Game kingdom
1 chapter 1
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Game kingdom
Author :Skyhunter1
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1 chapter 1

Dan Greenwood was playing his favorite game it was an online kingdom building game, his alliance was fighting for the throne for 8hrs he didn't sleep for 24 hrs now and had to go to work, washing his face and left to work if anyone look at him they would think he was a walking corps.

Dan was was 6ft black short hair, brown eyes, with a handsom face brown skin athletic body

He wasn't watching and a truck was going to hit him he looked up and jump to the side, " hahaha truck - kun not to day" the vehicle on the other lane tire broke off coming right at his head, Dan turn around and seen the tire hit him in the face killing him.

waking up in space floating around " ok who wanted me dead" he said

" sorry about that I was going to kill the guy beside you but i had to make the vehicle turn, then I used a tire to kill the guy but he walk behind you so the tire hit you" he said

" wow you killed me by mistake now I want compensation" Dan said

" ok I'll give you 3 wishes for my mistake I made" he said

'" first wish I want my kingdom with all my troops and resources to come with me, 2nd wish I want to be sent to a world with swords and magic, 3rd I want to.." ( cut off)

" wait wait thats a little much don't you think for 1 wish" he said

" no it's not its perfect, just send me and my kingdom to a magical world thats all I want" dan said

" alright the world is a fantasy world with human, demi human, dragons and demon" he said

Flash and he was in his castle throne room sitting on his throne, he looked around and can see 6 guard on each side, High paladin they are dressed in silver gold full body Armour with a white cap, sun in the middle of the chest with two rows of feathers on the helmet with one big great sword T10 troops.

looking around he can see white marble floor with 10 pillers covered In gold, with a nice long red carpet to the door, behind him was a gold sun crest with with dragons and knights, he was hyperventilating from seeing everything.

" my lord are you all right" Soft voice ask it was like music to one ears, Dan turned his head it was the tutorial Elf women in her tight white gold one peace dress was like it was sprayed on it was so tight, she had a silver crown on her head white long hair with blue eye's with her staff with a blue gem with a siver feather.

Dan black out all he could see his guard rushing to him to catch himfrom falling down, when he awoke he can see many old men casting spells on him to heal him.

" are you okay my lord" the tutorial women ask

" ah yes I wasn't feeling good a moment ago but now im fine" he said

" everyone can leave now he well be alright," she said

the old men left the room, the are high mage t10 dressed in red and black with leather Armour around the chest,

" god as told me we have been sent to a different world ad has given me some information" she said

" Elisabeth how many troops I have here right now" he ask

" 1million you lost 800k in the throne war, I advise you to take settlement around the area you need resources and the upkeep is vary large" she said

'we should sustain for a long time we have alot of food and resource chest, lucky i was a pay player' Dan got off the bed and was wearing a black gold crested design all over his vest with a black pants everything felt like silk, he didn't like to wear the cape so he left it off, he forgot about his crown.

walking around his castle everyone was completely loyal he could walk down the street and nobody well try and kill him, listening to Elizabeth talk about the world dragon are vary intelligent, Goblin are the same capture women to breed, orc are just the same but bigger with a pig head, many kids of race's.

Dan decided to check out the city and he wasn't disappointed it was a massive kingdom with 3 walls, 14m high 5m thick, walking down the main street he can see thousands of people women men children elderly people, the one thing the game didn't show you, funny thing was he didn't have a poor area everyone help each other.

he turn around to go ack to his castle he didn't look at it before but now he got a good view of it, it was white and gold two massive towers with light in the middle of it on the side 20 little towers and one big dragon crested face In gold,

" Elizabeth whats that light in the middle" he ask

" its the peace shield it well last for 7 days and then the city well be visible and anyone can attak" she said

" right I forgot abot that" they walk back to the castle he was trying to calm himself down by clearing his mind.

(back inside the castle)

" shit I dont know anybody around here, you come here I have need for you" he said

" yes my lord" High paladin

" go and send word to send scouts out In every direction, tell the general's to meet me here " he said

" it well be done my lord" he went running away fast

" my lord here's the drink you requested" she said

' maid's are like super model with French maid uniforms on like why couldn't thay be in long dress and not skirt half way to the knee' he was thinking

" thank you vary much my dear you can return to what you were doing" he said

" call me if you need anything my lord" bow then walk away

after looking around the library he was in the general's finally showed up 2 men 2 women, they had the High paladin armour on but with different colors red and black

" as you 4 may already know I sent scout out in every direction to find anything that well cause us problem in the future, what I wanted you 4 todo is set up borders and have troops patrol, use the sword man and pike men, add some archers with them"

"yes my lord we well send troops out, but we haven't gotten word from the alliance yet" on man said

" its because we are sent to a different world, we should be careful amd set up defense" Dan said

the 4 of them suck in air like a vacuum " impossible, but if you think about it there was different realms" they bow then walk away

" inform the troops any green little men or big pig like men to be killed on site" Dan said

" yes my lord we well get started" they all said

Dan was walking all over his castle exploring until it was Dark, he found the bath house it was a great big room with a big bath getting undress he walk into the pool like tub

" ahhh finally I found this room I could have ask but why not walk around and look for it " he was relaxing

when the maids found out he was in the bath they got undressed and joined.

