Entering the World of TDG
10 The Secrets within the Void Filling Scripture
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Entering the World of TDG
Author :Lost_Writer
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10 The Secrets within the Void Filling Scripture

Time passed and two months have gone by since Ye Mo left for the Nether Realm. As for me, I continued to live in the City Lord's Mansion to train. During my time here I got to know everybody from the Ye Family to the extent where I can talk with them freely, however due to the fact that I can't reveal much about my past in this life by Ye Mo's orders I never got to close to the people I talked to.

Never the less, even if I was like this Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning'er never really distanced themselves from me, in fact, they got closer to me. It got to the point where whenever I finished my daily training I would either be dragged around the mansion by Ye Ziyun to go exploring or be given snacks baked by Xiao Ning'er.

At first, during the first month, things weren't like this, in fact, at the time our relationship could at most be called acquaintances who happen to get along. I would join the two whenever they went exploring to understand the layout of the area, and they let me.

While there were times where I helped them out when they were having trouble. Like the time they almost feel on some vines and I caught them in my arms before reprimanding them to be more careful. Or even the time they save a nice bundle of red and blue flowers that they wanted but couldn't reach I easily grabbed them and gave it to them since I knew they wanted it. I used to do these kinds of tasks a lot in my past life for the orphans back home, so I didn't really think these actions would result in any major changes in behavior.

Contrary to my thoughts they did and rather than be reserved like they were in the first month by the time the second month rolled up they basically forgot the meanings of the words personal spaces. Rather than acquaintances we actually became friends, so much so that they basically stopped minding manners and would even act a little spoiled around me.

If this was a normal kid then they might have gotten mad and started arguing with the girls, but considering it was me who had experience with taking care of orphans who were a lot more spoiled than the girls it wasn't anything but a casual day for me. However, it wasn't like I let them boss me around or anything I did give them some bottom lines that I made sure they wouldn't cross since if they did they might start depending on me for everything/

So like that, I was able to spend a decent amount of time outside of my usual training routine relaxing and enjoying my new life. While I did still feel some negative emotions coming from the depts of my consciousness when I started to open up more to people and accept the world around me that feeling went away. While I wasn't sure when I'd be able to face that side of me I knew that I couldn't run from it.

All I had to do was prepare myself while also making sure I kept myself stable without walking down a dark path of loneliness. Following those ideas, I continued to spend my days in a balance of training and relaxation keeping my state of mind at peace with itself.


Ye Ziyun - Goodnight Tian Qi!

Xiao Ning'er - Goodnight Tian Qi!

Tian Qi - Night you two.

Wave goodbye to the girls who were having a sleepover in Ye Ziyun's courtyard I made my way back to my courtyard with great haste. The reason for this was because I got a report from the Info Broker telling me my physic had reached the requirements needed to reach Bronze Rank 1. Hearing this I wanted to immediately stop what I was doing to breakthrough but, before I could I was dragged away from my courtyard by the girls who wanted my help with baking sweet.

In the end, I decided that being rash would get me nowhere and instead decided to calm myself first before making a breakthrough since that would make the process easier on me.

The time it took to get from my courtyard to Ye Ziyun's was usually about twenty minutes and in that time I cleared my mind and entered a semiconscious state of mind. By the time I reached my courtyard, I quickly but calmly entered my room. Inside I found a very big snake coiled around my bed, three birds resting on a perch I built for them, two kittens sleeping in a bed I made for them, a turtle swimming inside a small pond connected to the pond, and a baby deer resting in the far corner of the room by the window.

All of them were the spirit beast that I've been raising since I got to the mansion and when I entered the room all of them looked at me for a moment before eventually going back to what they were doing. The only exception was the snake that continued to look at me as if awaiting orders.

Seeing this I smiled as I petted it's abnormally large head.

Tian Qi - I'm about to make a breakthrough today so I'll have to trouble you with protecting my body in case anything happens okay Zi She.

Zi She - *Nod*

While it wasn't the best name in the world I decided to name the purple snake as a reward for being the most loyal of all the spirit beasts.

Receiving its acknowledgment I hopped on the bed, sat in a lotus position, and started meditating.

Five minutes past and I started to feel the spirit energy in the air draw closer to me trying to enter my soul sea. I was already at the borderline of making a breakthrough months ago but because my body wasn't yet at the level I wanted I wasn't able to make a breakthrough until now.

Usually, the process of entering the bronze rank was gathering enough spirit energy into the soul sea to the point where the Dantian was formed. By doing this a cultivator can have a more stable source of spirit energy that regenerates itself without the cultivator needed to do it themselves. While the recovery rate was slow if done unconsciously if done consciously the speed was many times faster with a Dantain than without one.

The only reason I was able to avoid the hardship of having to refill my soul sea was that my control over spirit energy was at a degree where I could ignore such limitations. Other people couldn't that's why they would be in such a rush to reach bronze rank but me and maybe some other masters like Nei Li could take our time if we wanted to.

