Lock You Up In My Heart
77 Crossing Part 2
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Lock You Up In My Heart
Author :Morielle
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77 Crossing Part 2

But when those skill almost hit the two of them, they sliced it with their swords. The originally powerful skill is like a tofu in front of them.

When Huan Li saw this scene, she hold her laughter. Aaah, how can she forgot. NPCs in this game are almost like a God existence, even the NPCs in newbie town has better stats than the people around her.

Not to mention, the siblings are royalty and one of the most important character in the game. Those two people, no- Even if the other joins together to fight them, they are just like ants in their eyes.

The siblings glanced indifferently at the Human Warrior and Ninja Elf, they thrust their sword and took all of their HP with a single attack. Those two don't have time to react and fell on the ground.

The guild members that saw the scene were shocked silly and forgot about their purpose on helping the leaders. They got flustered and fled, some of them that can't stand the blow fainted on the spot.

When the siblings saw their reaction, they titled their head and looked confusedly at her. "I never thought that they are so weak?" , she heard Aster talking.

Unable to hold it anymore, Huan Li laughed until her tears came out. 'Really ah, they look so innocent that i can't help it'

A minute later, she regained her calmness and looked at the siblings. "Yes, they are very very weak. Not worth as our opponent. Anyway let's go, it's getting dark."

Both of them didn't ask anymore and followed her, they crossed the bridge peacefully and arrived at a small village near the bridge. As the sky is getting dark, Huan Li decided to stay in the inn and continue their journey in the next day.

She saw an inn and she went inside. She rented a big room for her and the siblings. When they arrived at the room, she nodded satisfactorily. The room is simple but it's very clean and wide. She prepared the bed and told the siblings to wash.
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After she saw them went to their own bathroom, Huan Li started to cook some food for three of them and served it on the table. She knows that they can just order something from the inn, but thinking that Aster and Noel rarely touch the food when they're eating outside. She dispelled that idea.

The siblings took almost an hour in the bathroom, when they came out. The food already served and still hot, but they can't see Huan Li anywhere. But they still sit down and eat slowly. When they almost done, Huan Li appeared.

They don't ask much about it and went to sleep after that. Because both of them are tired after the long trip, they fell asleep really quick. They also failed to notice that there is something wrong with Huan Li.

Actually, Huan Li was planning to look around the town while looking for some fresh air. While she was walking casually and looking through the vendor along the town, she heard someone talking beside her.

"Hey Vio, where are those guy that always with you? How come i didn't see them today?" , she heard a deep male voice, she can guess that he must be a demi-beast.

Not long after, she heard a sweet female voice "Ah? Those two? Actually i was very confused about it too, they disappeared after the major maintenance, when i went to look for them, they just looked at me and treat me like a stranger. So when i asked the GM, they told me that was normal because they resetted all NPC and their mission every major maintenance, and that's it."

When Huan Li heard that, she was a bit shocked. Truthfully, she never thought about that, she has always been treating them as a quest objective. But after being with them for some time, she began to treat them as a close friend.

If one day they will disappear and come back to their respective place, then forget about her. Thinking about it, she began to feel hurts a little.

Huan Li doesn't know how she ended up coming back with a blank mind. She only remembered that along the way, those two players conversation keep buzzing in her ear.

She took a deep breath and looked around the room, when she found out that the siblings already returned to their bedroom then she calmed down.

If it's true that they will soon forget about her, then she will make something as a memento, even if they forget about her. Atleast, there will be a trace of their friendship somewhere.

With that in mind, Huan Li went to her room and logged out from the game.

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    《Lock You Up In My Heart》