Entering the World of TDG
8 Life Inside the City Lord“s Mansion
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Entering the World of TDG
Author :Lost_Writer
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8 Life Inside the City Lord“s Mansion

I woke up early the next day, by the time I left my new room the sun hadn't even risen yet. However, even though I woke up early I wasn't tired one bit so rather than good back to bed I instead started doing my usual morning routine.

My morning routine conI woke up early the next day, by the time I left my new room the sun hadn't even risen yet. However, even though I woke up early I wasn't tired one bit so rather than good back to bed I instead started doing my usual morning routine.

My morning routine consisted of simple yoga followed by simple Tai Chi stances. By the time I finished two hours have passed and the sun was already beginning to rise. Also in order to maximize my time while I was doing everything I circulated my spirit energy for two reasons. One was in order to continue my recovery, and second to train my control over my spirit energy while in movement.


Ye Mo - Good morning.

Turning around I saw that Ye Mo was behind me sitting in the same stone table we sat at yesterday.

Tian Qi - Good morning Master Ye Mo.

Saying this I cupped my fist as I read in the novel, though I didn't understand the meaning of this gesture I knew it was basic etiquette between master and student.

Ye Mo - You don't need to be so formal just come over here and eat before the food gets cold.

Tian Qi - food?...

At first, I was confused by what he said, but before I could ask he waved his hand and food appeared on the stone table.

Tian Qi - [Oh~ right spatial rings.]

Taking a seat across from Ye Mo we both started eating our food in silence until Ye Mo asked me a question.

Ye Mo - Tian Qi where did you learn those movements. From what I can see you've been practicing them for a while.

Tian Qi - Um~ I saw it in a picture book I borrowed from our caretaker. When I saw it I mimicked the moves on pages when I was three.

Ye Mo - So you like picture books Tian Qi?

Tian Qi - I don't know how to read so picture books are all I can use to try and experience a story.

Ye Mo - That is true...

After that, we both finished our breakfast but, we didn't leave my courtyard. Instead, we stayed sitting in that stone table while discussing my future. From this, I was informed by Ye Mo that he would be staying in Glory city for 2 weeks and in that short time frame, he would teach me along with Ye Ziyun some basic education. It was nothing special just reading, writing, and mathematics.

However, unlike Ye Ziyun how would start training at the age of ten (the normal age to start cultivating) he would also monitor my training. He seemed very interested in my Tai Chi and yoga that he wanted to observe my movements and see what benefits they could give. Then as far as physical training went he also planned out a light fitness regiment that I would follow for the next few years.

This was because while my spirit energy reserves were about to make a breakthrough into 1 Star Bronze rank my body, on the other hand, was slightly lacking. If I proceeded with making a breakthrough in my current state I would affect my foundation.

By the end of our talk, it was noon already, and Ye Mo decided to go and visit Ye Zong but before he left he gave me a scroll, a jade bottle, and a spatial ring.

Ye Mo - Although you can't use it now I'll still let you hold on to this, it is one of my older cultivation methods. I know I said you shouldn't cultivate now but I do recommend you look it over and familiarize yourself with it for when the time comes. Also, this bottle contains pills that will help your wounds heal faster. For now, try and focus on your recovery a servant will come and pick you up when it's time for dinner.

Tian Qi - Okay Master Ye Mo


After that day my daily routine was similar to the one Ye Mo and I planned ... at first but after the second day we ended up having to change up my schedule. The reason was that I was absorbing all the information I received like a dry sponge in water.

This surprised me since the words weren't anything like the words on earth. In the past even if you gave me years to study this language I probably would make only minor success, but now for some reason, the letters are clear to me. Confused by this I asked the Info Broker why I could understand the writing and it replied.

Info Broker - It is because of your wish which was [an ability to survive], and in my creator's case, he knew the world you were going to be reincarnated in so he chose the best possible ability for you that matched this world. Then end result ended up being [Superb Comprehension], basically, it allows you to understand things better so simple language comprehension is nothing for you now. This ability can also work with cultivating as well as understanding Laws but unlike with language comprehension, you'll have to put some effort into trying to understand cultivation and Laws.

Amazement was the only thing I felt after hearing that until eventually I returned to my senses and resumed my day. Though my quick uptake of language comprehension surprised Ye Mo a bit once he remembered my previous achievements he calmed down thinking I was just a quick learner. Other than Ye Mo however, there were two other people with us during our lesson it was Ye Ziyun and Ye Han.

