Havoc goes Halloween
4 Chapter Four: Havoc at Momma“s dinner pun definely intended
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Havoc goes Halloween
Author :Unikeverse
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4 Chapter Four: Havoc at Momma“s dinner pun definely intended

"Don't you think you've had enough chocolate smoothies to last you a life time?" Sophie asked looking grossed out. "Nope! Chocolate is good, I feel happy when I drink chocolate, so piss off Sophs!" I grunted between slurps.

"OMG! Will you look at that!" Sophie whispered. "What?" I looked back and almost spit out the smoothie. "Damn, what a looker." I toned it down,"Yeah, whatever." I wasn't interested in guys, just the one, I even started watching Sherlock in hopes it would help me, Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock's rocked !

"Oh my he's coming this way, please try and look normal!" Sophie begged, I rolled my eyes and noisily slurped my smoothie, " SHUUUSHUUURRRR".

The guy was tall, I'll give him that, as tall as my skeleton mystery, but damn this guy had swag, my eyes roamed when he passed and sat in the booth in front of ours, he was dressed in a Chicago Bulls hoodie, black jeans and black Doc Martens, point for him.

He sat right across me, so while he was busy making his order I could get a good look, he had strong masculine features, slightly wavy black hair and the most gorgeous pair of jade green eyes I had ever seen, but what got my attention were his lips, my brain went on overdrive, I caught my breath, my heart started pumping furiously, I was a goner.

"H?? What's up?" Sophie waved her hand in front of me. " Don't know, I felt weird when I looked at the guy that you are drooling over." Sophie smiled evilly, "I'm not drooling...I'm appreciating. Why would you feel weird, do you know him?"

"I don't think so, then again I'll have to get back to you on that later! I have to go!" I got up, grabbed my backpack but when I was halfway to the door I remembered I had to give Sophie a ride back, Shit!.

I called, "Sophs! Do you still want a ride back? " The guy, that was sitting behind Sophie looked up instantly when he heard her name, looked at me and smiled, I could see his lips moving but no sound came out, it looked like he said, "Gotcha ya." but maybe it was my imagination.

"Nah I'll manage." I waved, got my purse out to pay " Allow me to pay for your drinks?" the swag guy asked, my chin fell to the floor, as Momma took his money saying, "That's a first for ya Havoc sweetie?" Momma said barely containing the humor. " Do I know you?" I asked suspiciously, "I'm not sure but we probably met on Halloween..." he said tentatively. "Halloween? No way!! No way!!! You can't be that skeleton that stole my first kiss!!!" I blurted out and everyone at the diner heard me, including Sophie, who looked as if a truck had run over her.

I have never felt so embarrassed in my life, so I ran out the door, to my Mini, was about to drive off, when I heard his deep voice ask"Running are we?".

That pissed me off so I got out of the car "You don't know sh** about me!" I walked up to him my finger pointing at his face.

"No, but I want to." he said smiling.

Oh my, I felt a violent need to wipe the smile off his face, "You got nerve, I'll grant you! I've totally made a fool of myself because of you, so just piss off, I'm not in the mood to cater to pretty boys."

"So you think I'm pretty? Not the word I would choose to describe me, but its a start. You really say what you think, no filter." he stated coming closer and I stepped back against my car, no where to run now.

"Narcissistic much? Don't come any closer if you want to keep your bones intact." I threatened.

"What if I do?" he pinned me to the car, I couldn't move, his face inches way from mine. "You have green eyes, like me, but yours are beautiful."

I stuttered, "So are yours." he looked down at my lips and asked "May I kiss you? I missed you." I probably looked like a goldfish on land, because he took that as a yes and kissed me, unlike the first one, this was so much more, desperate, passionate, tender, he wiped the world as I knew it away.

Sophie had come out and was watching mouth agape, as well as everyone at the diner.

"Havoc! H! You need me to go get help?" Momma who had followed Sophie said, "I don't thinks they be needing us sweetie!"

I was brain dead, that's the only excuse I got for not having kicked his ass when he kissed me. "So your name is Havoc? It suits you!" he laughed against my lips. "I'm Morgan, in case you're wondering."

All I managed was to grunt, "My name is not Havoc, it's Hope!" he laughed heartily "Both suit you, but I'll call you Hope!" I was dumbstruck looking at this cool, gorgeous guy that left me for the most part practically speechless a feat not even Principal Jones had achieved.

My temper was on the rise, but before I could explode Morgan asked, "So Hope, how about we get to know each other?" man this guy had a death wish, " You just kissed me in front of the whole town, and you want to get to know me?" I exploded, shoved him, and walked back to the Diner.

"Is that a no?"I felt the sadness in his voice, I smiled to myself, 'Who's got you now?'

I looked back at him, "It's not a yes, I like Chocolate smoothies and waffles, I'm not a goody two shoes, I bite and kick ass when I'm mad, if you can live with that, we can play it has we go, but if you ever kiss me again without permission you are DEAD."

He came up to me and hugged me, "I can live with that, but when I said I wanted to get to know you, I meant I wanted you to be my girlfriend." OMG ...Boyfriend? speechless again.

I answered, "I'm not girlfriend material." he hugged me closer "I don't care." and "BAM"kissed me full on the lips, I could hear the cheers in the background, my life was about to get even more Havoc.
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    《Havoc goes Halloween》