Obsessed with her
5 Men In black
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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5 Men In black

rachel was really worried and confused about the incident. after mr. jae left the store rachel decided to see ciara after the job time.

Ciara was very shocked and confused about the recent incident. Mr. jae was angry on himself that he chose the wrong way to talk to her and meet her. ciara reached the home and after having dinner she went to bed but still she was thinking about the incident.

mr. jae was constantly thinking about ciara but couldn't help himself. he never felt this kind of attraction for anybody in his life. he Has everything and he has the power of getting whaterver he wants. his sister named lexy was aware with the which was happening with jae. lexy suggested him that he ask ciara for a date. there they both can sort the things out. Mr. jae also thought that idea is not bad. the next day's morning, cz international client meeting mr. jae couldn't able to see ciara and ask about the date. so mr. jae sent his assistant Mr. josh to see ciara.

ciara's night was sleepless. but still she has to go to the store. she took a coffee and left for the store. in the middle of the way 4 big mercidies black cars has arrived. 7-8 men came out from the cars. "men in black" lol.

mr. josh." miss. ciara?"

ciara, " ye-yes. what happened ?"

mr. josh, " our boss, Mr. jae wants to take you out for the date. because of some very important meetings he couldn't see you. today evening at 7pm. Mr jae will come at your place."

ciara went out blank😵

untill she came to her senses cars went disappeared.

with lots of confusing thoughts she started her day. she reached the book store and shared everything with rachel.

rachel, " so , are you going out with him?"

ciara, " I don't know. i like his personality and all but I am a bit scared of all this. i dont know what i want to do. I am so confused."

rachel, " even i am confused too. but i also think that you should give chance at least. see, ciara he has everything and he can get any girl he wants but for you he is trying. he wants to take you out for a date. think about it"

ciara, " ummhmm."

then they both starts to attend the customers. its 5pm now. and ciara still thinking about the date if she should go or not. her heart was saying yes for the date and mind was still confused.
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    《Obsessed with her》