Both of them also had their lessons taught alongside me but both of their attitudes towards learning couldn't be further apart. While Ye Ziyun was hardworking and actually tried in class, Ye Han, on the other hand, couldn't care less about class. Instead, he spent most of the three hours cultivating rather than learning. As for his attitude towards me well he treated me as air.

All he did when I walked into the room was looking at me with a side glance before turning away as if I wasn't there, but I didn't let it bother me. From what I knew from the novel Ye Han had only one goal in mind which was becoming City Lord and marrying Ye Ziyun. Most likely all he cared about right now was getting stronger to be recognized by Ye Zong. So I couldn't really be bothered with making an enemy of a guy who hasn't even shown ill intent towards me.

As for Ye Ziyun, she was sort of distant at first but after talking for a while she opened up a little. Though the only reason she opened up in the first place was that she has a slightly competitive personality and wanted to compete with me in mathematics only to lose in the end. Was I petty? No, I wasn't it's just that I unconsciously answered the questions with ease while Ye Ziyun to some time trying to finish her's. In the end, I helped her by pointing out the small mistakes she made, while also assisting her with problems she had trouble on.

I knew from reading the novel that Ye Ziyun developed a small inferiority complex since she was always being compared with Ye Han. So rather than using a lecturing tone like Ye Mo's, I spoke calmly and intentionally messed up a little to show that I didn't know everything (even though I did). Through this, I was somehow able to become friends with Ye Ziyun since she asked if I wanted to have tea with her when Xiao Ning'er came over later.

Sadly before I could reply to her, Ye Mo called me over to start my training regiment. All I could do was tell her next time, and leave with Ye Mo. After that, I did basic strength training till lunch, had a small break and, then resumed my training again till dinner time.

The reason I took so long was not that it was hard or anything it was just that Ye Mo forbids me from using spirit energy and told me to only rely on my body. The reason was that spirit energy when circulated through the body can restore lost stamina, and prevent muscle pain but it also hindered me a bit from improving my body's basic stats.

Hearing this I thought he was right since I rarely felt tired when practicing tai chi or yoga so in the end I followed his advice and trained without using spirit energy and boy was it hard. Turns out my base stamina was higher than others my age but, nowhere near as high as I wanted it to be. In order to complete my training regiment, I needed to take several breaks in order to not pass out from exhaustion. However, I never gave up instead I used this discovery as a lesson to not skimp out on the basics.


Time passed and before I knew it two weeks had passed and it was time for Ye Mo to depart back towards the Nether Realm. In those two weeks not only did he continue to train me, but he also spent time with Ye Ziyun and even informed Ye Zong on the Dark Guild's movements telling him to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity within the city. So in order to not make it known whether he was in the city or not, he left in the middle of the night after we saw him off.

As for me I just because he was gone didn't mean I'd stay idle. Since I no longer needed to learn to read or write anymore I borrowed multiple alchemy books and did my best to study alchemy so that I could at least be able to create basic pills by the time he returned four years from now. I also never stopped my physical training but, instead of using neglecting my spirit energy I decided to use it to help cultivate my spirit beasts. The process was actually very simple actually from what I was told from the Info Broker I had to just feed them my spirit energy and then leave the rest to themselves. Apparently, this not only created a master-servent connection between us but also allowed me to connect my senses with them for a certain period of time.

Once I made a connection between us every one of them started to listen to me more with the purple snake being the only one that stayed by my side whenever I let them out. So when I was deciding which one of my beasts to start cultivating I immediately chose the purple snake.

Thus after two weeks of feeding my spirit energy to the purple snake, it grew from being the size of my arm to being as long as one and a half meters. This growth caused chills to run down my spine since according to the system's analysis it had the strength of a silver rank cultivator but when I remembered that we had a connection together I calmed down.

And besides all of that whenever I had some free time, I'd somehow find myself wondering the halls of the City Lord's mansion with Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er. I honestly didn't know when this started but occasionally they would visit me in my courtyard when I was training and drag me out for exploring once I was done without even giving me time to wash off my sweat. It was a little bothersome in the beginning since I was caught off guard but after getting used to it, it became a habit for the three of us to go exploring after my daily training.
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    《Entering the World of TDG》