Game kingdom
9 chapter 7
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Game kingdom
Author :Skyhunter1
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9 chapter 7

"War does not determine who is right — only who is left."

― Anonymous


POV Dragon king

He land in is allies capital he was angry and push maid out of his way he storm into the castle like he own the place, " where is your king, I demand to speak with him at once" he said walking towards a butler.

" he is with his wife and daughter in the garden" a Butler said.

the dragon king made his way to the garden quickly, he wasn't wasting time talking with anyone he wants his kingdom back and he brought as much gold he can bring. when he was about to enter the garden the kings guard stop him from entering.

" get out of my way im king Allan from the Dragon kingdom I demand the king to speak with me at once" he said shouting at he guard for doing his job.

The daughter was supposed to merry him but, the king found out about his twisted ways, he would rather kill that man then let him hurt his daughter.

" what you want to speak about Allan" the king said having a shot of tea.

" I need your help in taking my kingdom back, I was attacked by an unknown force of some 800,000 men" he said.

" so you come into my home disturbing my peaceful time with my daughter and wife ( take another shot of tea) just to make me attack an unknown force that can probably kill me and the holy kingdom put together" he said peacefully.

" I well give you slaves, gold anything you want from my kingdom I well give it to you if you return my kingdom to me" he said.

'" anything you say" he said

" yes anything you want, I just want my kingdom back" Allan said.

The king call over his men " take him away and kill him he has no need for us anymore" he said

" what you can't do this to me im a member of the church, killing me well turn the church on you and bring the rath of gods judgment on your family" Allan said.

" I never did like you, I like your parents but not you. to think you wanted my daughter hand in marriage to get benefits from me, But your twisted ways you do to women and children is something I well not let my daughter see" he said.

Allan was drag away and was pulled to death by horse, it wasn't the king who order it it was the guard, they wanted to test out how stong a human body was. they tie dan leg and hand to a horse each,

" God well punished you all" Allan was still speaking nonsense.

" I got 20 copper his arms well be rip off frist " one guard said.

" I say his leg well be the first to go" the 5 guards are making bets befpre they kill Allen. when he seen ehat the guards are doing he was mad and started cursing them.

(smack)(smack) (smack) (smack)

the 4 guard slap the horse ass making them run to pull him apart,. Allan arm's are rip off his leg was pulled out of place and his body that was held by the stomach was rip open from being pulled.

" give me my copper I won" the guard said .

" you go chop off his head he still alive " nother guard said

The guard walk over looking at Dan body his arm are rip off from the elbows his feet had no meat left on them, his skin was pull off like taking off socks, the guard just laughed at him and cut his head off.

" Darling what are we going todo about this unknown ary hat has taken Dragon kingdom" The queen ask.

" I well send a message to this unknown army, I should have ask him more aboit it before I had him killed" he said scratching his cheek.

" he said it was 800,000 troops we can maybe reach that if we have the citizens join the army" the king said.

" the best you can do is send someone over to this king and set up diplomacy" the kings Daughter said.

" smart like your mother, ok you can take care of this and have a report on my desk in 1 month" the king said.

" Noooo I don't want to do it, mother you do it" She said.

" No, you well have to learn how to manage ties with other country sooner or later, maybe this new kingdom has a prince you may like" Queen said teasingly.

" what if he's a dirty old man an attempt to kidnap me when I go to his kingdom" she said.

the king stop what he was doing and remember Allan was a twist person and the new king might be the same or worse, " ok I well do it then but if its he's a handsome king or prince dont cry to me, I given you a chance" he said



Dan and Marcus continue to talk about future plans until it was late at night he also found out the kingdom didn't hae glass yet and he totally dismissed this one key factor in trade untill marcus told hm.

" if we can make glass cups and trade them to other kingdom we can improve the amount of gold we can bring into the kingdom, luxury wine, fabrics we can sell them" Dan said

" if no other kingdom has the same luxury goods as us we can manipulate the market in selling them high price" marcus said.

" smart man, but what I can't figure out is why we haven't seen any magic users in the kingdom, the citizens haven't said anything because we killed everyone tha seen the mage in action" Dan said

" have you check all the book you got from the kings library?, it could be that they didn't have anyone who can cast spells or they never discoverer it" Marcus said.

" that vary well can be it, but if they didn't find magic yet then are standing In this word military and power rank skyrocketed" Dan said.

" we shouldn't rule it out yet until we gather more information, I well look into this matter with the Demi human, they just might know why we haven't seen magic user yet" he said.

" Its getting late now you should go and rest" Dan said walking to his bed.

Marcus smile then left the tent. he well send men to gather information and ask around or have a mage demonstrate magic for them.

Dan turn off the magic crystal light making it dark, he got undressed and crawling into bed where Sandra tail was. Dan totally forgot about her and he was laying next to her long fluff tail, he felt the warmth from it and pulled it making Sandra cry out.

