OUTWORLD: Awakening
79 The End V Final Chapter. Book 1
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OUTWORLD: Awakening
Author :MrDojo
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79 The End V Final Chapter. Book 1

Adam weaved through the destroyed factory, heading towards its depth. After memorizing the layout of the factory, he knew where the exits were.

With the destruction of the factory and death of the Cartman Brothers, it wouldn't take long before The Scavengers sent someone to investigate. He had to leave before anyone noticed anything wrong with the factory.

As he ran, Adam couldn't stop himself from laughing. The unexpected gains from the previous battle still surprised him.

'Hahaha... that sadistic asshole would curse his luck now... Having luck on your side feels damn good...'

Adam's smile brightened as he imagined Vicar's furious reaction to his success.

[Potential Source of Danger detected]

Instantly, Adam halted his run. The smile on his face had gotten even brighter.

\"I almost forgot about the other one...\" Adam muttered.

A split second later, his body disappeared into thin air.

Five minutes later, a figure approached the area. Dressed in tattered brown robes, she wore a half mask which covered her nose and mouth. Revealing her almond brown eyes. On her wrists and ankles, one could see the remnants of the chains that once bound them.

'This is the aftermath of Sedo and Eric's abilities... No one can survive this.'

Like the old man and Adam, Joan sneaked into the factory to complete a mission of her own. However, she never expected to meet people crazy enough to attempt an assassination on the infamous Cartman Brothers. And in their own territory, no less.

'Well, those fools did at least serve a purpose.' Joan suddenly reached for her pocket.

Joan swallowed hard as her eyes roamed the area. No matter how she thought about it, only fools would draw the ire of the Cartman Brothers.

A second later, a small glistening blood red crystal emerged in her hand.

'I will be rich..' Joan chuckled. Her gaze turned affectionate as she caressed the crystal.

'First, I must get out of here. This mask wouldn't be able to handle the poisonous mist much longer.'

Just then, Joan placed the crystal back into her pocket. Taking one last look at her surrounding, she set off to depart.

Before she could take her first step, however, an unfamiliar voice filled her ears.

\"Leaving so soon? I'm afraid I can't allow that to happen.\"

'Oh no. They've caught me.' Dread gripped Joan's heart as her eyes darted in different directions. However, she couldn't sense anyone.

'I can't let them catch me. I have to escape!' Joan thought.

At that same moment, however, she felt a familiar cold sensation on the back of her neck.

\"I'd advise you not to do anything stupid. If you cooperate, you might just leave with your head intact,\" Adam said.

He had finally revealed himself. He pressed one of Cataclysm twin axe on Joan's neck. If not for Adam's control, it would have devoured her whole. Turning in her into a mummified corpse.

\"Get on your knees.\" Adam commanded.

Saying nothing, Joan did as told. She had already given up. Although the person behind was not a Cartman, she knew it was only a matter of time before they arrived. She wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn't come out.

\"Who are you?\" Adam asked. Joan's submissive demeanor surprised him a bit. He expected a reaction on her part.

\"I'm name is Joan. I'm... I'm a professional thief.\" Joan said. Her voice low.

'A professional thief? Hahaha... that explains the crystal. If she would risk her life coming here for it, then it can't be ordinary.' Struggling to control his rising urge to laugh, Adam took deep breaths.

\"I'm not lying. I really am just a thief...\" Joan explained. She thought Adam's breathing changed because her previous answer displeased him.

\"Forget about that... Give me the crystal,\" Adam said.

Joan's heart sank as she heard his words. Her fantasy of a lavish life would only exist in her head.

\"Did you not hear me? Give me the—\" Before Adam could finish his statement, Joan retrieved the crystal from her pocket.

Wasting no time, Adam took the crystal from Joan's hand.

\"Adam, you've found something good. That crystal contains the essence of hundreds of people. It's so beautiful. Let's eat it Adam. We deserve it. Oh my, I can't wait to taste it… Hurry up. Devour it.\"

Adam's brows creased as he heard the voice in his head. After watching the sickening scene in the transparent chamber, he already had an idea about the method used in its creation.

\"Do you know what this is? And who sent you to steal it?\" Adam said, totally ignoring the voice in his head.

\"N-No. I just do as I am told. I only know the crystal is valuable to those using Elixirs, but I don't know why.\" Joan explained. She trembled as she sensed the malice in Adam's voice.

\"I asked who sent you?\"

\"No one... I—\"

\"Are you messing with me? How would you know of its existence if someone hadn't told you? Do you think I am a fool?\" Adam's voice had gotten sterner.

\"N-No... please let me explain.\" Joan begged. Cataclysm had already cut her flesh.

\"You have five minutes. Go on.\"

\"Ummm... It's a spectre mission. I—\"

\"A what?\" Adam interjected. He had never heard of such a thing.

