Game kingdom
10 chapter 8
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Game kingdom
Author :Skyhunter1
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10 chapter 8

Days past by after the war many Kingdom got word of the Dragon Kingdom Fall and sent people to gather information on the New kingdom. The Church was in an uproar over loosing a major part of power connected to them, They sent word to there worshipers that this New Kingdom was a Demon worshipping Kingdom and should be taken back from them.

The other kingdom didn't care about them and wanted to set up trade with this new mighty Kingdom that can take another land in a single day, while others agreed with the church they should take the land back from te Demom worshipping kingdom.

The church called for a crusade against them and all Kingdom should join them in taking it back, The bigger Kingdom didn't agree with the church and dismissed the idea of a Demon worshipping kingdom.

The church was only able to brainwash the smaller kingdoms around the Holy land that had more influence in the kings courts, 5 Kingdom well join while the bigger ones well watch the war.

To the south the Demi human kingdom got word of a kingdom that save Demi human from slavery. This kingdom was located on the scorching Prairies. They well offer Dan support for his act of kindness towards Demi human and deemed him a valuable ally.

To the north the Demon country was mostly at war with anyone Down south from them and constantly Defending off Army's and have sent an messenger to this new king to join them in killing the church.

The war well take place in 1 year after they gather more information on Dan Capital and how many troops he has, what they didn't know was and army of real demons well open a gate to there world in 1 year and well set out to destroy all living things on the land.

The next Day when Dan got back he was inside the Garden looking over reports his men found an underground ruins and haven't sent anyone inside yet " send a team over to clear it out and bring back any valuable they can find, bring books if you find any even if they are old and cant read them" Dan said to Britney.

" I well send a team over to clear it out, 500 well be enough to search the ruins, there vary well could be dangerous monster or traps so I well also send experience people who can find them and disarm them" she said.

" if it's something they can't win against tell them to retreat back and send word to us" Dan said looking at the map.

She left right away. Dan was still looking at he map and found information on the Demon kingdom, they aren't actually Demon but big Orcs wth big teeth ad can crush a full grow man skull like peanut it said in the book.

Dan walk to his training ground inside Sonora was waiting for him to start training, " we couldn't train for a few weeks so we well make this training twice as long" Dan said picking up a blunt sword.

They started off with the usual stance walking sideways and waiting for the first to attack or get distracted " wait put this on" Dan said throwing her a blind fold.

" last time we train you got distracted easily, this well help you hon your senses becoming one with the blade" Dan said looking at her putting it on.

Dan walk over and block a swing from her and move behind her hitting her leg making her fall down " focus on the sounds and determine witch way the blade is going" he said moving around her again.

She tried to block Dan sword but was the wrong way and Dan hit her arm they continue to train this way all day. She was sour from being hit all over, she got a few lucky blocks but wasn't something Dan would call progress in his training.

"once we get this training done you well go up against 5 people equally match with you, this well help to see if you can focus on multiple targets and not one" Dan was goings to push her body and mind to its limits then make her pass that to become someone he can spar with when she was ready to face him.

" tomorrow I well set up bags that well swing and you well walk on a log to pass the course if you fall you well start again and again until you pass" Dan said having a drink of water.

" thank you for training me, I well not disappoint you my lord" she said breathing heavily.

" hahha when you pass that I well have people shoot arrows at you" he said smiling at her.

Sonora went pale she didn't know her master was some kind of training monster that well break her body and put it back together to break it again. Dan notice her face and giggle " come on, don't look at me like I just slap your grandmother in front of you".

She got back up and put the blind fold back on, Dan and her went back to training . She tried vary hard to locate the swing of Dan sword he wasn't hitting her hard, he well swing his sword in all types of speed to try throw her off and make a little sting on her body where he hit her.

The training went on tell night time, Sonora was sour from being hit all over her body she can feel pain in her legs, ribs, arms, back. He didn't hit her ass, breast or the head he didn't want to hurt her to point where it hurt her to sit down or cause braim damage from being hit in the head over and over again.

" go have a bath and get some sleep, you can also have the maids wash you again" he said

" no I rather not I can wash my self" she said with a red face remembering what happened.

Dan went to his office and started drawing up the lttle sand bags with string that well swing at Sonora when she trains, he also add ask to see if they can make something to make the bag swing on its own. Dan was lazy he didn't want to run around swinging the begs at her.

After giving it to the Butler Dan had a quick bath and went to his room, he can see someone in his bed sleeping already " Sandra must of went to bed early today' he got undress and craw into bed.

The next morning Dan went for a walk to the college to check out the design they welll build, he can see the old man he given the order to was making a little model of the airship he wanted made.

It was a big ship with 3 floors no sails, it had Elf designs on te side with gold and white, the body of the ship was black and blue at the bottom it was a oce ship for a merchant ship.

" how's it going" Dan said walking toward him.

" good morning my lord, please have look at he model of the ship it has 3 floors the bottom is for cargo and the other is for crew members, your room is here and has everything you well need for travel, the ship create water from the water magic crystal, we also add a kitchen that can cook anything you want.

' this would be cool if I can make a lot of them and a modern day looking magic city' Dan was thinking the impossible right now he will need alot of resources just to make a few skyscrapers.

" it's a very nice ship make it big enough to carry 2,000 troops on deck, I don't need someone getting smart ideas when I land to do business with another kingdom trying to sneak on board and still something" Dan real plan was to travel and explore ruins.

" as you wish" he said stroking his beard looking at the model.

" carry on ill look around here" Dan said

Dan went walking around inside the big college he spots a sign on top the door military research, he walk iside and can see many books on tactics, , methods to increase Armour for defense, he can see a section of book not complete yet.

' this research well take some time to complete' he was thinking lookng at the book shelf.

