Game kingdom
12 chapter 10
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Game kingdom
Author :Skyhunter1
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12 chapter 10

Hello everyone that likes this novel I have some bad news I well cut down chapter length to about 2000 word now.

oh yeah sorry about not updating I had to focus on many things like funeral arrangements and that stuff so yeah im back now and can make more chapters for you.

ps: I quit smoking for 4 days now and well use this to help me quit for ever maybe unless I get stuck on something and need a smoke lol.


Nobel POV

"sir the escort from the king as arrive and are waiting for you to get ready" he said

" alright send word to my wife and daughter to get ready to leave" he said the middle age noble said.

the servant left walking to inform the lady of the house that her husband is waiting for them, he walk past a few doors and knock on the last door.

"you may enter" she said

The servant walk inside the room " my lady your husband is waiting for you and your daughter to get ready to leave now" he said looking at the white body snake women.

"im already ready to leave but go get my daughter" she said looking out the window.

' finally after so long of staying inside I get the feel the warmth of sun once again' she was smiling while thinking how good it well feel.

They had to make some modification to the carriage if he wanted his wife and daughter to ride comfortable. His wife snake body was longer and more wide then his daughters body with a length of 7m long.

he turn around and smile at his wife that was wearing a blue and white dress for her, she had white hair with gold eyes with scale on the side of her jaw making her appearance more lovely. ( couldn't think of a word more suitable for it so I just had to use that)

his daughter was the same as her mother but a small version and wasn't that long only 4m.

"alright my lovely wife you get that one and my daughter well get that one" he showing her the first biggest carriage amd the middle one was a little smaller the the first carriage for his daughter.

"honey the escort are dress in very nice equipment can I go shopping in the new capital" she said looking into her husband's eyes that charm him.

" we well see I can't have anyone harming you in the new capital and the escort aren't nothing special when seen the full army of the new king" he said holding her hand walking her to the carriae.

He can see one escort approaching him " under the new law we well conduct a full search for any demi humans still in slavery while the rest well escort you" he said.

" do as you wish" he helping his wife.

" if any are found the person in that house well be sentence to jail or hange depending on the situation and if we find out you have any connections to it we well arrest you" he said walking back to hs horse.

his wife was nervous a little on the way the man said "hang" she was worried if her husband didn't let all demi human go.

the ride well be some time depending on road conditions and if any ambushes happen.

ENd pov


Dan was in the garden reading a weird book of magic while Sonora was sitting on the other side of the table drinking tea.

" I think I got it " he said jumping up and speaking some gibrish.

Sonora was watching to see what well happen. A bright flash in front of Dan happen and showing 4 people standing afyer the flash.

" where are we" a girl said looking around. Dan was blinded by the flash and couldn't see what happen.

" babe look at the guy holding his eyes he has a crown on top his head" he said pointing at Dan that can see little bright light.

" dude look at that women in the armour she's right down gorgeous" he said elbowing his friends arm.

Dan eye clear and was back to normal with only a red dot in the middle of his eye blocking some of his vision.

" sir did you summon us to fight the demon king" one boy said.

Dan stop for a brief moment ' no this can't be true' Dan turn around looking at the teenagers with school uniforms on.

" yes I well grant you some power now just stand there and wait" he said speaking gibrish again.

Sonora was looking at Dan with a big ' ? ' on top her head.

Another flash and everything was back to normal ' oh hell no the two kids in the back had boner and drooling all over Sonora body' he said making a fist looking at the book.


POV earth

" what the fuck he sent us back" boy 1 said.

" why I read a lot of fantasy book and dream of that day" boy 2 said.

" im happy im back home I wouldn't survive in a place without Internet" the girl said.

" that was my chance to make a harem for myself, I would habe added that woman drinking tea first" boy2 said crying hitting the ground with his fist.

" nobody well believe us if we told them that happen" boy3 Said

" status open" nothing happen when the boy2 said that with hope in his eyes.

"idiot don't be saying stupid stuff like that in public" boy3 Said.

The 4 people went back to school and study hard while wishing to return back to Dan kingdom.

POV end


" fire ball" Dan said burning the book.

The rest of he Day was the same, Sonora was training and Doing everything Dan said while he walk around watching her get smack around all day for a week before she passed.

Dan got a report from the Butler that one noble has arrived and was currently inside the throne room waiting for him.

Dan when to his room and put on gold no sleeve shirt with gold pants with a gold chains around his neck with Dimon rings. Dan enter the throne room and sat down on hs throne.

he can see the noble and his wife and daughter. Dan was surprised when he can see the lamie as his wife and was wondering if her private part was in the same spot a human woman or like a snake.

" greeting your majesty " he said bowing with his daughter and wife.

" greeting baron, I didn't get the name forogt to ask my apologies" Dan said.

" Barron Scott and this is my wife Crystal and my daughter Shelly" he said introducing them.

" nice to meet you my name is Dan greenwood of the Evergreen kingdom" Dan said.

" im sure the ladies would rather go shopping then stay here listening to us talk" Dan said looking at them.

Crystal and Shelly bow to him and thank him then they both left the room .

" you sure nothing well happen to them its a big city and gangster can kidnap them" Scott said looking at Dan.

