point of doing that but then I heard my father take a sharp breath.

Ye Zong - ...Indigo soul realm.

To those words, my father started asking grandfather questions about Tian Qi, but to this, I couldn't help myself from showing a pout on my face. Father is usually so busy with work as a city lord that the only ones who keep me company is my mother, my aunt, and Xiao Ning'er.

However, even if they do keep me company I still wish to see my father more often. So the fact that he's completely ignored me is a little irritating.

Ye Ziyun - [He was also like this with Ye Han...]

I couldn't help myself from looking at my father with a hint of resentment so much so that Xiao Ning'er was patting my back trying to calm me down. I only stopped making a resentful face when I saw that Tian Qi was looking at us.

He probably noticed I was mad since his face had the expression of confusion before it returned to being expressionless.

Tian Qi - Master Ye Mo, City Lord Ye Zong while it is nice having a chat under the sun, times like these would be better with your families. Since this is Master's first time coming home in four years maybe you should spend it with your granddaughter who you haven't seen since her birth. Don't mind me I'll just be in this tree.

His speech was clear and calm as he interrupted my father and grandfather's talk, and to end it off he leaped into the tree without waiting for their answer. This stunned them before my father looked our way and awkwardly scratched his cheek.

Ye Zong - Yun'er sorry about that I got ahead of myself. Why don't we go inside?

Maybe he knew I was mad and felt guilty since father never usually shows an awkward face unless it towards mother when she mentions their past. So when I saw that he was feeling guilty for forgetting me the resentment I felt in my chest went away a little as we went inside the mansion. But before I stepped foot in the mansion I turned my head towards the boy we left behind only to see him waving his hand telling me to go.

Ye Ziyun - [I guess he's better than Ye Han in a way.]


{Pov: Tian Qi}

After everyone left I simply leaned my back against the tree trunk and began circulating spirit energy through my body to heal my wound. I did this on our flight towards the city but I didn't completely heal myself so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to continue my rehabilitation. Yet while this was happening my thoughts were thinking of other things.

Tian Qi - [So that was Ye Zong, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning'er. Then there's Ye Ziyun's mother...what was her name Ye An. It seems that the Sacred Family hasn't poisoned her yet.]

From what I could remember from reading a wiki post, Shen Hong secretly poisons Ye An as a way to take everything from Ye Zong, and this works. It leads to Ye Zong becoming stricter towards Ye Ziyun while also putting more emphasis towards Ye Han the orphan he picked up as his adopted son. Thus creating a rift in their father-daughter relationship.

Tian Qi - [I wonder though--]

??? - Young master Tian Qi. Young master Tian Qi

Tian Qi - Hm?

Snapping myself back into reality I leaned over to the side of the branch I was sitting on only to find a young servant lady calling my name.

Tian Qi - Why are you calling me young master? I don't remember ever having that title.

Servant - You are Lord Ye's disciple obviously your status is higher than that of a normal citizen.

Tian Qi - Oh...so what do you want?

Servant - It's lunchtime sir and Lord Ye told me to come and receive you.

Tian Qi - [It's lunchtime already? How long was I lost in thought?!]

Tian Qi - Okay lead the way.

Jumping down from the tree branch I landed before the servant lady and while ignoring the small stinging sensation in my legs followed her towards the dining hall.

On our way there I couldn't help myself from being amazed at the structure of the City Lords Mansion. While the buildings were a little plain the plant life in the area brought color to the dull mansion.

Along with that, there were even small ponds and gardens in varies places. as we passed one of them I was stuck gazing at the fine craftsmanship of the stone statues until I heard the sounds of breaking wood.

Removing my sights from the stone statues I looked towards the opposite side of the courtyard and saw a boy. He seemed to be around ten years old but he was practicing martial arts on a wooden dummy. Analyzing his strike I could feel a small yet chaotic burst of spirit energy in his fists.

It was powerful but also a waste of spirit energy. Most of the spirit energy was not used properly since the boy's control on spirit energy wasn't good, but hey he was only ten kids don't start cultivating until they're thirteen here. All an all considering his age I'd say he was pretty good.

Tian Qi - Hey who's that boy over there?

Servant - That is Young master Ye Han the City Lord's adopted son.

Tian Qi - Oh.

Tian Qi - [Didn't think he'd already be here already.]


[Name - Tian Qi

Age - 4 years old

Spiritual Energy - 99/99

Soul Realm - Indigo

Soul Form - None

Soul Attribute - Void, ????, ?????, ????

Demon Spirits - None

Cultivation Method - [Void Filling Scripture]

Martial Arts - [Pulse], [Whirl-palm], [Hide], [Breath]

Status - Injured]
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    《Entering the World of TDG》