Help! I've Become too OP!
5 The Charms of a Femme Fatale
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Help! I've Become too OP!
Author :SpringFlowers
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5 The Charms of a Femme Fatale

The blaring of horns and beeps from oncoming cars on the freeway only served to remind Liu Kai of how lost she was at the current moment. She groaned inwardly.. Which way was the station again? Her phone was an old brick designed for only making calls, having no proper GPS function, and even then, reception was patchy. So, for the time being, she was stuck hitchhiking.. on a freeway.. which was probably not legal.

Just as she felt all hope was lost, some kind soul pulled over to the side of the freeway. The driver looked pretty young, probably a few years older than her, and she seemed to be on the phone with someone. From the open windows, she could hear a one sided conversation.

"Yeah? Yeah, I know, don't worry. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. I'm nearly there. Just need to make a quick stop to fix my make up. Don't worry, I have a spare kit in the car. Always need to be prepared for emergencies. Kay, talk to you later, bye." With that, the stylish girl opened her purse and began applying lipstick and mascara at a leisurely pace. It was taking so long, it was almost unbearable.

Liu Kai rubbed the back of her neck. Was she going to be offered a ride or not? The stylish girl seemed to not take any notice of Liu Kai, who was treated as if she was non-existent. Unable to wait any longer, Liu Kai knocked on her window. Still no reaction. Perhaps she hadn't heard her? She knocked again, clearing her throat. The stylish girl still calmly continued to apply face powder. "There, perfect!" she exclaimed in satisfaction. Liu Kai finally couldn't hold it in any longer, calling out to her, "Ummm, excuse me.. Excuse me..EXCUSE ME!"

The girl finally seemed to notice her. Pursing her cherry tinted lips, she directed a displeased, straightforward, "What?"

Before Liu Kai could say anything, she continued on," Are you trying to hit on me? Because let me tell you, in the state you are in right now, no girl in her right mind would ever give you her number. Sorry, try someone else. I've got a guy already."

Liu Kai glanced at her reflection in the mirror and was taken aback. Uwaahhh! She looked pretty dodgy! Her face was stained with dirt and grime from the wild search for her back pack and luggage. No wonder those cars were honking at her!

"No! I'm not hitting on you! Besides which desperate guy would start hitting on random girls in cars, on the side of a freeway!" Liu Kai negated all accusations. Besides she wasn't even a guy! The stylish girl pressed her lips together in a disbelieving expression, "You'd be surprised what desperation can do to people at times."

Wait, that wasn't the point! "Please big sis! I'm lost and my phone isn't working properly at the moment! Could you please let me catch a lift to City A Central Station?"

"Hmmm.. what do I get out of it?"

Liu Kai started. "…What?"

"What do I get out of driving you all the way there? I need to get somewhere myself. How did you even manage to end up here anyway? Do you know how far away that is?"

Liu Kai contemplated this. Then she responded helplessly," I..I may have some money in my luggage, but I don't have it right now. Maybe around 30 yuan (≈ 4 USD) ?" The stylish girl scoffed, "My one nail is worth more than that." Upon examining Liu Kai's face more closely, she noticed that 'he' had some well defined features. This could be pretty useful. Hmmm. "Get in. I'll first drive you somewhere, where you can pay me back. Then, I'll help you get to your destination. Deal?" "Deal," Liu Kai immediately responded. She figured that somewhere was better than being in the middle of nowhere.

"Umm..where are we going exactly?" Liu Kai questioned. "Capital A Academy," was the swift reply. "Wha- What? Really?! That's were I was headed!" The stylish girl looked surprised. "Oh really? You must be a new transfer student then? What luck for you to run into me! Then why were you going back to the station?" Liu Kai sighed, "I've lost my luggage." "Well, that's too bad.. I guess you can always check in with the lost property department at the station? So, anyway, what year are you in? I'm a third year."

Liu Kai gasped. Was it time for the famous, ceremonial 'upperclassmen greeting'?

"S-Senior! I'm Liu Kai, a first year! Nice to meet you, I hope to get along well!" With that, Liu Kai rose up in her seat attempting to bow respectfully, bumping her head in the process. ".. Did you forget we were in a car? I'm Jiang Ying Yue. No need for such.. extreme formalities. But I've got to warn you in advance.. Only the strongest succeed at this academy. Hopefully, you're prepared. I've heard that this year's male freshmen are more.. unrulier than most years," the stylish girl grinned at Liu Kai. Liu Kai immediately wanted to clear up this misunderstanding. Just because she was an extreme gender bender novel fan and admirer, didn't mean she wasn't a girl! Her grandfather called it 'going through a phase' due to her love for 'fantasy novels,' but Liu Kai liked to call it a 'style.' "Ying Yue sis, I'm actually a.." BEEP BEEP BEEEEP. The automated car reversing sound cut off the rest of her speech.

"Ah, we're here! Come on now. You owe me a favour!" Big sis Ying Yue led Liu Kai to a building with a shower and dressing room. "Here, wash up and put this on. I've got tons of clothes from when I was dating multiple guys." 'Woah!' Liu Kai thought to herself. Big sis Ying Yue was too cool! "Quickly, haven't got all day!" Liu Kai hurriedly dressed, and walked out. Ying Yue gaped. Was this still the same guy as before? Who was he? He was literally made to impress! Ah, look at that jawline and collar bone! Nice~ This was going to be even smoother than planned.