" Don't worry about it you well grow old, I can promise you that this city has no such thing and well never well have such people in my city" Dan said he didn't say kingdom because he can't fully control people unless he makes a police force for other towns that well do investigation in criminal activity.

" I well take your words as truth, now let's get down to business" the noble said.

" Did you bring the coins I requested" Dan said.

" yes I did, 20,000 gold , 100,000 silver , 34,000,000 copper." he said.

Dan wasn't thinking he well bring so much. " butler have to coins destroy and give him the new coins" Dan said.

Dan pull out a game coin, gold, silver and copper coin ad show Scott " here is the new currency this gold here is the highest and cost 1000 gold to get one" Dan said holding a game coin.

" marvelous craftsman ship my lord the coins can possibly be mre valuable in other kingdom" Said holding up the gold coins.

" im sorry im late" Elizabeth said walking into the throne room.

when Scott seen Elizabeth and her voice he was charm by her beauty instantly.

Dan can see hearts in his eyes " little late but scott this is queen Elizabeth" he said looking at him with a smile.

" also my wife" he said

" it's an honor to grace us with your beauty" he said bowing to her.

Elizabeth smile and walk besides Dan " we have a report of the dungeon it was clear out with 3 casualtie" she said.

" good I well check the report later on, now then what I want to know is what the church plans are" Dan said.

" they well most likely make you a demon worshippers and will try assassination attempt or gather kingdom to rally against you" Scott said.

" assassination are 5% because nobody can make it inside my city without someone watching them or ready to kill him, now the rally is high because church is someone with power and influence." he said looking at scott.

" Scott what is the most powerful thing that can drive anyone" he said looking at him

" hmmmm I do not understand the question" scott said thinking about the question.

" the power to influence the mind and soul can control people to move mountain or army to gather on the word of god, if the church call for a crusade against me then its very highly they well rally against me and try an attack" Dan said.

" then they well be crush undrer my husband's army when he meets them on the field of battle" Elizabeth said looking at Dan with a smile.

' anything below c26 I can clean them in the game with only little casualtie but when I attack anyone higher i use a skill that eliminate and risk of death, wait skill how did I forget about that' Dan had a big grin on his face looking at Elizabeth.

" the arm of the church use iron full body amour on the holy guards of the church and the rest only use leather or some iron to coer the head and body amd nothing else" Scott said.

' maybe t5 troops they use maye I should see if I can use speed boost to fly oer with my men kick down the door and raid it really fast' Dand start laughing when he imagine his army running all the way to the next kingdom under a few seconds.

" did I say something funny" Dan said looking at Elizabeth for an answer.

" no he probably thinking of something that amused him" She said looking at Dan with a question look o her face.

" sorry about that we well talk more hen all the noble arrive here and go enjoy the time with you wife and daughter" Dan said leaving the throne room.

Dan want to test something but needs to figure out how to use the speed boost to make his men marching speed very fast.


POV scott family

When Scott family enter Dan city they couldn't help but look aroud at all the people and Elf and some other Demi humans laughing and talking like normal people with no one avoiding each other.

' the clothing his citizens wear can make other kingdom look like the slums compare to this' Crystal was thinking looking for the market so she can buy soe new clothing.

Scott was looking around with big eyes, he couldn't believe what he was seeing and couldn't wait to see how the castle will look like on the Inside and possibly buy a house here for vacation,

Shelly was amazed at all the new building and people and how clean the street are with no shit beside them. ' very clean city I wounder how they clean the streets every day without staining the sides of the road'

When they enter the kings palace gate two gold silver guard approach the carriage looking inside and asking some questions on who they are and ha business they hae here.

When they got the clearance to enter they can see ElF women &men guard walking back and forth with human men and women beside them with very shiny armour like the enter heaven or something.

" honey look how all his guard are dress in very expensive armour and gold & silver equipment" she said slithering out of the carriage.

" mom can we go shopping after when we meet the king " Shelly said moving fast toward her with sparkling eyes.

" sure we can after we are done" She said.

"I seen silk and other materials that we can buy" Shelly was vary happy and couldn't wait to leave.

" my men if you harm or try to do anything to any citizens here you will no longer belong to my army and will be sent to jail or hang depending on the crime committed" he said looking over all his 100 men.

All guards knew about the new kings law to protect women and make them feel safe and he well march on anyone that well harm a women in his kingdom. the last part was little stretch out he wouldn't assembly his army over a women he well send a legion at most to kill the man.

when they enter a butler show them the way to the throne room and left to inform the king.

" wow its very beautiful and the floor is something I never seen before do you think he well take Shelly as a concubine if you ask him" she said elbowing her husband with a smile.

" I'll bring it up on the right moment when we start to talk" he said while looking at the throne room architecture designs.

Shelly was looking at the pictures behind the throne that shows dragon an knight made in gold with red banners hanging beside it.

when Dan walk in Shelly couldn't take her eyes off the handsome man that was the king.

when Dan said they could go shopping Shelly was happy and bow then turn around and left with mother.

" mom what should we buy or should we go see a tailor to make us a dress " she said.

" yes lets go I have wanted to see what new things this city market has for us"

End of POV



so does anyone have any game novels with spaceship and Aliens in modern day or zombie novel without system, I can't stand most system when it takes points away from the MC.

didn't edit it ill just releases then edit later on maybe next month I well do all the edit on computer.


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