" my lord let us wash your body for you" they said

" ahh aright" ' shit hold it in hold it in hold it in' he repeated in his head

They started washing Dan all over the place his arms, back,hair one was washing his chest she was going lower and lower, Dan face was calm but om the inside he was singing the Alphabet doing math anything to keep his dragon down.

he couldn't hang on and it awoken from its slumber, the maid just lopk at it and didn't say anything she was happy she got her master hard, Dan given up and just let his boy stand strong the 4 maids just keep washing him.

Dan just turn the maid around that was washing his chest and started washing her, she was surprised when her master started washing her, he pulled her closer to him tell she was sitting on his lap and his dragon was between her legs.

he kiss her neck and started washing her front the others just kept washing Dan waiting for him to grab them, the maid that was being wash start moving her hips slowly, Dan didn't do anything just kept washing her, his one hand made its way down her slowly until she was moaning softly.

' kings life i guess, better help my self if they want it' he was thinking

he got up and sat on the edge of the pool he grab another one pulling her to him he started kissing her the one that was on his lap start jerking him off before she put his cock in her mouth, the one he was kissing was being eaten by the other maid she was moaning, two maids are licking his cock cleaning it, he was innhis glory he never dream of doing it with 4 girls he only thought that happen in porn video.

he sat up and can clearly see the maid isn't dong it right just licking her and thats all " you come here ill show you how its done" he said she got up ad move to dan head the maid he was kissing had he pussy in dan face dripping, " watch and learn" he said

he started licking her and put his tung in her, he used his free hand and stuck his finger in her asshole the maid moan loudly, the maid watching just played with her self Dan notice she was left out.

he got back up into the tube " come here since you are left out you can in joy the full experience" he said, she got up move to him he flip her over and her legs in the water and her body on the floor.

he push it in slowly she moan every inch he push in " you are vary tight" he said

so he push it in tell he hit a wall and got ready he push it all in 10 inches, she was bleeding a litttle and scream in pain, " it well hurt but it well go away soon"

after letting her calm down a little and didn't go all out, the maid look at him and seen caring in his eyes they new he well be gentle with them.

he started moving his hip slowly and gained speed he was only going half speed for a few minutes, she was squirting alot and she was moaning with her tung hanging out Dan stuck his thumb in tight pink asshole and wiggle it inside her, she moan loudly and passed out.

he didn't blow his load yet and did 3 of them all together until they passed out dan shot his load on one girls back and wash it off, when they are out cold he wash the girls body's one at a time.

when they woke up he told them to follow him to his room to sleep he didn't want to use them then leave them high and dry, they all slep together naked.

the next morning he woke up the girl are still sleeping soundly on his bed, he had to get up and see if any information from the scout report, he move a little waking all the girls up.

" if you girls are sour you can sleep here" he said he gives them a kiss then left,

making his way outside he wanted to have breakfast since the sun was just coming up in the distance, the maid and the butlers given him his meal outside in the garden.

" any scout report come back yet" he ask

" one report but other haven't returned yet" the butler said

" good read it to me while I eat " he said

" 10km west from here past the forest a small settlement filled with orc have a base, 500 and they have prisoners 30 and resources

food 10,000



gold 2100

" thats nice chunk of resources for a smll camp, prepare 20,000 men and send them to attack them, wait ill go with them I haven't went outside yet"

" yes my lord ill send word to prepare the troops" the Butler bow and left

" finally some action I cant wait ill go get dressed now" he walk back to his room amd he girls are still sleeping, he walked to his gear hanging on a Manakin it was a nice black armour with a helmet that only covers his top head a gold crown, his chest plate was black with gold trimming with red outline it, was a full body Armour, taking some time to put on and his red cape.

the sun was already up and his troops waiting in the court yard 2000 High paladin to walk him out to the main force outside the wall, he was in front on a heavily armour horse with silver and gold, walking to the main gate people are cheering as he made his way to the gate, he didn't want to take a full army 240 thousand troops to a little camp.

