Entering the World of TDG
7 That makes no sense!!
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Entering the World of TDG
Author :Lost_Writer
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7 That makes no sense!!

{Pov: Tian Qi}

After having a small glimpse of what Ye Han is capable of I continued following the servant lady for a few more minutes until I entered a room where everyone was. Right now Ye Mo was telling Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er about his adventures outside the walls and both of them are eating them up like candy. They couldn't keep their eyes off of him so much that their food started to get cold.

When I entered the room Ye Mo, Ye Zong and Ye An noticed my presence. Ye Mo gave me a glance and was going to welcome me but I gestured to him with my finger to just pretend I wasn't here. As for Ye Zong and Ye An, they seemed like they wanted to talk to me so I sat in between to Ye Zong and Ye Mo.

Tian Qi - Yes looked like you wanted to talk what's up?

Ye Zong - You are my father's disciple now, however, since you currently don't have the strength necessary to follow my father outside the walls that means you will be staying here until you have that strength. Naturally, since we're going to be seeing each other more often I want to know more about you.

Tian Qi - Well you know my name is Tian Qi, I'm four years old five in a couple of weeks, and due to certain circumstances I've been forced to mature earlier then I would like. I don't like to look at things at face value anymore and I'm smarter compared to other kids my age...Oh! and I'm an orphan.

I spoke in a quiet voice so the girls couldn't hear me. Only the adults who trained in cultivation and honed their senses could hear me. I just spoke while waiting for my food, but I could feel that Ye Mo was paying attention to me. He looked like he had his attention on the girls but my instincts told me that about half of his attention was focused on my words.

Ye An - You said certain circumstances forced you to mature what were those circumstances?

To her question, I glanced at Ye Mo before taking off one of my gloves. Before I left the Nether Realm with Ye Mo I was giving new clothes better than the rags I previously had on. These clothes consisted of long pants, a long-sleeved shirt with a collar, and gloves. It was a normal set of clothes but I asked Ye Mo for clothes of this variety so they could cover up all of my wounds.

My hands while still in one piece now had multiple scars on them, my arms were covered in bandages to hide the burn marks, and my neck had a very noticeable slash mark on its right side. Through my efforts at trying to heal my wounds, all of the minor injuries either faded away or turned into scars so my body wasn't covered in as many bandages as it was yesterday.

So when I removed my glove I rolled up my sleeve and showed the two while making sure the girls didn't see. Not long after I revealed the wound on my neck. When they saw this Ye An turned a little pale while Ye Zong's expression shifted for a moment before returning to normal.

Tian Qi - It's obvious these wounds can't be done on accident. I'm sure you can understand, from what I'm told Master Ye Mo rescued me while all of it happened. I personally don't remember but I know it's true. I became his disciple so I could protect myself from those that would want to hurt me. Is this enough or do you want to know more City Lord Ye?

Ye Zong - Just one more question, your spirit energy how did you raise it so fast at a young age. If I'm not wrong you're on the verge of stepping into Bronze rank one.

Tian Qi - In the place where I lived before there was food but that didn't mean that everyone could eat until they were full. In order to take my attention away from my hunger, I would copy what my caretaker would do and meditate. Because I spent most of my time meditating I never really had any friend but at least I didn't feel hungry.

That was both a lie and a truth. The orphanage that I stayed at did provide food for the kids every day but since the amount sometimes grew more than expected there were times were our usually supply could fill everyone's stomachs. I was also affected by this since I practiced martial arts and yoga, but I did meditate to stave off my hunger.

Ye Zong - I see I'm sorry for asking.

Tian Qi - Don't be it's not something that I need to hide from you since like you said I'll be living with you in the future. But for the more secret information, I think you should as Master Ye Mo since I'm not sure what I can say and what I cannot.

Saying that I fixed my clothes while a servant lady placed a tray of food in front of me. However, before I ate I gave Ye Zong a question of my own.

Tian Qi - City Lord Ye I have a question care to answer.

Ye Zong - As long as it's something I can answer.

Tian Qi - On my way here I saw a boy training in one of the courtyards. When I asked the servant lady with me who he was she replied saying he was your adopted son. Why do you have an adopted son if Ye Ziyun is your daughter?

Ye Zong - ...

Ye An - ...

Both of them replied to my question with silence and an awkward atmosphere ended up surrounded the three of us. After about two minutes I couldn't handle the awkwardness so I folded and gave up.

Tian Qi - It's okay if you don't want to talk about it I won't pry into your lives anymore.

With that, I turned my attention to my food and began eating while ignoring the couple beside me. Besides that, the rest of the day was pretty bland. Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er both continued to pester Ye Mo, Ye Zong and Ye An accompanied them, and I stayed a ways away from them while trying to heal the remaining wounds on my body.

