Obsessed with her
8 The Kiss The weird change
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Obsessed with her
Author :sana313
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8 The Kiss The weird change

bodyguards already informed mr. jae. ciara was really thrilled by the incident. mr. jae was worried about ciara and canceled all his meetings and left to see ciara. he came to know that ciara is at her place. so he reached there. mr. jae was less worried and more angry on those assholes🙄ugh..

he knocked on the door. ciara came to open the door.

ciara (with upset face): "mr. j..."

without letting her complete her sentence he hugged her very tightly.

mr. jae ,"are you okay? i am sorry that i couldn't be there. I ll kill those bastards" continue hugging her.

ciara, "yes. yes mr. jae. i am fine. please be relax"

mr. jae asked her to go near by with him. ciara agreed and they both went to sea side. they both were sitting on the bench. ciara was silent and nervous. she was scared,shocked and still having butterflies in her stomach. mr. jae was gazing at her.

ciara (trying to not make an eye contact), "why are you staring at me like that?"

mr. jae,"don't you like it? okay i ll not ✌stare✌ at you ever again"

ciara," no. i mean i like... "(he pulled her closer kissed her🙈🙈 and ciara also didn't deny)

ciara was totally dead , over blushing. (mr jae has the personality that any women could admire her whole life.

mr. jae wanted to do this from the he saw very first time.)

after kissing mr. jae started looking into her eyes without blinking. ciara tried to not make any eye contact but mr. jae held her both of the cheeks with little force and pulled her closer.

mr. jae," I can stare at you, i can gaze at you, i touch you, hold you as much i want. do not ever question me again." (made eye contact for 5-6 sec more) and left her cheeks.

ciara felt the change in him. cz all she used to think about mr. jae is that he is very loving , caring, matured and kind person. but this side of him is blew up her mind. but then she thought he might be upset with the recent incident. so she ignored it.

ciara (with light tears in her eyes) " I am sorry. i did not have any wrong intention behind asking the question. I am sorry mr. jae. don't be upset with me."

mr. jae,"hey hey, don't be upset. i an sorry for being rude." he looked into her eyes and said," ciara ,i have real and strong feelings for you. i don't know what exactly i do feel but all i know is I want you like so bad."

ciara held his hand and they both were feeling some spark that time.
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    《Obsessed with her》