Little BL stories
7 Chapter 6 - Mmm N-Noo~ part 1
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Little BL stories
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7 Chapter 6 - Mmm N-Noo~ part 1

When he came into the shower he immediately closed the door and locked it and turned around to face me.

"O-open the door this instance or I will have to call the principle" the nurse said from behind the door we still didn't move though we just stared at each other. Then when I heard foot steps going away quickly I suddenly woke up from my daze of stared and quickly tried to leave *Key word 'TRY'*

When I before I got to the door he grabbed my by my wrists and pulled me to his chest as I hit his hard hot chest it smelled like an alluring sent and I just continued to smell him he smelt really really good then I heard his voice and oh so I felt like I was melting

"Hey there keep smelling me and I'll pound you right here mate" I blushed plain as that beet red might I add.....wait what does he mean mate "what do you mean by mate?"

Again with his oh so sexy voice this sex God said "well I'm your mate you should know what a make is right?" I do but he can't be my mate I heard that you go into heat when you meet your mate...I'm guessing I said that out loud because next thing I know I'm being pushed to the wall by a very angry Max 😠 he looked at me with an angry face and all of a sudden my body started heating up like it was on fire

"Grrrr!! I am your mate and look your going into heat now I won't take this rejection!!!" oh no I mad him think I didn't want him I so wanted him I've always wanted a mate so I quickly said "NO!! you've got it all wrong I do want you as my mate it's just that I ignored all the signed that told me you were my soulmate!!" that seemed to make him happy as he backed away and closed his eyes to calm down .

I know I said I wanted him as my mate and I really do it's just that I'm trying and so far successfully succeeding at getting away because since my heat is here I'm just going to go to the room away from him because of one plain reason he's going to get me pregnant If he does me in my heat so here I am unlocking the door and opening it and I'm almost out untill it squeaks


i know he turned around because of the squeak of his shoes so I make a run for the room ' I know what your thinking your running naked no I have tight underwear on geez ' as I'm about to reach the door I grabbed and pushed to the wall and lifted up off the ground

" Where do you think your going little mate? hmm" God what his voice does to me "A-a-away from y-you that's where I'm going" he locked at me with his lustful serious eyes " Why are you running from me for mate your in heat and I'll like to take care of it for you ok "

oh God help me Nurse please come back soon 🙏

" Ah ah ah ah mmmmmm uh uh s-s-st-stop please I ngh " i could barely talk with him rubbing against my groin and rubbing my nipples while sucking my neck I could feel the slick coming out of my hole and I wanted it I wanted him so bad but.....

" Hmm you seem to be exited why don't we start now no?? " I looked at him in the eyes shocked at what he said he want to mate me don't get me wrong I really want to as well but you know if I do I there's a 99.99% chance I'll get pregnant so I thought a little panicked

" N-No I'll get pregnant if you do s-so we can't"

it didn't look like he was listening because he took me off the wall and went towards the one of the beds in the nurses office and set me on it and continued with what he was doing

" Ah no MAX!! we can't do this i- Ahhhhhh no take your finger out Max hnn "

" No if we don't it now your heat will be worse tomorrow and we can have more fun hmm but if we don't do it now it'll be even worse then worse but then again I can't wait " as he was saying that he out two more fingers in and started wiggling them around and got squeaks and moans from me

"M-mmmm max I want it please put it in hnnngg "he looked at me with a smirk and took his fingers out.

As if on cue the door burst open and in came the nurse and the principle .... I know I said I wanted max to doing it just now but when they burst through the door I became clear headed and backed away from Max then Max looked at them then back at me and grab my ankles and pulled me towards him

"N-No Max we can't there here and if we don't use prot-AAAAHHHHH~~MMMMMMM~~" he stuck the tip of his dick inside me and it's huge I looked down to see why I was stretching so much and saw about a 9 to 9 1/2 inches of pure fright going in me

But before he could push more in he was ripped from in between my legs by the principle and they both didn't look happy "GET OFF HIM MAX" as he yelled at Max the nurse came and rapped me up gently with a blanket then I heard an oh so familiar but scary voice "Let me go dad he's my mate and I want to have sex with him so let ME THE FUCK GO!" by the end he was yelling at his father to let him go

they all looked stunned by this news and the all looked at me the principle being the first to speak said "is that true your his mate" I hesitated for a second but answered him "y-yes I am b-" then he cut me off " oh I seem to have gotten the wrong idea then it's alright to let max go I gue-"


"Huh why not your his mate?" the principle said

"I know I'm his mate but I'm in heat I can get pregnant really easily right now and since I can we can't have s-sex" I finished but studdered the last bit

I know what your thinking use a CONDOM but we can't when you put a condom on an alpha that is horny it won't go over the alphas knot

"oh I see your not on the pill Omega" the nurse asked me I shuck my head no she nodded but stopped from a tell that came from in front of us.

Max came rushing at us at a high speed but the nurse stepped in and said wait " I know you want to be with your mate and I know I can't protect him from you or keep him either but wait I have a privet room you can do this in.

I looked at her like she was crazy she mush have felt it because she turned around.


hey guys I know I said this would have R18 but it didn't but then again it had a little the next one is short but it's All R18

I'm sick right now it might take a few days to a week

Anyway this is pard 1...part 2 is coming up not to long from now see you soon 😁😆😗😄
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