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Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road
Author :Tan20ia01
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10 Safe and sound

The room which she was occupying was not what one would expect from a cave. It looks like a room in normal house. You wouldn't know the difference.

Grandpas were really nice to her. They fed her and healed her, kept her company. They were really funny bunch of old geezers.

There was rational, quiet and calm ZhengSheng. He was really like the grandpa of them all, you can feel the grandpa vibe from him . He is a calm person that does not show or feel any worry, anger, or excitement.

The cheerful one , whom nothing could upset was YuanJun. You can never be upset with him around you. He can tell you jokes from a to z. MuRong was grateful for him to ease the tension in the atmosphere.

GuiWei is the protective and righteous one. In any and every situation he would have your back. He is constantly making sure that we are alright. Try not to ever lose a friend if they are protective of you because that kind of friend is hard to ever find again. Having someone be protective over you is the best feeling in one of the best feelings in the world. He is really like a doting grandpa.

The only one MuRong didn't get to know good enough was ZhiQiang. He has really bad temper and only ocasionally would talk to her. And only one word answers. He really didn't hide his discontent with her. MuRong didn't know where it came from but she is determined to make him like her. He is surely only tsundere.
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And at the end the flirty old geezer aka AhCheng was still the same flirt like usually. He is flirting with everything that can move. The other day he flirted with turtle, she bite him. Well, she sure hoped it was a female. But under everything deep deep in his heart he was really good person that cared about his friend.

Grandpas really took good care of her and her little dumpling was finally safe and sound. Maybe it wouln'd be to bad to stay with them here, If they would take her of coarse. The only way to protect her loved ones was to became stronger.
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    《Journey to Happiness : Mom and Dumpling on the road》