Obsessed with her
6 The Official Date
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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6 The Official Date

So finally, she decided to listen to her heart. she told rachel that she decided to go out with him. rachel was excited af for her. she left the. store went to home. it was 6 now and she didn't have much time to get ready. (its very exciting when girls get ready for the date😻🙈)

she took bath, wears her black dress and jacket on and now done with makeup. she was excited and nervous at the same time. heared door knocked . she was getting messed but then she calmed herself and opened the door. it was mr. jae on the door. he was looking so handsome, tall, in black suit, silver hand watch , black shoes, hair all set and roses in hand. she was amazed by his look. and mr.jae was controlling himself cz he wanted to touch her face cz she was looking super cute. mr. jae gave her the roses. mr. jae," you are looking so pretty."

ciara." you are looking good too,"

still she couldn't make ab eye contact. they both went out for dinner date. firstly mr. jae apologised for the book store incident then they started to talk, knowing about each other. it was all very romantic and gone good. they both liked each other and having very strong attraction towards each other. ciara was liking the thing that she was experiencing and mr. jae( he totally gone crazy ) he couldn't take his eyes off from her. and it was making her blush even more. it was going so so soooo romantic😻💕

but the time was going so fast and it was 10pm.

ciara, (putting stone on heart) " I think we should leave. its late. i have my job tomorrow."

mr. jae (sad inside)," ah yeah. okay. I ll drop you home , come."

they bother left for ciara's home.

they both were thinking inside that they should get stuck in the traffic. but it was night time so there was no traffic. they reached home. both were inside the car. mr. jae was gazing at her without blinking an eye and ciara was trying to avoid the eye contact and was blushing so much. they both wanted to touch each other but they thought it could get weird😑

then mr. jae came out from the car and opened the door for ciara. she came out. and then they both gave a farewell to each other ,,

Mr. jae (with smirk) , "miss. ciara "

ciara (blushing) ,"Mr. jae"

and the she took steps for the home. mr jae was gazing her and already started missing her. untill she reach to the door he was watching her. then she looked behind and gave him a smile and went inside. and then mr. jae left too.
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    《Obsessed with her》