Game kingdom
11 chapter 9
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Game kingdom
Author :Skyhunter1
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11 chapter 9

" So you made it inside without any problems" she said rolling over looking at Dan in the eyes.

" I got good stealth skills not even the strongest detection skill can find me when I'm in the zone" he said with long nose.

She reached up with one hand and crest his cheek " you bribe them didn't you."

Dan started rubbing the back of his head smiling at her. Elizabeth wasn't to impress with her security, '" so what well we be doing" she rolls over showing Dan a see-through white nightgown.

"How about we start it slow" he said leaning in for a kiss, Elizabeth pushed Dan down getting on top.

The next morning they woke up and smile at each other and kiss once more before Dan went to the college to check out the airship and discuss future for transport his military. Mwahahaha couldn't resist, back to the fun time. They continue to kiss, Dan's hand slid under her gown up to her breast. Elizabeth was holding it in not to shock the shit out of him.

' so embarrassing I can't believe he feeling my body, should I be acting in such ways what if someone walks in on us' she was thinking.

Dan was squeezing her breast making her moan. He pulls her night gown up to take it off for easier access to the goods. Elizabeth was now naked and was laying down

" what are you looking at" she said while she did like it, but it felt weird for her to be seen naked by someone else.

Dan was squeezing her breast making her moan, he pull her night gown up to her neck taking it off for easier access to the goods. Elizabeth was now naked and was laying down.

" what are you looking at" she said. she did like it but it felt weird for her to be seen naed by someone else.

" looking at the goddess that about to regret her words" he said smiling at her.

Dan lean in and grab one breast and using his mouth to suck and twirl his tongue aroud the nipple making her moan, his hand was making its way down to her pussy when he can feel it, he started to do circle over her clit hood making her warm up before he gets started.

Elizabeth was happy he was taking it slow and warming her up, doing this tell he can feel moisture he starts to slide his middle finger between her lip up ad down while coming up and doing the circle on the clit hood, he wasn't going to touch th clit off the start he needed to warm it up before he can give it direct stimulation.

Elizabeth was moaning and enjoying the stimulation Dan was giving her, Dan felt iit was time to give the clit some contact parting her lips to expose it to his finger while rubbing it, Elizabeth body was hit with an electric stimulate hitting her brain making her body feel even more pleasure. Dan was doing small circle and speeding up to the point she hit her breaking point, " im going to peeeeee stooooop" she yells

Dan didn't let up, he went even faster tell she sent a stream out flying all over the bed. kissing her body making his way down to her pussy to use his tongue to add more pleasure to her, slide his tongue up and down between her lips and using his hand to part them so he can get a good view of the layout.

Dan brain was slowly beginning to be over come by the sent Elizabeth body was giving him. Dan use his tongue to go inside her and slide his tongue in and out using his thumb to do small circle on the clit again making her back just about snap from the stimulation she was feeling.

Elizabeth eye roll to the back of her head just about passing out, she climax again spraying in to Dan mouth giving him a taste of something sweat making his body sex drive even higher then before.

Rolling over to remove his pants so he can be fully naked he climb back up to Elizabeth kissing her " I'm going to put it inside now it well hurt for a bit but the pai well subside later" he side.

she nodded her head Dan got into position and try to push it in, his dick was bending trying to get inside, using her pussy to lubricat his dick sliding it up and down between her lips and trying to get her juices on his dick so he can slide it in.

He line it back up and push it again making the head shoot in, from the bending from his dick flick inside making her moan vary loud, pushing it in tell he hit the the wall he must break " on 3 I well push it in "

"one" he push it in making her bleed when she wasn't expecting it to go in yet, She screams vary loudly digging her nail into Dan's back breaking the skin making him bleed.

" you said on threee" she said with tears in her eyes, Dan lean in and kiss her trying to distract her from the pain, holding it in place tell she was use to it, he started to move his hip slowly.

she can still feel the pain but pleasure soon taken it's place and she begins to moan. Dan just kept the slow moment tell she was use to it. Elizabeth was still digging into his back holding him while moan tell her grip release from him.

Dan stay in the same position moving his hip slowly and gaining speed, she was moaning. Dan laid behind her flipping. leg over him and using his right hand to rub her clit while thrusting in faster and doing circle on her clit fater making her moan.

