Legends: The Path of Pride
8 Citizenship?
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Legends: The Path of Pride
Author :TinyStitch
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8 Citizenship?

Author's Note:

I don't know whats into me today. Didn't do any actually work at the office instead pumped out a bunch of chapters. Hopefully my boss wont see this. He he he.

Hope you guys enjoy the second additional chapter of the day <3


Adren stood unnerved as a tall man with dark-olive hair held him at knife point. There is a hint of familiarity with him. As if they had once known each other, but he could quite put his finger on it. While he was wearing the Kylmia gear with an admiral rank etched on, he held an air of refinement.

It may seem odd, but even as he stood there with a knife in hand he gave off a aura of a noble. Something that even Rebecca lacked and she was the princess of a fallen kingdom, even tho that was a long time ago.

"Your Tyren,"

"Quite perceptive of you. Doesn't give you any points though, mister Silverguard." Tyren sneered as he said Silverguard.

"Are you going to kill me?"

"I haven't quite decided yet. Come let's talk over a drink. Don't even think about running I have armed guards stationed at every exit watching you."

As Adren scaned the exit he spotted a total of six eyes directed at him.

Damn! When did he get so rusty. First he forgot his weapons at his new place. Then he walks directly into a trap.

Sitting down at a table that suddenly emptied Tyren pushed a bowl of stew towards him, "You seem like you could use some food."

Wasn't like he would poison the food. If he wanted to kill me he could have every armed mercenary attack he with a snap of a finger like the short man earlier.

Adren took the spoon and slowly ate the stew.

"So, what's a Silverguard prince doing all the way at Kylmia?"

Adren watch Tyren pour his drink, Grade A Frost Liquor. That was much better than the pisswater he was currently drinking. "I'll answer your question if you answer mine."

"And that is?"

"Does anyone else here know that the admiral of the Kylmia Pirates is the dethroned Pathos prince?"

Instantly all friendliness died on Tyren's face. In one quick motion the knife which had been previously sheathed was pulled out and placed on Adren's neck.

"How the hell do you know that?"

"You don't have the typical green eyes of one, typically their eyes are green due to them having the ability to manipulate wind and ice energy. Since you don't that means that you either have never used you powers before or you have mastered the shit of of them. But the main guess was the ancient Pathos phrase Forthos Fortani Juvathos, or Fortune Favors the Bold, stitched on your group signia. While you buried the accent nicely with that deep Kylmia accent, it slips now and then expectially with the 'ver' and thos' sounds."

"Son of a bitch, were you always this keen?"

"When your on the run you learn from your mistakes, or you die. Something you should understand, brother."

"I don't know if brother is the right term," he gave him a glare, "but I did like you the most out of your relatives, you and your brother."

Adren winced at the mention of his brother, "I wasn't there when they invaded…"

"Ya, I know," Tyren reminisced his memories of his family before titling his drink at Adren, "As I said your a sharp one. Only Rebecca knows since I knew her before coming to Kylmia. I hope it stays that way Silverguard."

"No worries. I'm just wondering how did you even get the admiral position? You were an outsider before right?"

"Before I answer your question answer mine."

"Fair enough. My cousins usurped the throne and placed a Blood Warrant on my head. Rebecca was kind enough to pick me up as I was dying and here I am."

Tyren took a swing at his drink, "Good enough. To answer your question the position of admiral is not by tenure, but by power. I created my own crew with the saving I had in a private account, the previous admiral was someone Pathos had a deep relationship with before so once he saw my progress he elected me to be his successor. You can also get the position by challenging the current admiral to a trial by combat if you adhere to the crew requirements"

Adren nodded it gave him a good understand of how the Kylmia Pirates and the mercenary groups worked.

Tyren folded his arms across his chest, "Tell you what. Stay clean and keep a good work record and I'll sponsor you and your crew for full citizenship.

That offer stunned him. Typically it was almost impossible to gain full citizenship even if you labored away for ten years. Citizenship required someone of high position of sponsor you, only then would you be tried for citizenship. Being a Silverguard would mean that no one would be willing to sponsor him once they found out his background.

"Don't fuck with me Rumthos." Rumthos was the true family name of Tyren.

"You can take it or leave it. Unlike the Silverguards, the Rumthos are people of their word. Like you said, we're both fallen princes. We both know what it feels to be alone and hunted. Hated and hurting. With no support. Take my offer."

Adren played with the bottle in his hand, as he debated Tyren's offer.

"You know one of my abilities is to read you thoughts right?"


"Yup. You're wondering why someone would help a piece of shit like you. Honestly? Because I was once a piece of shit like you, before someone lent me a hand. Had he not helped me I would be dead. As I sit here, looking at you, I think about him and how he looked at me that day. Plus the fact that you saved Rebecca's sister, brought you this opportunity."

Tyren putted out a Kylmia badge, "The thing about the Kylmia is that everyone is equal. Everyone has an equal chance of rising, the only thing stopping you is yourself. You rise and fall on your own merit. I will trust you until you give me a reason not to. Just don't abuse that trust. Understood?"

"Understood," Adren nodded at Tyren, "Thank you."

Tyren stood up before turning back to Adren, "Don't thank me, your brother was the one that got lent me that hand, I'm just returning the favor. Wrong me once and I will not hesitate to put you ten feet under."

Adren was stunned by the mention of his brother again. Since when did his brother get around so much. How come he never remembered any of that.

But before he could ask Tyren any questions Tyren had already left.


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