Game kingdom
13 chapter 11 side Story
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Game kingdom
Author :Skyhunter1
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13 chapter 11 side Story

The escort for the other lords entering a forest the scout report a group of bandits not far in the woods waiting for anyone to pass.

" prepare for batte we well kill them all and raid the camp" he said

" sir you sound like a bandit when you say it like that" one women said.

" shut up and get ready" he said turning his horse around when everyone was laughing at him.

they had the shields on each side of them blocking any hole for an arrow to hit them, 200yards in they can see a bush moving with a man running out.

" fuck is he dumb, we can easily kill him from that distance like who would run out 100 yards screaming like an idiot running at us" one guard said shooting an arrow at the guy running at him.

The arrow flew and hit the guy in the eye ball making the guy fall down.

" 300 of you dismount and clean the forest" 300 men walk into the forest while the other kept the horse.

When they enter they can see 18 bandits running away because who in the right mind well fight 2000 men.

" fucking zeb you dumb ass now you got us all kill for running out" the leader was trying to retreat with his men.

Dan troop send arrow at them hitting a few of them while the other zigzag trying not to run in a straight line, this only slow them down and the troops and scout surround them easly.

" Surrender or die" a women yell out to them

the idiot leader notice a women and he thought she was weak and can maybe escape if he can take her out quickly.

rushing at her the leader pull his knife out thrusting it into her eye and making a break for it was his plan.

The women seen him come at her and she spartan kick him in the chest making dust fly off him sending him flying into the other bandit.

" I could make lunch and eat then kill you, you move to slow" she said.

when the other seen the leader get kick and sent fly into his friend " fuck it I would rather die then be sent to jail" another said

10 of the bandit agree with the one and rush them try to take one with them.

shield wall and Spears point at them while the archer in the back ready, they carge, thinking they could run up the shield wall but they removed it and charge with the spears lifting them into the air screaming in pain crying.

the other bandit can see there friends with a spear in the gut lifted into the air and stab it into the groud making them stay there crying wanting them to kill them all ready.

" now talk and show us the location of the camp and any valuable items you may have" the women said look at a young kids looking at his older brother stuck on a spear crying.

" let my brother down and help him" he said.

she cut the boy head in half showing his brain and blood didn't come out right away since it was a clean cut, the brother stuck on a spear was screaming at the women for killing his little brother.

" now then I don't negotiate with criminal so easily, you tell me the location or ill do the same to you" she said.

" I don't know" he said

she wave her hand and an arrows hit the middle age man body all over the place they didn't pull it back to the point wear it well send half and arrow inside but enough for the arrow tip to stab into the meat.

She watch the man scream with 20 arrows all over his body " now anyone else feel like lying to me" she said.

" we found it just a little ways up ahead" scout said.

" kill them all no need for prisoners" she said walk back to her horse.

They shot arrows at them then stab them in the heart so they couldn't fake death, when they enter the camp they could see another man rapping a young girls she couldn't be more then 16.

" capture him and tie him up" the women said.

They shot an arrow at his knee so he well fall down and can rescue the young girls, they rush the camp enter all the tent pulling out some naked bandits.

" all you men get to join him on the display of being tie up " she said.

they are thinking it wasn't so bad but what they didn't know is this woman is a specialist in her own way. She had them all tie up, back skin open like wings tie up to one another if one guy move he well pull the other guy skin.

She was looking at the men scream and cry from pain while she had mud place over the open meat on the back so they wouldn't bleed out so fast and can watch the view.

the men she commands all know her as nightmare, she has a small family and is a different person when not in the armour you couldn't tell she was a wicked women that well do anything to her enemies.

" alright pack up we are leaving now" she said collecting anything and the girls that used for toys.


POV noble girl

" please stop it please" she bag while the man lick his lips and drag her out of her cage.

" dont worry you will love it later on " he said ripping off her dress.

She scream and try to fight back but the man over power her and rip off her worn out dress.

" mom, Dad help me I don't want this to happen to me" she said crying.

the man love the look on her face and love her well developed body, the man pulled down his pants and got it ready and push it I dry making the girl cry and pain, he didn't even let it rest he was already going to town.

" stop it please" she can feel her inside on fire and hurt but she also hear the man scream in pain.

She couldn't see vary good from the tears in her eyes fogging her vision but se was jus thinking the leader came back and wants to do her first.

when her vision clear she can see Elf amd human knights storming the little camp dragging out bandits, she started to cry again for the men and Elf for saving her from being used as a toy tell the day she died.

she watch as a women given orders out to tie the men flesh together and hang them above ground and added mud to the wounds a little to slow the bleeding.

she couldn't watch anymore and only wish to be back home with her mom and dad.

pov end


the escort made there way back to the road and made way to the noble houses.

"Shannon did you do it again" the man ask.

" nope just tie them up and left them this time" she said smiling

the men are still alive and crows are looking at them from the tree tops.

" Dont lie you did it again I can tell from the smile you make" he said looking at her with a poker face.

" maybe just a little but it was worth it this time they had that little girl right there look at her she can't even walk" she said look at the guy justifying her actions.

" such a lovely mother can act in such ways let ride" the man said.

the carry on tell they got to the nobel town and had the girl heal a little but the trauma she suffer is something only time will heal.


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