Around the time it was time to go to bed Ye An carried the sleepy girls to Ye Ziyun's room, while Ye Zong went to go and check on Ye Han. The only ones left in the courtyard were me and Ye Mo.

Ye Mo - Were you able to heal your wounds?

Tian Qi - ...Not all of them but at least I don't feel nearly as much pain as I did earlier.

I was a little surprised by his question but after remembering that he is a legend rank cultivator I realized that it would be weird if he did notice. As for my wound they were around eighty-three percent healed.

Ye Mo - En. Follow me I'll take you to your room.

Tian Qi - En.

For ten minutes I followed Ye Mo and at the end of our walk, I found myself inside a courtyard facing a lake. Their courtyard was beautiful, there were colorful flowers scattered around, and the building instead of wood or stone they were made of marble. And since it was night time I could see fireflies flying around the courtyard.

Tian Qi - Beautiful...

Ye Mo - En it is. No matter how many time I see it this sight still takes my breath away.

Tian Qi - Is this your courtyard?

Ye Mo - No...it was supposed to be my wive's but rather than live in it she merely decorated it. As for as I know she never once stayed here. She even did the same thing with my courtyard not far from here.

Tian Qi - She was dedicated to her craft.

Ye Mo - ...Yes, she was.

We both stood there admiring the sight in front of us until Ye Mo clapped his hand snapping me out of my daze.

Ye Mo - Now let's get down to business.

Saying this he walks towards a stone table with a lantern on it and sits in one of the empty seats while I simply followed.

Ye Mo - Now Tian Qi while I have taken you as my disciple that doesn't mean I want you to only focus on cultivation. Is there any other path you want to follow besides cultivation.

When he said this instead of replying instantly I thought for a moment before I remembered all the skills I learned before coming to this world. Adding to this I also remembered a set of skills I wanted to obtain after coming to this world.

Tian Qi - Cooking, Pill Refining, and Literacy. These are the paths I want to follow besides Martial Arts.

Ye Mo - Why do you want to follow these paths from the look on our face these aren't just ideas that popped out of your head recently.

Tian Qi - When I lived in the orphanage the food was plain and there was no taste in it. One day I saw a lady selling sweets from a stand not far from the orphanage. She saw me and gave me a sweet with a smile, and when I ate it I fell in love with sweets. Instead of cooking, I want to make sweets because it's one of my favorite food.

When I gave him my first answer Ye Mo listened to every word I said but, in the end, he laughed. To this, I couldn't help myself from glaring at him because even if this was a made up story my love for sweets is true. Also, the main reason I like making sweets is that my mom taught me. So seeing him laugh at the thing craft that my mother taught me really pissed me off.

Ye Mo - Hahaha even if you try talking like an adult you are still a kid.

Tian Qi - Whatever old man...

Ye Mo - *Cough* I'm sorry can you please continue.

Tian Qi - ...I want to follow Pill Refining because I saw an old man sell pills. The worker in the orphanage would sometimes buy some pills from him whenever we got sick. Besides using him as inspiration I want to follow this path because pills could be useful to me who plans to be a cultivator.

This time I choose this path because not only would pills be necessary for the future but they also reminded me of my grandpas like with cooking and my mother.

Tian Qi - As for literacy...while I don't know how to read I have listened to other people read books and I really like the stories in the books. Literacy is a path I want to follow because in a way it lets me experience something new in the form of a story.

Ye Mo - I see. These are interesting paths you want to follow and, while it might be hard in learning Pill Refining right now I see no problem with you following your other paths. For now, I think that is enough for tonight, this courtyard is now yours so rest up and I will see you tomorrow.

Tian Qi - Wait!... Isn't this your wive's courtyard?

Ye Mo - In name, it is but like I said she never slept here once so it's been unoccupied since its renovation. So rather than letting it gather dust, I'd rather gift it to you since you are my disciple.

Tian Qi - [That makes no sense!!]

I wanted to say that but Ye Mo was already gone. In the end, I made my way towards one of the rooms in the courtyard. The interior was simple with a bed some drawers, carpet and other bits of furniture. Honestly, the simplicity of the room was very calming.

Tian Qi - *sigh~* no use making a fuss about this I'm too tired to argue anymore.

Saying this I sat onto over the bed and fell asleep.


[Name - Tian Qi

Age - 4 years old

Spiritual Energy - 99/99

Soul Realm - Indigo

Soul Form - None

Soul Attribute - Void, ????, ?????, ????

Demon Spirits - None

Cultivation Method - [Void Filling Scripture]

Martial Arts - [Pulse], [Whirl-palm], [Hide], [Breath]

Status - Lightly Injured]
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    《Entering the World of TDG》