" oh shit forgot about you" Dan said

" Don't be so ruff with my tail its sensitive from being heal, thank you for helping me get my tail back if you didn't heal it with the magic it would habe been ugly all my life" she said.

" Sandra what do you know about magic and the other kingdom" Dan ask with glowing eyes.

" only a few human and Demi human can use Magic 1:1000 at most this kingdom couldn't afford them so they move away" she said.

" can you use magic aswell?" he ask.

" yes I can its a family blood magic, I can't tell you what it is because we swear never to tell anyone outside the Fox clans" she said.

" ohhhh blood magic you say" he ws now right beside her.

" yes an i won't tell you anything, you can even try to punish me and I won't tell you" she said moving closer to Dan.

Dan place his hand on her hip moving his hand down her leg pulling it over his so he can move closer " I won't dig into it, one day you well use it and I well find out what it is" He said moving his hand to her ear.

her blood magic was a transform into a 6 tail fox and lose her mimd and attack anyone, she only made 2 tail come out and thats why her tail was more fluff then other fox people because two tail are together making 1 big tail.

Her blood magic only unlock her 6 tail transformation for 2 minutes, The fox people haven't seen the 6 tail fox in many generation and thought it was lost with time.

The fox goddess has 9 tail, its believe that the 6 tail was descendent of her first kid. The goddess told her son he wasn't allowed to have children unless she seals his power away making it blood magic, over the year's of countless generation of children the blood was seal even stronger with each new kid born making it harder for a new tail to unlock.

Dan was already trusting it inside the queen because the author was taking way to long..... just kidding.

Dan move in amd started kissing her slowly feeling up her body the queen skip the forplay and grab Dan cock making him switch. " oh so we just going to skip the hole love things and get to fucking" he said.

" I have been in heat for 1year I think we can skip it for today" she said moving her hand slowly trying to wake up Dan dragon. She turn her body to give Dan a blow job but wen Dan seen her he turn her body making her ass face him.

" what are you doing dont lick that its dirty" she said moaning.

Dan was already going to town on her she wasn't lying when she said she was in heat. Dan lick her a few times moving his tung up and down, this little action made her climax making her spray Dan in the face.

' why is it every time I find a new girl I get shot in the face' he didn't mind it but a little warning next time he was thinking.

The fox Queen never felt anything like that she never knew you can lick it and have such pleasure from a few licks, She was embarrassed for peeing on Dan face wich never happen to her before.

Dan just went bck to work he didn't care, he wanted to try her out since his first time with an elf was taken away from him he well saver this moment. The queen was moaning looking at Dan big dick in front of her face she had some experience from being a sex slave for Allan. She was never given such pleasure and was the one to give pleasure.

She grab Dan cock shoving it inside her mouth moving her head up and down with her tung twisted aroud his cock. Dan felt it and was amazed at how good she was at it and stop a few seconds.

Dan felt his boy being swallowed, the queen has taken all of Dan leaving nothig he can feel it go down her throat wich was tight the wird things was he can feel a powerful sucking and squeezing from her throat that wanted to drain everything from him.

The queen was using everything she can to make Dan cum, she tryout many different ways until she deep throat making dan twitch. She smile and did the same thing over ad over again until Dan busted a nut.

She swallow everything dan can put out for her she pull it out licking it clean and turn around, she had her pussy on Dan shaft riding it.

" Promise me you well not abandoned me and use me like some toy, like how I was treated for 2 years, I was only 17 when he cought me and did thats stuff to me" she said.

Dan was surprised she look a little older then 19 more like a full grown women maybe in the 2 years has age her a little fast but she is still a beautiful foxy women. Dan wanted an Elf, fox, Rabbit any Demi human princess or queen to be a concubine or a wife.

" I promise you I well not abandon you" Dan said.

The queen smile at him amd stand up sitting down taking Dan cock, she moan vary loudly making her pussy stretch tight around the dragon she didn't think he had so much gurth and could easily take it.

Dan was surprised again he didn't think she well be this tight only drawing to one conclusion the other king was small. Sandra started moving her hip she was losing her mind from being in jeat for so long Nd wanted everything Dan can gie her.

Dan move is arms to stop her, he ift her up making her balance, all she had to do was hold her self in the spot and take a pounding from dan, Dan got into position and started moving incredibly fast using the bed to help bounce him back up making him hit the end of the tunnel fast and hard.

Sandra was moaning loudly practically screaming, this made Dan move even faster making Sandra climax over and over again. Dan push her over and put her in then doggie style position. Dan started moving his hip making her scream with pleasure.

" harder do me harder I never felt anything like this before don't stop" she said

Dan didn't notice but he was using wind magic to increase his thrusting an unbelievable speed.