Remembering this I gathered the last remaining bit of spirit energy I needed and started to form my Dantian. One minute passed, then two, and after the fifth minute I started to feel some pressure build up into my navel before:


Within moments of the pressure building up, it soon exploded an expanded throughout my body surrounding my meridians and strengthening them along with the completion of my Dantian.

Tian Qi - *Exhale*

Opening my mouth a black fog exited my mouth representing the impurities in my body. With that, I had truly entered Bronze Rank 1, but I didn't let this get the better of me and soon moved on to the next task I had been waiting for, for a while.

[Void Filling Scripture]

It was the cultivation method I bought from the system that would be very useful due to having a Void Soul Attribute. The reason I didn't use it to help make my breakthrough was that it required me to already be at Bronze Rank 1 to use it.

Now that I had filled that requirement I began to look through the information I had on the cultivation method and began to start practicing. Shockingly, however, after searching through its contents I could only both praise the method for its power while also cursing it for the processes needed for advancement.

It was true that the method did reach all the way to legendary rank before cutting of like the Infor Broker said but if you read and comprehended the processes needed to advance you'd soon realize the difficulties of using this method.

Originally this method has 4 processes needed in order to rank up in cultivation


Process 1 - Spirit Energy Cultivation

For this process one had to cultivate spirit energy like every cultivator this in itself was no problem since that was normal for a cultivator the only downside was that it required 10 times the amount of spirit energy a normal cultivator needs in order to rank up. So let's say for a normal cultivator they need 1 million points of spirit energy to reach Legend Rank, for me instead I'd need ten million points!

Process 2 - Spirit Energy Refining

For this process, after I refined my body I also had to purify the spirit energy I received from the world which not only will make controlling spirit energy easier, but also make my attacks stronger than normal cultivators at my level.

Process 3 - Body Refining Cultivation

After energy gathering and refining I would use my purified spirit energy to strengthen my body to meet the requirements needed to rank up.

Process 4 - Void Law Comprehension

Once the body and the energy source was done I would have to have some knowledge about void laws comprehended. By the time I reach Silver Rank, I would need initial understanding, Gold Rank basic understanding, Black Gold Rank intermediate understanding, and Legend Rank complete understanding of void laws.


Another thing I forgot to mention was that once I reached Silver Rank I'd needed a demon spirit with the void attribute but, since I already knew about the Shadow Devil was inside the Ancient Orchid City Ruins I wasn't too agitated with this requirement.

Now the first three processes weren't completely impossible since they brought me more gain than demerit with the only downside being my cultivation speed but the gains will already make up for it later. The fourth process was what I was really worried about, while I did have superb comprehension given to me by god I didn't know the first thing about void laws.

If I had a basic demonstration of void laws I might be able to get around this obstacle worry free but without it, I might end being in Bronze Rank 1 for years. In a fit of denial, I completely denied the fact that that was all there was to this cultivation method and to my complete delight there was more to the [Void Filling Scripture].

Inside this cultivation method were two martial arts techniques and three spells that were related to void laws. They were:


Stealth - Similar to the Shadow Devils Void Form it uses spirit energy to cover my body and hide my presence, the only difference was that the higher my cultivation the stronger the stealth was until I could eventually come and go from the void disappearing from the world completely. (Can be used by a bronze rank cultivator)

Astral Steps - A footwork related martial arts that used the void as a stepping stone to get from one point to another (It requires me to be Silver Rank with a demon spirit before practicing)

Empty Eyes - A spell that uses spirit energy to inflict a spirit attack on an opponent through the caster's eyes. If invoked correctly it can cause the enemies consciousness to be sent into the void where the person's mind will slowly go insane from the sheer emptiness of the void. Required a tremendous amount of spirit energy to perform. (Can only be used by Gold Ranks)

Void Storage - A spell that creates small storage space in your Dantain. As your cultivation rises that space will grow larger until you have your own little pocket dimension in it. As long as your soul lives the storage space will continue to exist. (Can be used by Bronze Ranks)

Spatial Domain - A spell that deploys a domain around the caster, allowing them to see anything within the domain while also being able to manipulate space within it. (Can only be used by Legend Ranks)


Along with this knowledge was also very detailed instructions on how to use ones spirit energy to enact said spells and martial arts technique. Knowing this I began to start to imagine myself using said spells and all the panic and hopelessness I felt previously went away.

Tian Qi - While the requirements are a hard hurdle themselves to cross with my current comprehension speed I don't think I'll fall behind with all the knowledge I just received.


[Name - Tian Qi

Age - 4 years old

Cultivation Rank - Bronze Rank 1

Soul Realm - Indigo

Soul Form - None

Soul Attribute - Void, ????, ?????, ????

Demon Spirits - None

Cultivation Method - [Void Filling Scripture]

Martial Arts - [Pulse], [Whirl-palm], [Hide], [Breath], [Stealth], [Astral Steps]

Spells - [Empty Eyes], [Void Storage], [Spatial Domain]

Status - Healthy]
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    《Entering the World of TDG》