His Daughter Naught
20 BRAND: In a Frenzy
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His Daughter Naught
Author :cLasP15
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20 BRAND: In a Frenzy

"What did you do?" I ask in shock as my eyes roam around the place.

"Well, I told you I don't live there anymore." Heather gestures to her bedroom and shrugs. "I live here now." She squints her eyes and studies my reaction.

Yeah, I can see that. Her things are all in my bedroom. All that fucking pink frills and stuffed toys are in my bed. Her makeup and shit are on my vanity. I'm sure her clothes are stashed in my closet as well. The framed photo I hide in my drawer is now perched on the night table. It's us, her on my lap and kissing me on the lips. That's the time when I've totally fallen in love with her.

"What is this?" I ask dangerously low before turning to face her. "What are you doing, Heather?"

"I think you have an idea, you're just afraid to acknowledge it yet. So let me help you with that."

Heather steps closer to me and drops to her knees. My gut clenches as she reaches for my buckle, opening my zipper while her eyes don't stray from my gaze. She pulls my pants and underwear down my knees before gripping my cock.

My breathing is heavy and hard as I watch her open her mouth and licks the precum that drips at the underside of my length. My cock jumps at the touch of her wet tongue. Heather licks me again and again and she moans as if she just tasted the best flavor among all ice cream selection.

My eyes close and I groan when Heather opens up even wider and takes my cock head in her mouth. She begins sucking me, her sound is loud and hungry without finesse. It's obvious she doesn't know how to give head. My eyes fly open at that realization. I step away and grip Heather's arms to pull her up to her feet.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I demand before slamming my mouth into hers, kissing her hard like crazy. "You should've left! Damn you!" I tell Heather and kiss her once again, deep and bruising while backing her towards the bed. "I shouldn't do this. Fuck! This is so fucking wrong, sweetheart." I claim Heather's mouth again, ripping her clothes with my frantic and trembling hands. "I should stop. We should stop. Tell me to stop!"

I push Heather to the bed as soon as I relieve her off of her clothes and maul her cunt with my mouth. She's so fucking wet already. I insert a finger into her hole and flick her clit with my tongue. She writhes and cries my name over and over. I want to be inside her fast. Right the fuck now!

"Fuck, baby. I'm not going to fuck you." I say and climb up her body, positioning my cock into her entrance. "Taking you is so goddamn wrong, Heather. I'm a bad daddy. I shouldn't fuck you. I shouldn't." I groan and push my cock into her twat, reaching to the hilt. "Stop me, Heather. Tell me to stop! This is so bad!"

I start fucking her deep and fast like I only have an allowable time with her. Like anytime she'll change her mind and stops me before I can nut inside her. So I fuck her deeper and faster, chasing my orgasm before Heather pushes me away.

"Daddy! More! Yes, harder! Harder! Please, more daddy, yes! Yes! Yes!"

I cup her jaw and kiss Heather's mouth, feeding her my tongue. She takes it like a champ, pushing my tongue out so I can have hers inside my mouth instead. I suck her tongue and squeeze her tits. I fuck her pussy hard and deep.

We're both in a frenzy. I think I don't take thirty minutes and I'm approaching the edge of the cliff. I reach between us and rub Heather's clit. Few strokes against her bundle of nerves and she's coming abundantly around my cock.

I jerk so hard and go still, burying my face on her shoulder as I groan so loud with my release. My body quakes with my orgasm, my eyes start leaking, too.

"Fuck! Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Heather hugs me tight with her arms and legs around me. She rubs my back and lets me cry like a motherfucking baby in her arms. Her hold is so tight and reassuring like a promise that she's not going anywhere. I don't want to move and wish I can just stay inside her forever.
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    《His Daughter Naught》