Dan continue walking around in the college for some time before he left back to the castle, it was lunch time and he wanted something to eat and have a nap before he train Sonora again.

Dan was making his way to the dining room when Elizabeth stop him to ask a few questions " my lord do you have a moment for me"

" yes I do as long as you don't shock me again" he said looking at her.

she smile at him " who well be your first wife" she ask.

Dan's brain stop working, the engine was running but nobody behind the wheel, he looked at her and didn't say a word. she look at him waiting for an answer.

" you well be " he said looking at her with a smile on his face.

she wasn't prepared for him to say her, they never did anything and she was thinking one of the maid or Sandra and Sonora well be a wife to him but not her.

she walk up to him and look him in the eyes.

Dan lean in and kiss her on the lips and pull her closer to him, they kiss for a few minutes. Elizabeth was moaning and enjoying her self she reach down amd squeeze Dan bag making his eyes open wide. Dan was now at her mercy and was holding his breath waiting for the end of his man hopd to end.

Elizabeth was thinking it well feel good to man if she did that to him but it was the complete opposite of what she wanted, she can see he was holding his breath and when she squeeze a little harder he well tremble." Does it feel good" she ask

" no it hurts please dont squeeze any harder, im afraid you well end my career if you squeeze any harder" he said looking into her eyes pleading.

She given them another squeeze just to make him yelp a little and make his body naturally pull back trying to get free. " just wait tell tonight I'll come and visit you" he said.

" hahaha if you can make it past my army" she said teasing him.

" Remember I have alot of human troops to slay any army and I well conquer you in my bed tonight" he said holding her hand walking to the dining room.

" If you can make me summit to you then I well become your wife" she said.

Now Elizabeth doesn't know what she got herself into, when Dan smell her sent from her garden he well gain a crazy sex drive like the maid elf. " go prepare yourself for the night you well never forget" he said slapping her ass and running behind a wall so he can't get hit with lightning.

Dan had lunch then a nap. when he woke up he made his way to the training area he can se the log and sand bags hanging.

"im ready to train master" she said

" good put the blind fold on and all you hae todo is make it back and forth 5 times without falling" he said.

" ok I can do that" she said with confidence.

Dan chuckle a little, five times was impossible for her right now or she has some crazy luck.

Sonora got on top the log and put on the blind fold waiting for Dan to tell her to start, all Dan had todo was pull a leaver ad the bags well start to swing " start when you are ready" he said.

Sonora walk carefully trying to figure out the location of the bag she can feel the wind from one and she tried to moe quickly across to avoid being hit, she was smack off the log.

Dan was watching her get hit off the 1 foot high log " Again " he said.

they continue this routine for a while she was able to get past 2 sand bags out of six. " listen to the wind and it well tell you where the bag is" Dan watch some ninja movies and want to act like he knows it all.

Sonora was listening for the bag cutting the wind or rope to make a sound, she jump and made it past the fist one and the second she continued until Dan cough making her get hit.

" why you do that to me I had it " she said.

" distraction can get a person kill on the battlefield" he said.

She understand what he meant by that so she try again and again. Dan wasn't going to let her pass at all, she well need to do flips rolling on the log to pass. Dan wanted to see if the human body can really do that.

Dan was still speaking like a wise master, if he had a long white beard and stroking it with one hand he well match it. Sonora had sour legs from getting back up all afternoon, she was now wishing she had her friend deliver the report beside her.

Sonora made it to the otherside and was trying to make it back, her heart was happy she was able to make it now she must travel back with Dan coughing or hitting two swords together or using a big leaf to make air to distract her.

She fell again " that enough for today when you get the hang of it, I was thinking of you doing this with no blind fold with arrows shooting at you and bags trying to knock you off " He said.

Sonora wanted to cry but she understood why her master was making her do it, it was because he didn't have anyone equal to spar with so he well make her strong.

they both parted ways, Dan needed to get ready fo his battle but wha she didn't know was Dan well easly bribe her troops if he can't he well use stealth to get by her guard.

He was getting ready to make his way to the temple, Elizabeth had her guards watch for dan to stop him from entering. Dan walk slowly towards the temple he was stop by a guard " you can't enter my lord you must turn back im deeply sorry" he said

" 5 gold to look the other way" he said.

the guard snacks the gold walking away whistling. Dan was laughing on the inside and made his way to the temple door he can see 2 guard waiting at rhe door. " 5 gold each if you let me in" he said.

" nope we can't right now my lord, come back tomorrow the queen is sleeping and doesn't want to be distributed" he said.

" 100 gold and some good alcohol" Dan said holding a bag of gold.

he snatched it and they both turn the other way ' hahah im broke now if anymore guards up ahead I won't be able to bribe them' he was thinking.

Dan was making his way to the door on the side to enter her room when he noticed 4 more guard standing at he door, he remembered a game he use to play AC looking around for a ledge to climb up.

Dan spots a ledge leading to the door above the guards so he jumps up and climb a litle higher moving across it to their location, he moves down slowly trying not to make a sound.

He was right above them sweat was covering his for head trying hard to not make a sound he drop down slowly not making a soumd opening the door it make a squeaking sound and the guards turn around looking at him.

Dan open the door fast and slam it shut, The 4 outside could see him climbing and moving across the ledge towards them they didn't say anything jusy holding it in to not burst out laughing at him, they couldn't hold it in any more when the door made a sound they turn around and he slam the door shut.

Dan was sneaking away again he can here people laugh but didn't think nothing of it, he can see a hallway with alot of doors and at the end 2 massive doors with the tree of life. he made his way to the door and open it slowly and can see a bed with an Elf sleeping on it.

'Dan made his way inside and lay down besides Elizabeth " well well well look at who we have here" he said.


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