Naruto The True Danger
2 Assessing the situation.
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Naruto The True Danger
Author :Lagdal
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2 Assessing the situation.

Even the Jonin could only watch in shock as the figure disappeared in a burts of speed, only Maito Gai was able to catch a few glimpse of this person, he could've followed him if he wasn't too surprised to react.

Normally someone who would appear at such an important place of the village, would want to be seen by all. A way to convey a message or just present himself, like an ennemy would do. They didn't know if he was actually an ennemy, hell for all they knew it was a she and not a he.

Yet this person just passed right by them, as if they weren't even there.

"Hmm....What do you think we should do Kakashi ?" Gai wasn't entirely sure of what to think right now. It was just so......Unpredictable. Who the fuck crash in a ninja village with a lightning bolt and disappear right away?! Was this person coming from the sky or something ?!

"Honestly i don't know Gai. Sasuke, Sakura, go back home for now. I guess we will have to search for this individual or just report to the council." Kakashi was known to be extremely lazy, but now he was faced with an unknown threat. A Genin wouldn't think this situation to be potentially so dangerous but it was.

"The same for you Choji, Ino and Shikamaru, go home for now." Asuma also understood that what just happened was definitely too weird to not be a threat. Like seriously, a dude just came crashing on the face of the Fourth Hokage, destroying it in the process, and disappeared like it was nothing. Just the speed of the person was insane, but also the pressure that came with him/her. It was similar to what he felt when his old man was angry.

The Genin just left, unable to understand why their Sensei were so tense. Surely an unknown individual that appeared in the village in the less discreet way ever wasn't so dangerous, right ?

The Jonin looked at each other and Kakashi motioned for Asuma to follow him, Gai left to patrol around the village. Just why did someone appeared there, at such a time and in such way ?



Well that was definitely worth it!

With my sensor abilities i 'scanned' the whole village, searching for any people that might have a level equal to a sannin. To my surprise two ninja fit in that case. The silver-haired dude with a face mask that had a level similar to Jiraya but still a little bit weaker. The other one.........It left me quite perplexed. Since when did they have such a powerful ninja beside the Hokage?

Well i wasn't going to mind it for now. I needed to first assess the situation, which meant that i was going to check the whole village and see how bad the invasion damaged the village. After that, i will just see whether they can detect me or not. A byakugan shouldn't be able to, since i am using those Uzumaki Seals, damn they sure are useful!

An hour later, i wasn't that much shocked, the village took some damage but not enough to consider it a real loss on their side. Most of the buildings that were destroyed were shops and appartment buildings, nothing really bad. However the Anbu HQ took some serious damage, they will need atleast a month before it would be fully repaired, unless they had a way to construct buildings extremely fast like the Uzumaki........The more i think about, the more i'm wondering why the Uzumaki died so easily when they were so powerful.

Anyway, the village didn't suffer too much, which was to be expected since the Hokage was aware that something was happening before it started. Though Orochimaru is quite stupid, he shouldn't have tried to invade the village with only those little forces.

Since i already checked the village, i went to see if everyone was following me. Imagine my surprise when i saw a Hyuuga Girl staring at me. She looked incredibly shy but she was also curious, i could see that in those pale eyes.

"What do you want girl ?" I asked, in the most intimidating voice i could make. I could actually be a lot more intimidating but only in the right situations. She looked at the ground before taking a deep breath.

"Why is your aura like that ? It look so dense and so pure.........It's also so thick for some reasons, w-why is t-that mister ?" Said the girl, she stuttered a bit in the end, but she looked genuinely confused.

"The answer to your question is simple girl........I'm far too powerful to be understood." I said arrogantly as i poked her nose and smiled.

"You shouldn't speak with strangers like that........You could have a bad encounter!"

I left her as she lightly smiled. I didn't look back since i wasn't all that interested in her, she was a Hyuuga and i never liked those dumbasses.

While i walked i sensed something, something a little bit too powerful for my liking. It came from underground, and i could sense multiple signatures below me........As if there was a fucking army under Konoha !!!
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    《Naruto The True Danger》