"OK, he's coming soon. Now listen closely, you're going to act as my boyfriend. This annoying guy still doesn't believe I've completely broken up with him. He's clinging onto me way too much. You've got to play the part properly, otherwise he won't be convinced. Damn it, he's coming now!" Ying Yue linked arms with Liu Kai.

A young man rushed into the scene. "Ying Yue! You're back!" The young man gazed at Ying Yue's arm around Liu Kai's and began glaring at her. "Who's this guy?" The man questioned Ying Yue angrily.

Ying Yue shrugged, "Oh nothing much. Just my totally adorable, handsome, amazing boyfriend." Liu Kai felt the young man's stare penetrate through her bones. She wanted to shake her head desperately and refute these statements, but when she thought of the favour she owed, she shut up. "Uhhhh, yes. I. Am. Her. Boyfrie..friend. Ahem." An extremely unnatural, robotic voice sounded from Liu Kai's mouth.

Both Ying Yue and the young man looked at Liu Kai strangely. Was this supposed to convince someone? It was so obviously fake! Ying Yue sighed to herself while massaging her temples, while the young man looked relieved.

"Ying Yue, you don't have to do this. You and me both know you actually still love me, right? Why try to pretend and get someone to stand in our way? You belong to me!" The young man grabbed Ying Yue by the shoulders. Liu Kai felt her heart sink. She had messed up miserably, and ended up failing her benefactor. This couldn't go on. But what could she do..She didn't know how to act and had no previous romantic experience. Think. Think.

"Kang Yun! Let go of me this instant! You're completely delusional! I don't love you, I've already broken up with you! Stop pestering me or you'll regret it!" Ying Yue blasted out. Kang Yun couldn't accept it. He leaned forcefully towards Ying Yue, making her face lose colour. THINK! INSPIRATION! That's it! The many years of reading web novels would become useful now. Liu Kai imagined herself as one of those weirdly overbearing, ice block male leads. What happens when the female lead is being taken away from the male lead? Of course, those that try to take her away will suffer torrents of bad luck and certain death.

"Oi, you there, stop!" Liu Kai commanded in a domineering way, then chuckled in a dark and dangerous manner. Kang Yun felt a shiver up his spine. Her eyes appeared to be deep, extremely deep, like an inky black hole was forming within her, and her reasoning was barely hanging by a thread, ready to snap at any moment.

"You dare to touch my girlfriend? I can destroy you right here and now!" Liu Kai arrogantly and handsomely proclaimed. Her aura made it hard for Kang Yun to breathe, making him step backwards, while Ying Yue gaped. Liu Kai pulled Ying Yue to herself in an overbearing manner. Wow! Kyaaah! Ying Yue fangirled, blushing with hearts in her eyes. This guy was actually very skilled in other areas! She might just fall for him! A mini Liu Kai at the side silently said, 'Please don't.' (→_→)

Kang Yun forced himself to laugh, "Y-You? What right do you have to date her?"

"Then, may I ask, what right does an eyesore stalker like you, have, to pester MY girlfriend? Heh," Liu Kai sneered, as if Kang Yun was too beneath her to even be seen as the same species.

Finally, Kang Yun couldn't bear it any longer. "You dare!" Kang Yun aimed a punch, which Liu Kai easily blocked. It was here that Liu Kai snapped out of her acting trance. This was not good.

Was she scared for herself? Not at all. It was just that she had promised old Liu she wouldn't recklessly use her powers to cause trouble for regular people. She didn't know if she could control her strength enough, to keep herself from injuring Kang Yun for life, so she stood still to receive the next punch. It wouldn't feel that bad anyway, only like a fly grazing her face. Compared to her spars in the small martial arts school, this was literally nothing.

Just as the punch inched closer, a side motion suddenly stopped Kang Yun in his tracks, as he collapsed to the floor, clutching at his middle part. Liu Kai turned to see Ying Yue's leg aimed at a certain person's male part, making him froth at the mouth. Ow, that must hurt. At least.. it looked like it would definitely 'injure' him for life.

"Now you see Kang Yun? I told you how amazing my boyfriend was. He doesn't even care to punch you, because it would mean soiling his hands. You are lower than the both of us." Ying Yue laughed, flipping her hair and striding away, while linking hands with Liu Kai.

Taking one last look at Kang Yun's sprawled, sobbing figure on the floor, Liu Kai was reminded of a phrase from a novel she read. 'The charms of a femme fatale.' Yes, most certainly, remembering that fatal kick, Ying Yue would absolutely be classified as a femme fatale.

Big sis Yue Ying, so cool! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Apart from that, Liu Kai's eyes hurt a lot from straining it to make it appear 'inky' and 'deep' during her acting. Seriously, male leads were something else. How did they always mange to keep it up?

Later, that night, Liu Kai used the dorm phone to call her grandpa. Old Liu picked up the phone, suddenly hearing the guilty voice of Liu Kai.

"Gramps, I'm so sorry! I think I lost my luggage during my journey, but I can't remember when. Do you remember when you last saw me have it? Did I have it when departing? Wait, don't tell me I left it at home? Or on the train? At the station?….Gramps?"

Silence came from the other end of the line. "Liu Kai, I've told you this before. Were you even paying attention? We sent your luggage over first, knowing you would lose it very easily! You'll receive it in a few days time. You never took your luggage in the first place! What is with your absentmindedness?" Liu Kai: "…..FRICK!!!"


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