" yes faster do it faster awwww this feel good" she said closing her eyes with her head tilted back.

She climax again dan stop and her body was twitching like crazy when she stop he continued again but flip her on her stomach pulling her up by the hips in the air her line it up again, holding her hip to pulling her towards him hitting her cervix everytime.

Dan can see her face wasn't the proud noble women anymore but a someone that love to be punished by him she wasn't speaking in her noble song like voice but now screaming his name to fuck her harder and faster.

Stimulating Dan by her bagging voice Dan speed it up and her tight wall on the inside, making him hit his limit and blowing his load deep inside her making her climax again squirting all over the place.

Dan stay in that spot tell he was ready to go again, he thrust again not pulling out yet " I can feel it all still inside me fell me up I love this feeling" she said making dan keep her in that position.

he kept thrusting inside and cum again " it's to much I can't keep it all inside"

He pull out slowly making her moan, he can see it spill out with some blood.

He look at her pink little asshole hole wanting to try that out next, he put his thumb on it and add some pressure making it sink in a little " Not that please " she said.

Dan stop and lay beside her he can see she wasn't the same person anymore.

" when you rested a little we well go again" she said to Dan.

"not today im play out" he said falling asleep. The next day Dan woke up to Elizabeth riding him like a cowgirl she was moaning and can see she was hook on his dick, he didn't say anything just let her enjoy her self.

She switched it up and started going up and slamming down on Dan making her self moan vary loudly rubbing her clit fast when she was doing that.

Dan was in the line of fire if she didn't stop she well spray all over him ' oh no not again why me all the time' he was thinking.

" enjoying yourself are we" he said drying his face off with the blanket.

" it's doesn't belong to you anymore its my property" she said sitting down on Dan. When she said her property Dan stop what he was doing ' ohhh this is very interesting' he was thinking.

" Aren't you feeling any pain from last night?" he ask her.

" I did but I heal it and wanted to go again and the pain was in the way so I heal it because it was annoying me" she said. Dan just look at her ' maybe an Elf is different from human women" he was thinking.

" what do you mean by property" he said with a smile on his face.

" as I said this male body part doesn't belong to you anymore it's mine as you claim my body part I clam this as mine and well use it when ever I need it" she said coming down to kiss Dan.

" you don't need to claim it just ask and ill come satisfy you when you want or you can even come to my room when you feel like sleeping with me and Sandra" he said.

She stop and just look Dan in the eyes " no I well not have another person in bed take time away from me an you" she said moving her hips again.

Dan flip her over and thrusting hard inside her with her lags over his shoulder he fuck her all morning even the two maid he fuck walk in on them. Dan wanted them to join again but Elizabeth was a spoiled girl now and wanted Dan to fuck her alone when they make love.

She didn't mind him doing the two maids she actually set it up to gain knowledge from them during sex and found out Dan like to stick it inside the back door. The Elf girl told her she was fuck hard in the asshole that felt realy strange but good at the same time, Elizabeth wasn't ready for that kind of punishmen.


Sandra pov

Sandra was at a local blacksmith asking to be made a hook with a ball at the end without the sharp part. she had a tailor make her a collar to connect with it when she and Dan have Sex and was drawing different kinds of toys she remembered from when she was a sex slave she enjoy the toys but didn't show any emotions to it when she was a sex slave, now she well make them and use the human maids as fun time when she was alone with them.

Pov end


Dan and Elizabeth are washing up and getting ready to have something to eat before they get to work and look over document and scout reports.

While Dan was walking to his room he can hear moaning in a room, stopping and opening the door and seeing maid with a collar and rope going down her back connect with something, he couldn't see vary well unless he open the door all the way but he can see the other maids inside with Sandra. When Dan seen Sandra he knew what was going on now and had a good idea what that thing was he shut the door and walk away.

Dan came back and poured salt beside the door " may the demon never leave this room and corrupt others mind and body" he said while blessing the door trying to add holy element or something.

Dan was scared now and his mind was running wild with all kinds of fuck up shit " hopefully she leaves that out of my fun time with her" he said walking to his office.



ok I didn't use white smoke to eddit this and use what I know from studying the gammer app I downloaded to test the quality of my writing.

ps: sorry about not uploading one last night the full squad was online I couldn't pass that up.


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