Journey To Become A True God
298 Feng Xue arrival
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Journey To Become A True God
Author :DarkForces
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298 Feng Xue arrival

Ye Chen wouldn't let this woman become a star for the products in his company.

"No, you don't deserve anything from us." Ye Chen was the first to reject this hot female star.

"Sir, I was wrong before, so please forgive my mistake earlier, I really sincerely want to be a Star for your products." Hot female star will not give up, this woman doesn't care if she has to sell her shame, as long as she can get a contract then she will become a rich woman.

Xia Qingyu didn't say anything to the hot lady, she completely ignored the hot female Star.

"Mr Feng, isn't there another female star who can do this? Xia Qingyu asked Feng Jinx if there weren't any other stars she could use to advertise her products.

After all, Xia Qingyu felt that the price set by the Feng Group was extremely high, how could the price of a female Star reach 20 million dollars, isn't that too much.

Xia Qingyu had to be smarter at bargaining, she couldn't afford to lose in doing business with Feng Jinx.

"Of course there is, but the price may be even more expensive, our main star costs 3 times that of this woman." Feng Jinx told Xia Qingyu that the price of the main star was very expensive.

Xia Qingyu raised her eyebrows how could a star cost that much, wasn't this called blackmail.

"Miss just use me, my price is not as expensive as them, you will definitely be satisfied with me" again hot female star offered herself to Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu can not take it anymore, this woman really annoys her "Get out of the way, until whenever I won't use you, you better take care of your boyfriend." Xia Qingyu chased away a hot female star, currently Xia Qingyu has lost a lot the patience she has.

The hot female star was angry when she heard Xia Qingyu kicking herself out. "You slut, you will regret all of this." The hot female star scolded Xia Qingyu.

This woman has really gone mad, the hot female star with great dissatisfaction returned to Xiao Yan's side, she helped Xiao Yan leave this room.

"The star I recommended has gone, now make your choice." Feng Jinx wanted Xia Qingyu to make her choice.

The price this person set was very high, if Xia Qingyu agreed to this cooperation, Xiannu's company would be at a loss.

It was not as easy as Xia Qingyu imagined, Xia Qingyu racked his brains to try to make Feng Jinx lower the price he was charging.

"Isn't the price you put on us so expensive, it should not be that expensive to hire a female star." Ye Chen dared to speak to Feng Jinx, he felt that the price mentioned by Feng Jinx was completely absurd.

"That is our market price, if you don't want you to go and find another place to advertise your product, we will not suffer a loss either." Feng Jinx seemed indifferent to the business they were talking about, what Feng Jinx wanted was profit, as long as he made a profit, he didn't care if he had to blackmail all the business associates who had ties with the Feng Group.

This was quite a difficult thing for Xia Qingyu, from the start the Xia QIngyu side that needed this cooperation , therefore Feng Jinx could act at will in doing this business.

Currently outside Liu Yue's room door was listening to what Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu were doing, it was unexpected that this person named Feng Jinx intended to blackmail Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu.

Liu Yue was a veteran in this matter, hiring a female star would not be that expensive, the price mentioned by Feng Jinx was almost tens of times the normal price.

Liu Yue wanted to come in and help Xia Qingyu who was inside.

"Hey, beautiful older sister, long time no see" when Liu Yue wanted to enter the room, someone called her from behind.

Liu Yue immediately looked back, when she turned her head she saw someone who was quite familiar, this is the current most popular female star Feng Xue.

"Oh, Miss Feng Xue, it has been a long time since we last met." Liu Yue greeted Feng Xue.

Feng Xue was quite surprised when she saw Liu Yue who looked even more beautiful, even though the two of them had not seen each other for several weeks, but Liu Yue's change was extraordinary.

"Beautiful sister, what are you doing here? ", Feng Xue asked what Liu Yue was doing in this place.

"I'm waiting for Ye Chen, Ye Chen is currently doing business inside." Liu Yue told Feng Xue that she was waiting for Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen? , is Ye Chen in this room? "Feng Xue asked Liu Yue back, Feng Xue looked happy when she heard Ye Chen's name.

"Yes, right now he is inside and doing business with someone named Feng Jinx." Liu Yue told Feng Xue that Ye Chen was currently inside and discussing business together with a man named Feng Jinx.

Feng Xue was very happy when she found out that Ye Chen was in this room, previously Feng Xue had not had the chance to thank Ye Chen for helping her from the kidnappers on the night of the concert.

After the kidnapping incident at that time, Feng Xue dreamed of Ye Chen every night in her dreams, in every dream Ye Chen turned into a prince who always helped her.

Even several times she had dreamed of marrying Ye Chen and living happily with Ye Chen, Feng Xue didn't know what had happened to her, which Feng Xue must have felt that she missed Ye Chen enough.

Feng Xue couldn't wait anymore, Feng Xue opened the entrance of Feng Jinx's room.

"Ye Chen, are you here? "Feng Xue called Ye Chen's name.

Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu and Feng Jinx immediately looked at the origin of the sound.

The three of them saw a beautiful woman in a pretty dress standing at the door.

The three of them naturally knew who this beautiful woman was, this was the current most popular female star, Feng Xue.

Feng Xue saw that Ye Chen was really in here, it didn't seem like Liu Yue was lying to her.

Feng Xue walked closer to Ye Chen, Feng Xue looked happy when she met Ye Chen again.

Xia Qingyu looked at Feng Xue from top to bottom, she did not expect that Ye Chen also knew the most beautiful female star in this country.

Actually, how many beautiful women did Ye Chen know, why did every beautiful woman that Xia Qingyu met always knew Ye Chen

Xia Qingyu was very helpless when she saw this, it seemed that she had very many rivals.

Feng Xue finally arrived in front of Ye Chen, Feng Xue bowed her head "Ye Chen, thank you for that time you helped me, I finally had the opportunity to thank you." Feng Xue immediately thanked Ye Chen who helped her.

"You're welcome, get up, you don't have to go that far." Ye Chen told Feng Xue to raise her head.

Feng Xue raised her head, she smiled back at Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, I heard that you're doing business, then what kind of business are you doing? ", Feng Xue asked Ye Chen what business they were talking about at the moment.

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    《Journey To Become A True God》