" I cant hold on any longer" he said

Sandra flip over using her legs to lock Dan into place making him fill her inside up." it's to much for me to take in" she said

Dan was in the famous leglock baby daddy hold, Dan pulled out making her moan again before slamming it back in he wasn't done with her yet, he still had one more hole to spill his army in.

he flip her over making her ass stick up in the air she was thinking he wanted the cum to stay inside her, Dan line it up his dick and push the head in slowly.

" what are you doing, get it out it feels wrong" she said.

Dan push it in more and pulling it out slowly making her maon again, Dan push in half ways and pulled out he was shaping it to except his dick, Dan started to move again a little faster the queen was moaning again.

" keep moving like that, I like it" she said. sandra didn't understand why it felt good to her but she was enjoying it.

Dan kept moving 1/4 of his speed then increase it a little faster making her moan dan pull her tail upward making her ass come up even higher in the air.

she scream with pleasure " Dont pull it so hard, pull it softly" she said.

Dan got the green light, he held her by her tail fucking her she was at his mercy and she like it, she was never broken by the king but she was broken by Dan in one night she well return to warm his bed every night tell the day she dies of old age.

Dan busted another load deep inside her fallig down breathing heavily, he was spent and had no energy left, falling asleep.

The next morning Dan got up and had his personal guard get ready to ride back to his castle, it wasn't long of a ride on horseback to his city around 4 hours maybe.

" Alice Ready a horse for Sandra she well come back with us, Marcus well lead the army back" Dan said.

Dan and his men made good time on horseback they can see the two massive towers, Sandra was looking at the two massive towers behind the tree line, she couldn't make what it was and only a huge two towers.

when they clear the forest she was greeted with farm lands and the two towers are connected with Dan castle with alot f little towers, she never thought a mighty kingdom was behinds a small forest.

Dan and his men made there way to the gate where trumpet blow loudly and the game music was playing for some strange reason Dan never heard it since he got here.

Sandra was aww struck by the glorious kingdoms made from marble and gold nothing was made from wood, except tables and chairs, the people of the city cheered and wave at there king making his way to his castle.

everything was like a dream to sandra never in her life would she have though she well be a member of such a kingdom, this just made her more respectful towards Dan.

Elizabeth was waiting at the front door looking at Dan approach from the distance, Dan spotted Elizabeth and kick his horse making it go a little faster.

Elizabeth notice another women with Dan and her eye squinted looking at her.

Dan jump off his horse and walk towards Elizabeth and hug her, she wasn't ready for it at all " my lord can yo let me go" she said

" no I missed the smell you give off" he said holding her tightly.

" lightning shock" she said.

Dan's hair was smoking from being shock by Elizabeth " why you do that I missed you so much and you shock me, I feel betrayed" Dan said falling down holding his hand out to her.

" ha suck smoth words wont work on me, you have alot of work to do so get ready to work" she said.

she turn around and left she was shy and embarrassed when Dan said he missed her smell, when he was gone she did all kinds of unspeakable things to her self on Dan's bed.

Dan just fix himself up and walk away like nothing happened at all. " have the maids here cloth and wash Sandra, measure her and make a dress" Dan said.

Dan had to look over report of his city, the food was still holding out nicely he had alot of gold and silver and alot of copper made so no shortage of copper coins well run out, He send a message to inform the nobles to come to his city escorted by 2,000 cavalry each.

Dan was more interested in the port, the road was made but still needed to build it to the city and build the docks, he well send more people over to help buld it and clear cut the forest aroumd the area.

Dan remember the airship and walk to the college it was a massive building with many floors and look like a big church building or something. Dan walking inside and can see a big library and many tables.

" bring me the head master here I have something to show him" Dan said

young looking boy ran away to get the head master, when they both return he can see an old man with red and black robes without the black leather chest guard.

" I need you to build something for me, this is called an air ship if you can build it ill let you name it" Dan said.

The old man look at he design and giggle " this is like the merchant ship that used to vist the city of course I can build it with out that big bag on top" he said.

when he said merchant he forgot abot that guy and wonder why he didn't show up here that rip off merchant " good build me one and name it as you like I well need it to sail the sky" Dan said.

" give me 2 weeks I can build it and we have alot of men and resources here so it wont take long " the old man said.

" take your time I don't need it falling from the sky" Dan said walking away.

" oh yeah I well pay you with the new gold I made" Dan said flicks a coin in the air toward the mage.

Dan made his way back to the castle. he needed to write a letter to let the Drawf king know he well meet him. Dan wasn't in a joyful mood to travel again, after all he just got back.

' I should travel with the merchant ship when it's built and have another make a more detailed map' . he well put Elf and human mage on the ship for attack ad defense power, T7 Elite knight, T8 heavy swordsman, T9 Archer guard,

T10heavy cross bow man. Dan well make it a real powerhouse merchant ship.



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