Gu master in the Nasuverse
4 The Beginning
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Gu master in the Nasuverse
Author :yuukihime
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4 The Beginning

" Puuah . Finally done ."

I sighed , when I was done with the alchemy studies for today , these can be seen insignificant for someone else , when I already have the gu cultivation method , but I am of the opinion that one should try to improve oneself all the time , in every way and it is said that the highest peak of alchemy , the philosopher stone is able to grant eternal life.

I'm not the one who gives every path of power up , because I already have one which can lead to eternal life .

No I'm using every means possible to become immortal .

And if I have to through mountains of corpses or lead a lonely life.

I'm willing to do it , for this one dream of immortality and these ambitions are the only thing which are supporting my sanity on my magus training .

No matter how much my mother loves me , she is a perfect magus deep in her heart , which leads to absurd methods to desensitise me.

For example I was given a fox as a pet for a year only to kill it later because it is only a weakness in their eyes or that I had to experiment on living humans to see if my artificial organs are working .

I had heard how he howled and cried in pain, saw how he painfully twitched around, because my healing magecraft wasn't strong enough and I had done a mistake in the marnifacture of the organ.

During the whole process I wasn't allowed to look away, so that I know what happens when I'm slacking off.

These were the highlights of my training of my training to become a magus , there were immeasurable other things which I had to do.

At first I was haunted by nightmares , I couldn't sleep peacefully because every time I closed my eyes I saw their hopeful gazes by the operation and when I couldn't do it I saw their hating glares full of malice .

I felt guilty ,I hated myself to have become a person who kills other people.

My family and even my mother had the opinion, if I can't handle this much, I shouldn't even try to become a magus of the Einzbern family because of that they didn't even tried to console or help me ,they only watched from afar if I could endure this.

But after a while I adapted and became slowly immune to these kind of things and when looking back I'm really thankful for them to have me taught this lesson because this isn't a happy world , instead it is a cruel and heartless world , where the strong is in the right and the weak always false.

I'm really a Magus now don't I, to think I would now accept the things they have done to me a now 7 years old girl and even be thankful for them , what would my original parents say if they see me , unfortunately or luckily I will never see them . I sighed

"Young lady it is time for the dinner with malady "

My humonculus maids said stoically together in perfect sync.

They are my personnel maids , who are responsible for my time schedule and so on , they are twins identically have the same appearance.

Short black hair tied in a ribbon with a black maid uniform and a always stoic face.

The reason for their emotionless behavior is, that they are modelled to be the perfect maid , who helps their master in every way possible and don't care about themselves.

I was now going down the from my view the overly big castle hallway and pushed the doors open for the dinner room , where my mother has already taken seat .

As I was going to her my mother excitedly said : "Come sit on my lap Angelica .Mother was really lonely without you and needs to hug you , if not your mother can't work for the next day anymore."

She really isn't doing her titles a favor when she acts like that , luckily there was no one in the dining room because the maids have gone to bring our food.

Nonetheless I was still going to her chair bit suddenly took my hand and placed me with such a speed on her lap , that on wouldn't expect from a magus .

The moment I was on her lap ,I instantly felt two giants things on my back when she engulfed me in a hug .

For these moments I'm glad to be her daughter and not her son.

Aaah .Such a bliss ,truly soothing for the soul.

After a brief moment ,where we were in absolute silence and only enjoyed the hug , we could hear the maids with the food.

It was beef roulade with a light salad.

A typical German upperclass food in this time

Mother cutted the roulades in bite-sized pieces with the knife and said : "Open your mouth my little Angelika ."

I opened my small mouth and she gently put the piece in my mouth.

This has become normal on during meals , I first tried to resist against to be fed in this way , but I realized I don't stand a candle against her and she is unexpectedly really stubborn, if it is about her so called "Mother and Daughter bonding moments" .

After she ate herself she said really excited :

" We are making a journey to Japan, to be more specifically Fuyuki to meet two friends of mine and there is a highly likely possibility to retrieve our long lost treasure ."

"The third magic ?" I asked her excitedly and surprised but internally I only thought it beginns .

The chain of wars for the Holy Grail and I'm sitting on the Front row of it as a participant , also it is my first step to on my long road to immortality.

"Yes the third magic heavens feel , so we have to pack every thing what we need because we are beginning our journey in two days" she said stoically because the maids are now again in the room to take away the dirty dishes.

Now we headed back to our room.

Yes I'm sharing my room with my mother and not because the einzbern castle has no room or place anymore , instead it is again one for these "Mother and Daughter bonding times.

After a while when I was done reading some alchemy books again I have gone to bed with mother.

Yes I'm also sleeping with my mother in the same bed and I have to say this is really nice, so I'm OK with every criticism you have, because deep down your only jealous and nothing else.

And deep down ,I know that these moments will never occur again in two years , when she becomes the core of the Holy Grail , if the things the will of the root said will be true ,which is almost assured and because of that I will savor these times full of peace.
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    《Gu master in the Nasuverse》