'Huh? He doesn't know what a spectre mission is? Is he really an underling of the Cartman Brothers?' Although Joan had her doubts about Adam's identity, she didn't have any wild thoughts of trying to escape. Despite him not doing anything to her, she felt powerless before him. Almost as if everything about her was under his control.

\"Spectre Mission is any mission given by a unknown client. We usually call them ghosts. These ghosts open up missions, which we call contracts, to anyone willing to accept them. The rewards usually warrants the risk. And there are two types of contracts, an open contract or a restricted contract. An open contract has no limit on rank. Meanwhile, a restricted contract is only open to a certain rank. Stealing the crystal was one of several thousands on the restricted list.\" Joan explained.

Although Adam had gathered a fair bit of information from Igor, Elliot and other sources. This was the first time he had heard of such a thing.

\"What's the name of the organization in charge of the contracts?\" Adam asked.

\"The Council of Hollows,\" Joan said. Her voice low.

Meanwhile, Adam's countenance had darkened. He had searched for information on the fabled Council of Hollows, but had always ended up with nothing. He couldn't believe Joan was a member of the most secretive organization in the world.

\"Tell me all you know about them. Don't leave anything out,\" Adam said. He wouldn't miss this opportunity to learn more about the infamous guild.

\"I'm sorry. I believe you misunderstood me. I not a member of the guild. In fact, I doubt they even have one. They only act as middlemen between the ghosts and us. As long as you know an order house, anyone can easily register to accept contracts. If you can pay the fee, they might let you offer contracts, too.\" Joan said.

'Today is really my lucky day. If I play my cards right, I can use them to find him.' Just then, Adam eyes shown with an indiscernible gleam while his lips curved into a smile.

\"Last question, tell me the location of the order house in Vihir, and what I need to register.\"

\"There are multiple order houses in Vihir, but I only know one. It's located in the Ferma docks, off the Bordon Island Coast. A guild will lead you to the true location, but you need a password first. They will ask if the conditions are perfect, then you reply with, this is a contract I've longed for.\" Joan explained in a low voice.

The purification ability of her mask would soon reach its end.

\"Alright. You can go now,\" Adam said.

Joan's mind went blank, she couldn't believe her ears. Wasn't he going to kill me? She thought.

\"Oh. Since you gave me a good gift and some useful information, I don't mind paying back the favor. If you keep on heading in that direction, the poisonous mist will kill you. There's a exit northwest of here. Goodbye.\"

While Adam's words echoed, Joan could no longer feel the cold sensation of steel on her neck. Despite surviving the ordeal, she remained in the same position.

'Six months of hard work down the drain. Who did I offend to have such rotten luck? That fortune teller scammed me. Didn't she say I would make a fortune from this mission? Damn it. That fat bitch scammed me!' Joan's body shuddered as she remembered the hefty divination fee she paid.

Unknown to her, the space behind her had distorted, and the outline of a portal slowly formed.

'I might have to hide for a while, but I should be able to recover from this... That cow breast bitch better hope I don't find her.' Joan gnashed her teeth as she thought of the fortune teller.

Wasting no time, she rose to her feet. Although she didn't know whether Adam told the truth earlier, she decided to follow his words. After all, she had gotten lost while trying to flee earlier.

Just then, a firm hand landed on her shoulder. Joan screamed as she stumbled to the floor. And a cool voice followed, \"How would you like to earn a small fortune?\"

Despite her trepidation, Joan slowly turned her head, only to meet the smiling face of a young man who stood in front of a blue portal.

\"Don't be afraid. I'm not here to harm you. Please call me Elliot. If you don't mind, I would like to discuss with you over a cup of coffee.\"

Before Joan could say anything, the world before her eyes turned negative. At that same moment, she lost control over her body.

\"Please follow me, Miss. We have lots to discuss.\"

Saying nothing further, Elliot and Joan walked into the portal.



Author's Thoughts


Hi, Mrdojo here.

Happy Easter everyone. Sorry about yesterday. I felt fatigued. I did a lot of house chores, didn't know it would drain me that much.

I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone reading the novel. Thank you very much for reading.

The first book is always tough since it has to introduce readers to a new ideas (world, characters... etc). Hopefully, the second book will give me the freedom to explore some other plot points (I can't wait for you guys to read it) I initially planned for book 1.

Once again, thanks for reading.

Let me know your thoughts on first book, and what you'd like to see in the next book.

I initially had a different ending planned out, but I decided to go with this. The previous ending would have left you guys on a major cliff, Lol.

P.s. a retail version (Edited version) is in the works right now. My editor has edited the first sixty or so chapters. She will work on the others this week. Hopefully, the first book will go live on Amazon later this month (or early next month if there is a delay).

Stay safe everyone.


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    《OUTWORLD: Awakening》