Obsessed with her
7 Bodygurds?
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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7 Bodygurds?

The date was so romantic. ciara and mr. jae was barely thinking of other things. they both affected and attracted towards each other. ciara was blushing so bad that her cheeks started hurting. and mr. jae was already obsessed with her. he wanted to see her every other day. he wanted her so bad. and couldn't imagine her with any other man. it was 2:30am. mr. jae called mr. josh(assistant)

mr. josh," hello, mr. jae. is everything alright?"

mr. jae ," yes, everything is fine. im sorry ro disturb your sleep. i just want you put some of my body guards to look after miss Ciara and without her senses, from today's morning onwards. am i clear?"

mr. josh ," yes, mr. jae. i ll take care of it. "

(hanged the call)

It was next day. ciara got up with a very fresh and blushy mood🌻

she was only thinking about last night's date with mr. jae.

she got ready and left for the store. mr. josh has put the bodyguards without her knowing. they were following her and followed her till the store. ciare felt that someone is following her but she ignored. rachel and ciara were chitchating and doing their job. mr. jae was getting every updates and pictures from his body guards.

rachel got the call from store owner, and he asked her to get new stock which has arrived. rachel informs ciara and leaves to get the new stock. ciara is alone at store. she was thinking to call mr. jae but then she realize that they got so busy to see each other that they did not exchange their numbers. her phonr rings ...

ciara received the call , " hello, who is it?"

mr. jae (laughs) ," who do uh think?"

ciara(blushes) ," how did you get my number???"

mr. jae, " very easily ! not so hard for me"

ciara (blushes)," umhm. i was thinking to call you , but did not have the number. "

customers(3 boys) arrives

ciars, " hey , im so sorry. customers are here. i ll have attend them. can I call you later?"

mr. jae ," okay. sure"

(hanged the call)

ciara ," good afternoon sir, how may i help you?"

seeing her alone in the store boys started fooling arround her and teasing her. ciara got afraid and tried to call the police but the one guy took the phone away. mr. jae's bodyguard noticed this. they went inside of the store and tied those boys with the rope and took them to the police. ciara got so afraid and informed the owner and rachel. body guards already informed mr. jae.
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    《Obsessed with her》