Obsessed with her
3 Distraction
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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3 Distraction

its now next day. party was so great. everybody had fun. but there is one thing is distracting Ciara and Mr. jae. Mr. jae couldn't stop thinking about the girl (ciara) he saw last night in party and ciara couldn't stop thinking about the man (Mr. jae) Who made very strangely eye contact with her. ciara wants to become a flight attendant and wants to fly international. but for that her age should be 21. so she is working with rachel in book stall.

Mr. jae is busy with his meetings and his daily schedule. but they both are able to concentrate on their work. they both are distracted from each other. ciara thought that it might be normal and she is overthinking. she took it normally but her mind is resisting to ignore the attractive personality of the man from the party. rachel is her bestie and she noticed that something is distracting ciara. rachel, " hey, whats happening? are you okay?" "um yeah, i am fine . just something is coming and going in my mind! huh. can I ask you something?"

ciara asked to rachel," yeah , say!!"
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rachel replied very casually. ciara , "yesterday in party, there was a man who came to wish uh and uh thanked called him by his name and i guess you parents were giving him more attention, who was he?" rachel started to think and she told ciara that , that man is boss of rachel's father. rachel, " why , what happened? ' "nothing , lol. just asked. he was hot though ". ciara replied in a fun way. both started laghing. suddenly someone appeared on the door, and rachel looked behind and it was Mr. jae. they both were shoked.
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    《Obsessed with her》