Lily Means to Stay True to Your Heart
5 5 Level 1 - The Stars Have Aligned
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Lily Means to Stay True to Your Heart
Author :Spiderlily_
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5 5 Level 1 - The Stars Have Aligned

I froze.

Do I just have to die right here? Sure, it's just a game and I could always resurrect. But it still doesn't feel right to me.

"... od…" All of a sudden my screen flashed in white with a text appearing on it, but I couldn't make up of the rest of the words.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, eventually, a guy appeared with a sword on his hand. Upon closer inspection, you could see blood running down from his palm to the edge of his sword. His name on top of his character reads "Rose" in red. I've only seen characters with white names, never had I ever encountered anyone with red names.

"Well, I guess this is it, Lily. Nice knowing ya."

I turned to check on Xia, only to find his character lying face down on the ground once more. Only this time, no matter what I've typed, the message wouldn't deliver.

I looked up, only to find Rose is now inches away behind my character. The color of his name seemed to be of a darker red. Without a word, he was ready to attack once more. I can't just die here, I can't. I don't want to get killed by someone I don't know.

I glanced on my skill menu, looking for a useful skill, maybe even a block skill. But my skill list remained empty. There was nothing to be of use for me now… "Was this here before?" I noticed the dodge skill and questioned how it got here. I didn't learn that skill from anyone, it just appeared out of nowhere.

There isn't time to ponder over how it got there. I hurriedly used the skill, and my character dodged Rose's attack on time, and sent him tumbling over his steps. He exchanged gaze with me with a look of confusion, but quickly gathered himself and walked towards me once more.

I tried to dig through my skill menu to look for another miracle, but to no avail. Before I was to embrace my death, a double-edged sword flew down from the sky, following the trail of the raindrops, piercing into the head of Rose's. The blood-stained sword of his fell onto the ground, as he collapsed onto his knees. The double-edged sword pulled itself out of Rose's corpse and floated towards me. The rain ran across the surface of the sword, which seemed to have cleaned the blood off of it one droplet at a time. The sword hummed and glowed in an phosphorescent light, as if to invite me to touch it. I obliged.

The sword hummed in delight. "That was dangerous, you should've been more careful" A comforting feminine voice with a worried tone broke the silence. "The King's Village shouldn't been accessible for you to enter yet. How did you get here?" I replied obediently to the voice.

"Hm, interesting. Companion AIs shouldn't do that, they can't create portals. For instance, my AI would only send me information like EXP and gold guides. Not to mention that I'm not able to name my own AI if at all." The voice took a pause, possibly to decipher whether or not I was telling the truth. But there was no other explanation as to how I could've gotten here on my own without guidance to a higher level map.

"The King's Village is famous for PvP players to lurk and look for potential victims to kill. You can take my sword for now, I've infused it with some of my EXP. After taking the ownership of the sword, you'll be able to get to level 20 immediately. Afterwards, you could interact with your map to access the World Map and head to the Citadel. It's the only non-PvP zone, you'll be safe." I found myself nodding to her words as she continued. "In the Citadel, find a guy named S.K.Y, he's a friend of mine, tell him that 'the stars have aligned and showed me the way' and he'll take care of you."

"I will, thank you." I responded with a bow.

The sword stopped glowing and landed onto my hands. As soon as it did, my experience bar was filled up to the brim and a notification announced that I've reached level 20. I averted my focus to the place where two bodies were located, only to find both of them gone. To prevent getting ambushed by Rose again, I've followed the instruction of the voice and teleported to the Citadel.
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    《Lily Means to Stay True to Your Heart》