outside he had

T9 pikes men 5000

T8 heavy swords men 3000

T10 heavy cross bowmen 3000

T8 long bowmen 2000

T10 Holy horse men knights 2000

T7 horse archers 1000

T10 high mage 2000

we march In a straight line around the forest and had no problem who would attack an army full of high level troops, we didn't see anything just a few wildlife here and there, the sun was high in the sky when we made it to the orc base I had them line up around the orc camp,

longbow men in the front first to take them out if they charge then heavy cross bow men behind them if they make it close, pikes men behind them so they can retreat to the back.

if they didn't come ot then ill use a mage to blow up the wall and send the heavy swords men in with the High paladin to clear it out.

if they make a run for it then we can jus send holy horse men knigts and horse archer.

" get into formation " I yelled the holy knights on the horses to the rigth and left and horse archers did the same but 100m away the main army was advance to the camp slowly .

the orc spotted us and was scared shit less from a huge army the have never seen before all gold and silver, they didn't know what todo so they ran away in every direction a stupid move for half of them the calvary unit charge and kill them all, i had the infantry unit march with shield first inhad the pike men stay back since they cant do anything in the battle.

when my heavy swords men got close a orc tried to run ad tackle a High paladin the paladin just cut the fool in half lile paper, they killed everyone inside the base beside the prisoners, I was outside the gate walking inside when I can see the women all dirty and naked.

Bunny people, Fox people, 3 human, Elf people.

" get them some clothes to wear they should have a nice meal before we head back to the city clean this place for anything valuable" I said

the women didn't say anything it was there first time seeing such god like troops in one spot, the troops they seen only had leathers armour, not gold and silver.

the High paladin casting clear heal on them remove any infection they may have.

I went walking around the dead orc and didn't see anything of value on them mabe inside they have something but they stink of shit he was thinking, After cleaning up and burning the body we left it was a nice open field, heading back we let the girl ride on the Wagon, they didn't say anything.

" when we get back ill have someone check to see if your not pregnant" he said

"we aren't, they didn't do anything to us but starve us" the human girl said

" what kingdom did you all come from " I ask

" im from the hill tribe to the north the other 2 human girls are from a village to the east that was attack by the orcs" she said

" what about them" pointing at the demi human

" they are slaves a merchant was attacked and killed they capture them" sje said

" you beast girl can you talk " I ask

" we bunny people are from the west of here, my tribe was attacked by human and capture for slave trading, the foxes are from the same location as us but the elf have it hard they are hunted daily for high price slaves " the bunny girl said

" interesting so they would go so low to hunt an elf" lucky I left all the elfen troops back in the city they will well be surprised when they see them.

(back at the city)


still 1hr of sun light left when they made it back, when they walked into the shield the women couldn't see but everyone else can see a barrier around the city when they enter the women mouths Drop wide open and eyes went big.

The Elf slave seen Elf troops on the wall they are in green gold uniforms walking on the wall, they never thought they would see such a site, Elf on a city wall with humans laughing and joking.

The others couldn't believe it a big city that hidden behind a barrier for who know how long.

horns blowing and everyone made way for the troops that return it was like theu won a kingdom battle or something, it was only a few orc to test them nothing that big to make a huge welcome party he was thinking.

a T9 Elf Mage was in white blue uniform asking them to follow him to the hospital, Dan went back to the castle.

" ummmm brother can I ask you something" a elf ask

" go a head ask what you like" the mage Elf said

" Why is there so many Elf here fighting with humans" she said

" my lord built this mighty kingdom with us together him and Elizabeth stay in the castle, we have fought many wars and lost many men" he said

" what do you mean he built this kingdom are you saying he was here for a vary long time" she ask

" he was here when this little city was nothing but wood, he has always been here even if the alliance couldn't we have him that could lead us" he said

" who is this Elizabeth you speak of" she said

" Elizabeth is the queen of the Elf here she stays beside the tree of life with others of are kind and mostly inside the castle with are lord"

( back inside the castle)

walking back to his room to get out of his gear he was tired and wanted sleep before he read any reports, the maids fix the bed and left only he was in his room alone, he went to bed naked when his head hit the pillow he was out cold.

The door open and Elizabeth walk inside she removed her dress and was naked for the world to see, she had long white leg and a nice body with D size breast, she climb ino bed with Dan cuddling up and falling asleep with him.

1000 km his scout was entertaining a city, wasn't big the troops only use leather armour and some iron plate and a helmet made from iron, The scout team was 4 people dressed in a green and black coat, the had a bow and swords, the equipment they use is vary good but plain, They walk into a inn to stay the night .



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