Obsessed with her
4 surprising mee
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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4 surprising mee

rachel and ciara were shoked. Rachel went to Mr. jae and greeted him with a big smile. rachel. " good evening mr. jae. how may I help you?"

mr. jae with that attractive smile on" oh , good eve to you too miss rachel. just show me some good books". "oh yes yes, sure mr. jae" rachel replied.
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ciara was sitting shoked and feeling very uncomfortable in front of him and her stomach started getting heavy cz of Nervousness. Mr. jae smirked at ciara and smirked back. rachel got that somewhere mr. jae likes her bestie. so she called ciara and asked her to mr. jae the new stock of books. ciara was very nervous. and he was constantly looking at her and that made her super nervous 🙄

ciara take out the new stock and asked him very nervously and without making eye contact" these are our new stock sir, which kind of book you would like to buy so that it ll be easy for me to show you some good books?"

mr. jae staring at her withouht answering. it was making ciara very nervous and uncomfortable. mr. jae, in a very easy way "see, miss. ciara. I know im making you feel uncomfortable and nervous and i am sorry for that but i did not come here to buy any book. i came here to see you. since last night i couldn't ... " ciara gave him a very shocked look and she took her bag and ran away from the book store. " I will inform the owner that i left earlier today" ciara said to rachel. rachel got worried and went inside the store , rachel, " Im so sorry mr. jae. i ll show uh some good boo..." "no thanks" mr. jae. and he left. rachel was very confused about the incident.
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    《Obsessed with her》