New Life Online
316 Signs of Bligh
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New Life Online
Author :arieskim_scythus
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316 Signs of Bligh

-A month before the Biggest Gaming Center Event-

"Look at Miss Akko defeating a Magma Dragon, a Legendary Boss! She defeated it alone! It looks like she's also preparing for the new event soon! Right now, she's the strongest player of New Life Online!" Ugh... another TV news about NLO. Why can't we have normal news not related to NLO...
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It's been a year since I left the game and it seems the world has gone to a point where they prefer to have a life inside the game than in real life. I guess it's normal now as the real world is as boring as ever. I've been living alone now in a simple house I bought not too far from my old house. Since then, I'm used to being alone but man, it's so boring...

*Message alert tone*

Hmmm? A message from a group I joined on one of the social media sites we have today and it's about the end of the world... dark may it seems but somehow, it kind of makes sense. Or maybe I'm just so bored that I randomly accepted an invite when I read the name of the group, "Rupture".

I checked the message and "Guys, look at this! I'm currently near a restricted area. It used to be a forest but now... but look!" It was a video message recorded by someone covered in a hood and facemask with a voice lowered to the point it's unrecognizable and it shows a place without anything but the ground. From forest to nothing, it's not normal.

"There's no signs of life at all. Animals, insects, and even the trees, nothing all." I can't tell if what he shows us is real or if it's fake but... this is really disturbing.

"Right now, I'm currently near an abandoned place. It looks like an old building, I might be able to find something important here. People are all fascinated about a game while the earth itself is dying. One day, they'll realize that it's too late..." While he's about to turn off the video, I saw something familiar... wait! Isn't that the place near the Organization's Headquarters?! It's a place where Glace died...

The last time I saw that place, it wasn't like that at all. Why would they create a headquarters near a place like that? This was the first time I got interested... I still remember the place, everything about it. How could I forget...


Hours have passed and before I could know it... why on earth am I on my electric bicycle with a backpack enough for days of travel?! Jeez... I've got a little too excited for once... Thankfully, this kind of bikes lasts for weeks.

I guess it's too late to change my mind now or maybe I just found a reason to get out of the house.

The first few hours of my travel were not so good. It's been a year since I last went out... and somehow, it's hotter outside than it used to be. If what happened to the video also happened throughout the whole world, then the world, being hotter, might have caused by that strange phenomenon.

Still... I think it might take days before I could even reach the place. This brings back memories... but it's not the time for me to get emotional. I have one mission here, I have to check the place and the abandoned headquarters. It's still weird to travel and not see anyone or any vehicles around. I'm at the edge of the country so it's pretty normal.

-Night has come-

It got dark so fast and I'm getting hungry. I have to make a camp and rest for a while. Checking out the place, anywhere is fine considering that this road is empty. So I guess, the side of the road would do.

Wooh... I didn't think that a silly video would let me out of the house... Now I'm sweaty while eating canned food as I've got no time or things to cook better food. I didn't stay long because I have to move soon as I wanted to end this silly idea as soon as possible.

-SOH Headquarters-

*Azzie's POV*

"Ma'am, Mr. Aries is still traveling towards the way to the abandoned Organization's Headquarters. Also, about the trespasser... we failed to catch him. It seems he's not a normal person to escape from the grasp of our elite forces." Problems never end. Still, the person who's sending videos of the place doesn't have any idea that what he saw was connected to the game. He's right about the coming of something big though...

"Don't worry about it. We control the media so whatever he does, it won't spread too far. Not to mention, everyone is really enjoying their time inside the game so a little disturbance won't be enough to divert their attention." I hope that's the case... because we're running out of time.

"On the other hand, the virus won't be able to touch humans for now so Aries will be fine. Let him have his fun. When the time comes, even by force, we'll get him soon." It looks like Mr. Kim's video is starting to get real soon.

"Still, keep an eye on him. We don't want him getting too far." Mr. Kim... why's your son so stubborn...

Before Mr. Kim disappeared, he has left a video telling me something I couldn't comprehend at first. But now, it all started to make sense. Everything that has happened or what will happen soon... I'm scared of it. This responsibility isn't for me but I have no choice but to fulfill Mr. Kim's orders till the end.

-Near Old Organization's Headquarters-

*Aries' POV*

It's been three days and now I'm finally here. But...It's real... There's nothing here but land. What happened here? It's like the wind feels like death... Maybe it was a bad idea to get here but it's not the reason I came here.

There! It's an abandoned building but the main hideout was in the basement. Let's see if there are more things to find.

I entered the place and like an abandoned place, it's covered in dust and webs, and nothing else. Thankfully I came prepared and brought a facemask to cover my face or else I'll inhale the dust. Now it'll be hard to find the hidden passage to the...

"Help! Help!" Who's that?! It was a females' voice but it was a little faint so I couldn't really tell where she is! I scanned the area as fast as I could and to my surprise, there's the hidden passage. It could have been found by the one who sent the video.

If someone asks for help, that means danger lies ahead and so, I stopped and looked around but the place was swept clean. Nothing to use as a weapon but I have a knife prepared for self-protection in case I find hostile animals along the road... I rushed downstairs and found... a familiar girl and a giant rat! What the hell is that?!
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    《New Life Online》